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Date: December 20, 2010 To: U.S. Corps of Engineers 1114 Commerce Street Dallas, Texas 75242 From: Carl A. Dimon Out-of-Town B.S., PhD, former PE in TX Dec 18 - Jan 6 539 Cooper Street Grand Prairie, TX 75052 (672) 264 - 1848 Re: Corn Valley Drill site is 850 Feet from Dam on Joe Pool Lake Fellow Engineers: Js the Corps of Engineers aware that Chesapeake Eneray's Corn Valley Drill site is 850 feet froma spillway on the above dam? The street address for the pad site is 210 W. Camp Wisdom Road on the north side. The spillway is south of the road nearly opposite the entrance to the pad site. An aerial photo is attached showing the relation of the spillway and pad site. You were notified by Dusty Anderson, Chesapeake's Manager of Field Planning, on February 18, 2010. This was a standard form letter sent to all 41 surface property owners within 1,000 feet of the pad. For convenience, | attach a copy. Note that the 850-foot distance is not mentioned nor is the dam nor its spillway. Did the Corps of Engineers reply to Chesapeake or was there any other correspondence about this? The first of five permitted wells, Corn Valley ‘A’ 1H, has just been drilled from this pad. {twill have massive hydraulic fracturing in the next several months. The Corps of Engineers might consider running a microseismic / tit fracturing mapping procedure while the frac job is in progress. Pinnacle Technologies Inc. of Houston pioneered this technology and it has been used extensively since 2005. It could help confirm that fracturing does not have a significant effect on the structural integrity of the dam. This is @ unique opportunity to confirm that because of the proximity of the dam to the pad. Grand Prairie has a 180-day moratorium on accepting new applications for driling Permits. This will allow time to upgrade the Gas Drilling Ordinance. It is revised nearly continuously. About 20 other cites in North Central Texas have similar ordinances. The Corps of Engineers probably could name those cities with dam sites. To my knowledge, no city ordinance has a special provision for alerting the Corps of Engineers. Grand Prairie solicits feedback and input from its citizens about its ordinance. Next month, | will suggest that the city be responsible for contacting the U.S. Corps of Engineers whenever a pad site is less than 1,200 feet from the dam. The notice would contain an aerial photo, a satellite image or a line drawing depicting the distance from the pad to the closest point on the dam. The operator would pay an incremental fee for the city to do this. The city is simply more reliable. There would be a self-addressed envelope with a return sheet to acknowledge receipt. We participate in community alliances with other cities and compare our ordinances. When one city adopts a good idea, the others follow quickly. | hope the U.S. Corps of Engineers will respond favorably to my method of keeping it informed about drilling activities. A simple ‘thank you’ would make it easier to get this protocol adopted. Come see the pad site and the path down to the spillway through a gate in the steel fence. The pond probably was a fishing hole before the dam was constructed. The City of Dallas may allow drilling from north of Camp Wisdom Road and just west of FIM1382. That would be a good reason to make a visit. You could also see the crews grading the dam due to erosion from rains. Carl A. Dimon Attachments: 1) Form Letter - Exhibit K, Owners, page 21 of 42 2) List of Owners - Exhibit K, page 2 of 42 3) Map, Owners within 1,000 feet - Exhibit K, page 1 of 42 4) Aerial Photo, Spillway at Dam on Joe Pool Lake is 850 Feet from Com Valley Pad Site 5) Two Photos from Corn Valley Pad Site, 210 W. Camp Wisdom Road a) Sign at Entrance b) Constructing the Pad 6) Two Photos of the Spillway a) In Perspective b) Close-up 7) Two More Photos of Spillway a) Steel Gate with Opening 4) Pond at Spilway