Respected Sir, We had the opportunity to interact with you twice and needless to say that we have been

benefited immensely. On behalf of Sanskaar International School, Allahabad; we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you, but our vocabulary seems to desert us. And so our feelings cannot be conveyed exactly. Sir , thank you very much for making us a part of the workshop in Dalimss, Rohania, Varanasi which was very educative and informative . We have received the best . It feels great to be a part of the best. We have made a small effort to impart whatever we learnt ,to our faculty members in SIS regarding the CCE. This small maiden attempt is an endeavour to make others also part of the best. Looking forward to more such association with you. Thanking you Yours Daughters and Sons Usha Jaiswal , Reena Srivastava, Neeraj Mishra, J.P Mishra

A Glimpse Of Our Endeavour In SIS
Topic : What is Education What is CCE and Why it is adopted?

Mrs. Amrita Agarwal
Principal- introducing the session.

‡ ‡ ‡

Topic: What is Assessment? Why and when to Assess? Assessment of Scholastic Areas Formative and Summative Assessment

Ms. Usha Jaiswal, HOD , English

A film µANIMAL SCHOOL¶ shown by the principal on the topic µwhy and what to assess?¶

Faculty Members In The Session

Topic : Co-Scholastic Areas and Activities. What are life skills, social skills and emotional skills and checklist for the Same?
Mr. Neeraj Mishra , HOD, Science

Attitudes and Values: how to assess ?

Powerpoint Presentations
Mr. J.P Mishra : ³Tools and Techniques of t Evaluation,´ which helped the teachers in understanding the indicators that can be used to assess a child. Ms. Reena Srivastava : ³Format of the Report Card/ Certificate of School Based Evaluation´.

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