Bloom’s Taxonomy Knowledge

collect define enumerate describe examine match identify label read list name record show retell reproduce tell state copy tabulate quote select

Examples: dates, events, places, vocabulary, key ideas, parts of diagram, 5Ws

associate contrast cite compare describe convert distinguish discuss explain extend estimate paraphrase interpret group restate predict summarize trace differentiate order

Examples: find meaning, transfer, interpret facts, infer cause & consequence, examples

Examples: use information in new situations, solve problems

analyze classify breakdown infer arrange compare correlate outline connect contrast diagram prioritize divide explain discriminate subdivide infer select focus points out separate order illustrate prioritize

Examples: recognize and explain patterns and meaning, see parts and wholes

Examples: discuss "what if" situations, create new ideas, predict and draw conclusions

assess convince appraise compare conclude criticize decide explain defend discriminate grade persuade measure judge justify rank summarize reframe test support

Examples: make recommendations, assess value and make choices, critique ideas

Methodist College History 2007/2008 Final Presentations Presentation Topic Describe/Identify/List Compare (Similarity) Contrast (Difference) Conclude

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