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Go Figure

Just amazing that common law Carpenter versus Longan does

apply to prove a criminal act was executed in certain circumstances.
First step in explaining, why is it that a securitized trust requires
the Security Instrument be assigned in recordable form but not
recorded as states statutory real property law requires? In applying
United States of America Supreme Courts opinion of Carpenter versus
Longan, the Mortgage Notes Security Instrument will follow for the
duration that such Security Instrument is enforceable under a states
statutory real property law, thus there is in fact a secured note attached
and temporarily perfected to the note, however non compliance with a
states statutory real property law once there is non-compliance with a
states statutory real property law the Security Instrument ceases to be
enforceable under states statutory real property law, however the unenforceable Security Instrument remains attached to the Note (Real
Property-Tangible-Mortgage Note).
Second step in explaining, after a duration of time has elapsed
and in disregard to common law (lacking a prudential right) Carpenter
versus Longan; a second assignment of the Security Instrument is
drafted and routinely (without legal tangible eligible rights) filed in real
property records. The act of ineligible filing itself may itself require
that many states criminal law(s) become applicable to a point where
law enforcement requires stepping up to protect the Constitutional
Rights of the people.
Third step in explaining, the leveraging executed in the secondary
market has an intangible fictitious value many times greater that the
tangible value being illegally pursued.
As grand pappy once stated, it aint against the law (common or
statutory) until one is caught.
As fictional character television Gomer Pyle to has been heard on
television saying to Sergeant Carter, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, an as
noted by Abraham Lincoln, you can fool some of the people all the time,
and all the people some of the time, you cannot fool all the people all the
time, true that certain aspect of the secondary markets procedures are
legal, however these same acts are not sustainable, not enough tangible
disposable wealth exists.