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We are thankful to Our Great Allah, who made us, and our parents who, guides us at every step of our life, and by the help of them we are today studying at the prestigious institution GIFT University Gujranwala, by our respected teacher Mr. SULEMAN ANWAR.


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Table of Contents
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Acknowledgment Executive summary Introduction History of Telenor in Pakistan Vision, goals Core values Telenor’s management Corporate governance The Telenor Brand HRM Why Telenor Recruitment Selection Current Jobs at Telenor Compensating our people Creating a healthy and safe working environment Developing our people Employee Training Human capital at Telenor 04 05 07 09 11 12 13 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 29 30 31 32 33


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Executive Summary
This project is about Telenor; introduction, history of Telenor, their Management team. It represents Telenor’s HRM i.e.     Recruitment Selection Performance appraisals Training criteria.


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Telenor's history and background are in many ways also the history and background of the Norwegian people. For over 150 years, telecommunications has played a vital part in the development of modern Norwegian society. As the incumbent provider, Telenor has been the driving force in the development of a highly sophisticated home market and is now one of the largest mobile operators worldwide.

The introduction of the telephone: The years of 1855 to 1920 was a pioneering period in the history of Norwegian telecommunications. During two generations, the Norwegian society experienced the introduction of three new means of communications: the telegraph in the years of 1850, the telephone around 1880 and wireless telegraphy – radiotelegraphy – at the turn of the century. The spread and use of telecommunication was modest compared to later periods, but as entirely new features they received a fair amount of attention. Pioneer in mobile communications Telenor is a pioneer in mobile communications. Manual mobile telephony services were introduced in Norway in 1966, as a forerunner to the automatic NMT system, which appeared in 1981. Its digital successor, GSM, was introduced in 1993, and third generation mobile network, UMTS, was launched for commercial use in 2004. Norwegian telecom becomes a public corporation In 1994, Norwegian Telecom was established as a public corporation. One year later, it changed its name to Telenor. In December 2000, Telenor was partly privatized and listed on the stock exchange.


GIFT University …and expands internationally Telenor has undergone momentous change as a group – from being a strong, national operator with significant international holdings to be coming an international, world-class provider of mobile communications services. Telenor now has mobile operations in 12 markets around the world, many of which are seeing high growth. In each of these markets we will drive towards greater competitiveness, building on the much strength we have forged during our more than 150 years of history and on our international experience.


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History of Telenor in Pakistan
Telenor acquired the license for providing GSM services in Pakistan in April 2004, and has launched its services commercially in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi on March 15, 2005. The official opening was held in Islamabad with the President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf as the guest of honor and a Telenor delegation headed by CEO Telenor Jon Fredrik Baksaas. On March 23, 2005 Telenor started its services in Lahore, Faisalabad and Hyderabad. Telenor will be launching its services in other cities as per the roll out plan. Telenor acquired the license for providing GSM services in Pakistan in April 2004, and has launched its services commercially in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi on March 15, 2005. The official opening was held in Islamabad with the President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf as the guest of honor and a Telenor delegation headed by CEO Telenor Jon Fredrik Baksaas. On March 23, 2005 Telenor started its services in Lahore, Faisalabad and Hyderabad. Telenor has its corporate headquarters in Islamabad, with regional offices in Karachi and Lahore. The license terms stipulate that by year 4, Telenor will cover 70% of Pakistan's 297 administrative Tehsil headquarters. Telenor will fulfill the license requirements and provide superior quality coverage. Telenor is proud to build mobile communication infrastructure in Pakistan and looks forward to combining its experience in mobile technology with the local Pakistani high level of competence. Telenor’s primary aim is to offer top quality mobile services and promote healthy competition in the mobile market. The company has covered several milestones over the past eleven months and grown in a number of directions. Telenor has successfully signed interconnect agreements with all four incumbents during December 2004, allowing its subscribers to exchange voice and data with subscribers on all active mobile networks including Paktel, Instaphone ,Ufone, Mobilink and Warid.


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Upon the successful set up of our LDI unit, Tore Johnsen CEO and President of Telenor Pakistan, and Kjell Nordbo, CTO, made the first official TP international call to Norway on January 27. In addition to recruiting hundreds of people, Telenor established its Call Center on January 28 in Lahore.


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Vision Our vision is simple: we exist to help our customers get the full benefit of communication services in their daily lives. The key to achieve this vision is a mindset where every one of us works together; making it easy to buy and use our services; delivering on our promises; being respectful to differences; inspiring people to find new ways. Get this right and Telenor will be a driving force in modern communication and customer satisfaction. We’re here to help!

Telenor's main goal is to create value for shareholders through the serving of customers, employees, partners and the general public interest.

In a long-term perspective, a strong market and customer focus, as well as a strong commitment to our employees and to society, will provide the best platform for creating incremental value. Values shall be created through profitable and robust growth. Such growth shall be based on the development of solutions that simplify the use of, and strengthen the usefulness of, advanced communications technology. Telenor shall contribute to give customers greater freedom of choice and more options. Telenor's solutions shall simplify people's workday, make businesses and activities more efficient, and increase their competitive powers.


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Core values

Telenor's three core values shall be at the heart of and governing the conduct of our employees - internally and externally: Dynamic Being dynamic means having insight and active involvement, coupled with a capacity for implementation. Innovative Being innovative means continuously being on the lookout for new opportunities for development and growth. Responsible Being responsible means raising realistic expectations, deliver as promised and stay committed to the society which our group is part of.


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Telenor’s Management

TORE JOHNSEN CEO & President With over 30 years experience working at Telenor, Tore has spent a considerable amount of time on international assignments for the company including Europe, Central Asia and Asia. His most recent position in Asia was heading Digi (as CEO), Telenor’s Malaysian mobile company. Tore took over as CEO of Telenor Pakistan in August 2004. He has Masters in Electronics from the University of Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

FRODE ASMUL VP HR, Admin & Security Frode has 14 years experience with Human Resource and Organizational Development. He has been associated with Telenor for the last four years. A Masters in Philosophy, Logic and Ethics, Frode was also a commissioned officer in the Norwegian Army.

HELGE DIETRICHSON VP Communication Helge supervises external relations, PR and media affairs for Telenor Pakistan. Having spent 12 years with Telenor, Helge brings tremendous experience to Pakistan associated with the Mobile division for the last five, with previous assignments in Bangladesh, Singapore and Telenor Asia. A PhD in Theology from the University of Oslo, Helge’s diverse career spans seven years as a TV anchorman in addition to serving as a Pastor at the Church of Norway.


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BJORN TAALE SANDBERG VP/CMO Commercial Division Bjorn has spent a decade in the Telecom sector, five of which were dedicated specifically to mobile. Before joining Telenor Pakistan, he was heading the Group Products and Marketing function at the Telenor headquarters in Oslo. He is a double Masters, having degrees in Science (University of Oslo) and Management from Oslo Business School.

IRFAN WAHAB KHAN EVP Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Irfan heads the Corporate & Regulatory Affair Division at Telenor Pakistan. He has extensive international experience in mobile cellular industry and has worked at Orange UK, T-Mobile USA, Telecordia Technologies in USA & Saudi Arabia, Nortel Networks in Pakistan, Ericsson in the Philippines, and the Ministry of IT & Telecom, Pakistan. He holds the distinctions of having served as a Director on PTCL’s Board and Vice Chairman of GSM Alliance, North America. Irfan holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, and a Masters degree in Mobile Communications from University of Westminster where he was also awarded “Student of the Year”. In his spare time, he enjoys golf, tennis and traveling.

STEFAN CARLSSON VP/CFO Finance Division Stefan comes from the CFO position in Telenor’s Swedish mobile operation in addition to spending four years in Banking and three in Mobile. He is a Master of Finance & Accounting from Uppsala University, Sweden.


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KHALID SHEHZAD VP/CIO IT Division Khalid has worked extensively with the international telecom sector including stints with Motorola, Millicom, AT&T Wireless, Western Wireless, Ufone and Celtel Int. He has the distinction of being noted as IT Director of the Year for Western Wireless International in 2000 and Employee of the Year within Millicom International in 1996. Khalid has done his Bachelors at UCLA and has a BS in Computer Science and an MBA from IBA, Karachi.

KJELL NORDBO VP/CTO Technical Division Kjell has more than 25 years telecommunications experience in technical expert positions as well as in management positions within the Telenor Group. Kjell joins Telenor Pakistan after a 4.5 year assignment as CTO in Kyivstar, one of the major mobile operators in Ukraine. He has also gained experience from mobile operations in Greece, Ireland, and Russia. Kjell is a Master of Science from the Technical University of Trondheim, Norway.

KURT SEVERINSEN VP/CPO Procurement Kurt has been associated with the international logistics and purchasing industry for the past 24 years, 15 at the managerial level. He joined Telenor Pakistan after serving as VP of Purchasing and Logistics in Sonofon, Telenor’s Danish mobile operation, where he built the unit from the ground up and headed a number of successful international procurement projects for the group. He has also worked as Director of Logistics in the Nordic Region of UK-based United Biscuits. He has shipping education from The East Asiatic Company, Copenhagen, a diploma from the Copenhagen Business Academy in Purchasing and Logistics, and many individual courses from European Institute of Purchasing Management from France.


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Corporate governance
Telenor's principles of corporate governance shall secure shareholder values, a positive and robust corporate culture and a good reputation. Telenor has clearly set out its value base through the vision "Telenor - ideas that simplify", in combination with the core values dynamic, innovative and responsible. In accordance with these core values, Telenor has devised new Codes of Conduct. Telenor's principles of corporate governance are primarily based on the various public regulations and guidelines that Telenor is subject to. As a Norwegian and international group, Telenor is subject to Norwegian law and the legislation of the countries in which operations are carried out. Furthermore, as Telenor is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange it is also subject to regulations relating to the stock exchange. Being listed on NASDAQ entails an obligation to uphold legislation relating to stocks and shares in the US, including the SarbanesOxley Act and NASDAQ’s own regulations. The complete body of public regulations also contains more general requirements for operations, as well as a number of rules relating to good corporate governance. Special references are made to company, accounting and stock exchange regulations and guidelines that include requirements for the organization of the operations, management principles, financial reporting, company law responsibilities and information to the market etc. Telenor's principles of corporate governance are further inspired by the national Norwegian recommendation for good corporate governance of 11 December 2003. Additionally, Telenor has drawn up internal regulations for corporate governance and created functions to ensure that Telenor's values and objectives are upheld in line with these principles. The internal regulations are not intended to provide exhaustive regulation of Telenor's requirements and principles of corporate governance, but to supplement the prevailing legal framework. The external and internal regulations and guidelines combined provide Telenor with a solid foundation for the proper management of the company and for developing a positive and robust corporate culture.


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The new Telenor brand articulates this ambition and our new logo is a symbol of movement and change – our continuous evolution to enable people to communicate better. The whole Telenor group is committed to our brand promise. We want to make it easy for customers to get what they want, when they want it. We will keep promises and deliver what we say. We will innovate to deliver fresh ideas, and as a global player we respect our customers and their local cultures wherever we operate. Across all markets where Telenor has a presence, the Telenor group is united to help our customers get the full benefit of communication services in their daily lives. In simple words, we’re here to help The Brand At the heart of our new brand is a new logo. It’s a symbol of balance, movement and change. It represents our philosophy of innovation and democratic process and takes its inspiration from Scandinavia’s long history of design inspired by nature. Of course a brand is much more than just a logo – it’s a set of ideas, a way of doing things and measure of behavior. Of course in many ways Telenor already stands out. We have shown impressive growth and an increasingly international focus, particularly in new growing markets but we can go – and need to go – much, much further. “Our aim is to be the trusted mobile service provider for the Pakistani customer” Within one year of operations Telenor Pakistan today is the fastest growing network in the country with a rich portfolio of products and services. We have edge of introducing products which are industry first and provided consumers with more and more convenient options of communication. Our brand is truly customer centric. We believe in understanding our customer’s needs which have changed and are changing constantly therefore continuously driving us to innovate in terms of our products and services.


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Global Perspective Telenor has decided to change worldwide. Why? Because our customers have changed, our markets have changed and the world has changed. Standing still is not an option. The last fifteen years have seen a huge growth in mobile network coverage and an equally rapid evolution of customer requirements. During the last decade, on a global level, Telenor has witnessed a massive growth in subscriptions, intense competitive pressure and an ever increasing focus on price. Today our customers’ needs vary dramatically according to local market conditions hence the need to change along with them. Telenor brand
o o o o o

Visual Identity TV Commercial Billboards Print Ads The Telenor Brand Anthem


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Why Telenor
Telenor is offering exciting and challenging careers with competitive pay, excellent benefits and exceptional advancement opportunities. We care about our employees and provide them with a relaxed and enriching working environment. Our training and further education programs ensure a high professional standard amongst our employees. We believe that a talented and loyal workforce plays a crucial role in the organization’s ongoing business success. How one can apply: One must follow this in order to apply:  Upload the CV to our database  After submitting the CV online one will receive a unique CV Tracking Number & Password by email.  Save it to Edit/Update your CV in the future & to apply to all applicable future openings  Please do not apply more then once, instead we request you to update/edit your earlier submitted CV  Only applications submitted through this system will be considered for vacancies in Telenor Pakistan  Please note that you will be contacted only if you are short listed.

In case of any queries regarding Recruitment at Telenor Pakistan you can contact us on


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Telenor employs more than 34 000 people in 12 countries. Telenor uses its website for advertisement of jobs, recruitment criteria differs according to the country, where Telenor is providing its service, every country has its own criteria. Equal opportunities for all Telenor maintains a policy of non-discrimination towards all employees and applicants for employment. All aspects of employment with Telenor are governed by: Merit Competence Suitability Qualification

   

Ethnicity/nationality Diversity at Telenor must reflect the multi-cultural capacity of the societies in which the Telenor Group operates Telenor is working to ensure that our employees different nationalities is reflected in the Group’s management. A balanced mix of nationalities taken into account when selecting candidates for Telenor’s leaderships programs.


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The selection is not influenced in any manner by gender, age, race, color, religion, national origin or disability. Today, our workforce proves that; with 18% women working at all levels in the organization, both foreign and local educational backgrounds. Selection includes a whole process, in which every one who fulfills the requirement of job can apply Online The candidates are selected on the basis of  Written Test  Interview by HR Manger  Interview by Concerned Department Head  Final Interview by MD/Director

Focus on management development Telenor's management and organization is imbued with joint values. The Group Management has devised five leadership requirements that apply to all managers in the Group, and all management groups shall discuss what these requirements mean to them. The demands are:

    

Passion for business Change and constant renewal Operational excellence Empower people Integrity

All managers are subject to annual evaluations based on these management criteria.


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Current Jobs at Telenor


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Assistant Manager Financial Operations
Overview The Assistant Manager will be responsible to lead a professional team on a regional level to manage day to day financial activity pertaining to stock & trade inventory, franchise commissions, various modes of collections, pertinent ERP reporting and reconciliations. Manager Financial Operations; Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad Three years experience of managing a team in related area Monitoring and reconciliation of financial activities at S&SC, regional as well as head office level. Ensure control of Trading Inventory at S&SC levels and issuance of stock to franchisees Monitoring of E-vouchers and scratch cards generation, activation and distribution. Improve efficiency in Commission payment process and timely disbursement of commission. Ensure involvement in relevant processes (and decisions) for compliance with Fin Ops SOP. Coordination with S&D and IT to provide input for development and improvement of front end financial system. Review of new product/services plans prior to the introduction from the perspective of Finance in order to analyze potential changes required in front-end systems, designing of reporting for management and for ensuring completeness of accounting of all related financial impacts. Interdepartmental coordination for smooth running of company business, financial activities and resolve day-to-day operational matters / issues / problems. Conduct S&SC and franchisees audit for better control and standardization. Regional visits for monitoring of regional fin Ops staff activities and meetings with regional S&D for better coordination. Establish cross-divisional SLAs where deemed necessary. Ensure compliance in Fin Ops & Accounting processes / controls. Ensure effective support to TP SOA Project. Ensure timely and accurate input by Fin Ops for accounting & reporting. Coordination with internal and external auditors and provision of the required information and reports. The candidate should have alteast one of the following qualifications: CA/ MBA /ACCA - Computer knowledge in general and specifically in Microsoft Office products - Good communication skills in English (both verbal & written) - Good presentation skills - Good interpersonal skills 2007-08-24

Reports To Work Location Experience Required

Key Responsibilities

Education/Professional Qualification

Skills required

Job Dead Line


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Organizational Support Services Officer - Lahore
Overview Reports To Work Location Experience Required To assist, support and facilitate all our internal and external clientele requirements ensuring routing and execution of their needs per company’s defined policies. Guarantee high level of customer’s satisfaction within the organization. Assistant Manager OSS - Central; Lahore Less than one year experience of a cellular company or related industry Previous experience from hospitality or service industry would be considered as an added attribute Fleet Management ▪ Pool cars & Pick n Drop Service ▪ Repair & Maintenance of cars ▪ Registration/tokens/insurance of vehicles ▪ Fuel issuance ▪ Drivers training/performance/roster Cash Management ▪ Utility bills payment ▪ Raising POs and its tracking for payments ▪ Petty cash management Housekeeping management ▪ Janitorial services, landscaping, Café 345 ▪ Premises maintenance/repair/decoration/illumination Key Responsibilities Front Desk Management ▪ Receiving guest ▪ Meeting/board rooms booking ▪ Managing postal mails Travel Management ▪ Accommodation - hotels/guest houses ▪ Travel - air tickets Supplies Management ▪ Grocery, stationary, business cards, medicines for First Aid Kit, & fax toners Reporting Management ▪ Monthly accrual ▪ Budget analysis Education/Professional Qualification Skills required Job Dead Line OTHER CRITERIA Minimum Bachelors Degree from a recognized university • Good Computer knowledge in general and specifically in Microsoft Office products. • Expert in Customer Services Skills 2007-09-02 The key performance requirements are: • A team player and a motivator. • Should be friendly and courteous, with a customer oriented approach. • Able to deal with internal/external customers in a way that reflects positive attitude and leaves positive impression on


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customers. • Should be able to handle heavy work load effectively and efficiently. • Ready to accept challenges and meet the deadlines. • Should be an initiator and innovator. • High level of integrity • Ability to work independently as well as a part of a team

Team Lead Transmission NOC
Overview Reports To Work Location To prime the NOC Core transmission network. Manager NOC; Islamabad 1. Knowledge of different transmission systems i.e. DWDM, SDH, MW and IP 2. Transmission alarm correlation and interpretation skills 3. Product knowledge of specific SDH platforms i.e. SIEMENS HIT/SRA4/SRAL, HUAWEI OSN, NEC NEO and PASOLINK products 4. Familiarity with IP transport on CISCO routers • To provide expert level monitoring of the TP Core transmission network • Coach and train the NOC transmission engineers in interpreting and correlation of alarms from different entities • Act as the interface with second level maintenance teams and field operations teams for diagnosis of complex faults • Monitor SLA enforcement by different vendor/field ops teams • Ensure coherent and accurate escalations by the team • Report systemic product issues and identify degrading trends to the line function • Ensure team enabling on new platforms by suggesting/organizing in house and external trainings • Updated training plan • Manage duty roster and vacation plan of the engineers • Identify resource gaps • Determine budgetary needs of the team and provide input to NOC manager for the same • Work with the line function and planning team for new product introduction • Engage line function in weekly meetings to discuss field and escalation issues • Ensure updates in SOP and processes of the team in alignment with the overall NOC polices and procedures • Help in rolling out and establishment of any new NOC processes BE (Electrical/Telecoms Engineer)

Experience Required

Key Responsibilities

Education/Professional Qualification


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Job Dead Line


2007-08-26 - Excellent communication skills - Team work and coordination - Initiative and responsibility in crisis situations - Ability to work independently - Time management skills and ability to prioritize tasks

Transmission (O and M) Microwave Specialist
Overview Reports To Work Location Responsible for expert level O&M in TELENOR’s microwave transmission network Assistant Manager Transmission (O&M); Islamabad 3-5 years experience in: 1. Knowledge and work experience of NEC microwave products. 2. Extensive experience of microwave network O&M 3. Previous back ground in microwave network planning • Responsible for regular operations and maintenance activities of Telenor’s SDH & PDH microwave network. Key Responsibilities • Co-ordination with vendors for fault identification and rectification. Problem synthesis & reporting. • Expert level interaction with network planning for identifying and correcting KPI degradations. Education/Professional Qualification Skills required Job Dead Line Key Performance Requirements 1. B.Sc Engg/ (Communication), or other relevant qualification Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills required 2007-08-31; • Should be able to handle heavy work load effectively and efficiently. • Should be

Experience Required

Transmission Specialist (O and M)
Overview Reports To Work Location Responsible for specialized O and M of the CISCO IP/MPLS transmission network Manager Transmission (O and M); Islamabad


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3-5 years experience in: Experience Required Knowledge and work experience of CISCO technologies/products, especially IP/MPLS Experience in network management platforms Responsible for regular operations and maintenance activities of Telenor’s SDH & DWDM networks. Key Responsibilities Co-ordination with vendors for fault identification and rectification. Problem synthesis & reporting. Field Operations for the IP/MPLS CISCO deployment. 1. B.Sc Engg/ (Communication), or relevant qualification Education/Professional Qualification 2. CISCO Certifications 1. Knowledge and work experience of CISCO technologies/products, especially IP/MPLS 2. Experience in network management platforms Skills required 3. Strong motivation to learn new technologies and analytical skill 4. interpersonal skills 5. presentation skills 6. communication skills in English (both verbal & written) Job Dead Line 2007-08-31; Should be able to handle heavy work load effectively and efficiently. Should be able to

Key Performance Requirments


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Compensating our people
Compensation is used to reward performance and to influence and reinforce Telenor’s desired culture and values. Telenor offers a total compensation package that is attractive, fair and competitive in the local market. The core compensation components are:
• • • •

Base salary (incl. vacation pay) Bonus/commission Long-term incentive plans Pension

In addition, Telenor offers a total package that may include insurance, recreational activities and other benefits adapted to the local market and individual employee’s need. Major governance principles concerning compensation:

The Compensation Committee sets the standards governing compensation and benefits for the Telenor Group, as well as making significant decisions concerning compensation and benefits at the group-level The Compensation Committee makes sure that compensation and benefits standards and Company principles encourage employee’s adherence to Codes of Conduct and that incentive targets do not encourage short-term optimization to influence individual incentive pay-out

All decisions should be confirmed in a grandfathering process, i.e. the compensation of the individual is to be reviewed and evaluated by a superior that is two levels above the employee.


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Creating a healthy and safe working environment
Telenor is responsible for supporting a working environment characterized by high jobsatisfaction, opportunities for personal and professional development, and low rate of sick leave and injuries. Promoting health and eliminate risks Telenor’s managers are responsible for establishing effective arrangements to identify and eliminate or control work-related hazards and risks, and promote health at work. These arrangements are organized, planned, implemented and evaluated with employee participation. Telenor has established a Health, Safety and Working Environment (HSE) Management System to ensure that the effort to develop and maintain a good working environment is an ongoing process throughout the Telenor Group. Taking our people’s security seriously We do what we can to manage external risks and threats that could cause serious injury or death of our employees. Contingency plans and regular exercises are important elements in ensuring our people’s security. We also offer all our employees a 24/7 hotline, serviced by Telenor staff.


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Developing our people
Telenor offers extensive opportunities for learning. In addition to on-the-job training and transfers between different locations we offer a wide selection of external courses, elearning programs and leadership training programs. Leadership expectations Leadership in Telenor shall be guided by five leadership expectations, which are Operational excellence, Empower people, Passion for business, Integrity and Change, and Constant renewal. All managers shall be evaluated and rewarded based upon a balanced dual focus on achieving financial targets and building the organization. Working towards diversity

Diversity is key to our working environment. We employ people from a variety of backgrounds, with a wide variety of skills and training.
We want our organization to benefit from the new insight and opportunities that this diversity offers. Our people are called on to challenge themselves; to take on other tasks than those that they have been trained for, and in this way discover new qualities and capabilities.


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Employee Training
Different Methods are frequently used at Telenor for training i.e.             On-The-Job Job Rotation Mentoring And Coaching Experiential Exercises Workbooks/Manuals Classroom Lectures Videotapes Audiotapes Videoconferencing Teleconferencing Satellite TV E-Learning , Interactive Modules


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HC @ Telenor Pakistan
taking Human Capital Division at Telenor believes in continuous improvement and is the standards of service to the utmost levels of excellence.

From providing the best administrative support to facilitate employees work life to creating benchmark security solutions, we are a team of enthusiastic, energetic young people who are geared to perform the best always! From being the best in providing benefits to our employees to the best in providing development opportunities, we have managed to create a culture of passion for business, operational excellence and constant renewal. We are committed to assisting employees in exploring, developing and maximizing their full potential, encouraging continuing education through internal and external training and development opportunities. Together with your commitment, we will deliver positive results and create opportunities that will benefit the Telenor family.