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Choice Homework Assignments

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Design the front page of a newspaper that recounts a major event in Roman
history. Be sure to include a catchy headline, photographs, and a main story. As an
extra, you can include some sort of advertisement. This can be done from the
perspective of the Romans, or of whom they fought. (This should be 1 page, including
pictures etc.)
In Memory of
Write an obituary for the death of a major figure in Roman history (Ex. Julius
Caesar). Make it sounds legitimate. Include the when/where/why/how aspects of their
death. Is their death a celebration, or a tragedy? Youre the writer, so it is your
choice, as long as you support your opinion. Look in the obituary section of the
newspaper for ideas. (This should be page, typed.)
Music to their ears
Choose an emperor; create a list of at least 5 songs that you think that
emperor would listen to (if they were alive today). Select a lyric of the song that
demonstrates why/how it works. Provide a 2-3 sentence explanation (for each) of why
you chose each song. Make sure your reasons are based off things that actually
happened in that emperors life.
I came, I saw, I conquered!
If you were the commander of an army, how would you go into battle
differently? Look at Romes losses on the battlefield. How would you change the lines,
formations, strategies, etc. Explain your reasoning by comparing and contrasting it to
what actually happened in that particular battle. You (This should be page, typed)
The Emperors New Clothes
Use artistic interpretation and draw a sketch of an emperor or other key figure
wearing modern day clothing. This should reflect the individuals personality. What
would they be wearing? Why (4-5 sentences)? Be sure to research what the emperor
actually looked like when he was alive.
Greeks vs. Romans
In a chart, compare and contrast aspects of ancient Greece with ancient
Rome. This could deal with cultural aspects, daily life, rulers, military, religion etc.
Why did they do it the same, or differently? Which way do you think is better? (Chart
should include 5 items, write up should be at least 4 sentences)
A Day in the Life
Place yourself in Roman society. Who would you have been, or would like to
have been? What is your place in society? Do you have a family? What would you
have done through the course of a day? (Job, daily activities, leisure time, etc.) (This
should be page)
Get your Head in the Game
You are a sports reporter covering one of the games at the Colosseum or
Circus Maximus. Describe the sights and sounds of the environment. Who is there
(important people, regular people, etc.)? What happens doing the fight? Who wins?
What is the crowds reaction? This can be written, as it would be spoken, for dramatic
effect. (This should be page)

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