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The University of Texas at Dallas

Welcomes Harmony Students for

Residential Camp Experience!

STEM & Business camps
Lunch time Leadership Talks
College Information sessions
Swimming & Recreational sports
Stay in new Residential dorm facility
Check-in: Monday, May 23 evening
Check-out: Friday, May 27 evening
Fee: $335 per student

STEM track camps


3D Animations
using Alice
Java Programming
Engineering Projects
with Arduino


Drawings using
Mobile Apps using
MIT App Inventor
Games in Python
with Robots

Business track camps




Corporate Finance

Entrepreneur 101

Business Case Studies

Sales & Marketing

Project Management



SAT prep camps will be offered as well.

3D Animations using Alice

You will primarily use drag and drop operations in the
computer in this camp. You can convert your idea to code
quickly and see it in action! You can code 3D animations
or games with ease. Alice comes with a powerful
graphics library that minimizes coding effort.

Visit to preview the

content. This is a perfect camp for students with
no prior coding experience.

Drawings with JavaScript

This coding camp uses KhanAcademy-Javascript
environment. It features a web-page with coding area
and virtual canvass area for output. As you type the
code, output appears/changes. This friendly environment
comes with a powerful graphics library that minimizes
coding effort to create fancy drawings and games.
visit to preview the content.
If you are new to coding, you are encouraged to take this
camp along with Alice camp in the morning.

Introductory GameMaker
You might have played lots of games. GameMaker is a
powerful professional quality game design software, yet
it is easy for any one to get on-board, learn the basics and
design a video game in a week! Campers will also get
introduced to a sandboxed scripting language known as
Game Maker Language, which can be used to develop
more advanced games that could not be created just by
using the drag and drop features.

MIT App Inventor

You have a great idea for mobile app, but do not know
how to program in Java/Objective C? No worries. MIT App
Inventor enables you to use drag-and-drop mechanism to
put your creative ideas to work and make Android apps.
While drag-and-drop mechanism is easy to get used to,
you will come across lots of components that need to
come together to make a complex mobile application.

Programming in Java
Java is a popular computer programming language
used to teach coding in schools & colleges. Java
continues to dominate the software industry as well. This
camp is NOT for students who are new to programming.
Even the college students struggle with Java if they take it
directly. We strongly recommend such students to take
Alice & JavaScript first. We will cover the following
concepts using a series of projects: Java fundamentals, if
and switch statements, loops, static methods, Arrays &
Introduction to Object Oriented programming. Here are a
few sample projects:

Grocery store check-out & discount computation

Program to test math skills (arithmetic)

Guessing game

Word search game (Hangman)

Generate random Lotto numbers

Knapsack problem to do perfect sum

Games in Python
Python programming is all the rage, because the language has such simple, clean syntax, is easy to learn
and has lots of libraries available. In additional to writing
command-line applications, campers will learn how to
create graphical applications as well. However, this
camp is not for students who are new to coding. We
strongly recommend the students to take Alice &
JavaScript first. We will utilize several hands-on coding
projects as part of this camp.

Engineering Projects
with Arduino
Arduino is an open-source computer hardware and
software company, project and user community that
designs and manufactures kits for building digital
devices and interactive objects that can sense and
control the physical world. Simple models to robots,
home security systems and even satellites can be
designed using Arduino.
With an unlimited spectrum of input and output add-ons
like sensors, indicators, displays, motors etc., Arduino
kit will enable the campers to use the system and build
embedded systems around it.

Hands-on with Robots

Robots! What can you do with them? Why are they
important? Find out where art and engineering fuse!
This course will introduce students to common sensors
and motors, simple microprocessors and programming
robots to turn inputs into actions. Students will build
robotic kinetic sculptures (or whatever they want).

Accounting teaches you to manage money for you, your
family and/or your company! Accounting is the recording
of financial transactions plus storing, sorting, retrieving,
summarizing, and presenting the information in various
reports and analyses. Accounting is also a profession
consisting of individuals having the formal education to
carry out these tasks. Knowledge of accounting is crucial
to lead your life and your company!

Corporate Finance
Managing company finances is lot more complicated
than managing your own finances! You will learn about
the various stakeholders and the key items that are commonly used in corporate finances. Corporate finance is
the area of finance dealing with the sources of funding
and the capital structure of corporations and the actions
that managers take to increase the value of the firm to
the shareholders, as well as the tools and analysis used
to allocate financial resources.

Entrepreneur 101
You have a wonderful idea that you believe will make millions of dollars? Or, you simply want to be ready to act,
when such idea hits you? Or, you are simply curious
what it takes to be entrepreneur? If so, this camp is for
you! Here is the formal definition for Entrepreneurship - it
is the process of designing, launching and running a new
business, i.e. a startup company offering a product, process or service.

Business Case Studies

Why do a few businesses take off in short time while
even big companies come crashing down? There is a
story & history behind each company. We will review
several cases in this camp and discuss the elements that
contribute to their successes/failures.
Case study is formally defined as a "published report
about a person, group, or situation that has been studied
over time." These lessons learned from the past history
can make us better decision makers in the real world!

Sales & Marketing

You can create wonderful products with technology, but
they wont succeed in the marketplace without sales &
marketing effort. While marketing focuses on creating the
awareness about a product or service, sales focuses on
making the customer happy. You will learn the basic principles of sales & marketing in this camp.

Project Management
Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a
team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success
criteria. Challenge is to complete the project with timeconstraints and resource-constraints.
We will discuss the key principles and also look at a few
project management tools enable us to plan and evaluate the status of the project objectively & quantitatively.
Project managers also do periodic risk assessment and
take steps to mitigate that risks to avoid impacting the
project timeline and deliverables.

SAT/PSAT preparation
We plan to use experienced SAT prep instructors
in this camp. We will focus on various areas of
the test: Writing, Math, Critical Thinking & Exam

Residence Hall Facility

Fully furnished private bedrooms

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Recreational Activities

Indoor facilities: Four racquetball courts, two

squash courts, four basketball courts, a 25-yard swimming pool
Outdoor facilities: Basketball courts, Soccer fields,

We look forward to your visit to UT Dallas and

we hope it will be a memorable experience!
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we will do our best to reply ASAP.