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Creating a Meal Home Economics Cooking Show Project

60 Mins to include Introduction, video, assessment, evaluation overall presentation will show main course
preparation for 12 grade Home Economic students.

Course Time: 60 Mins

1) Learner Outcome: Students will work in groups to plan a
meal they will show other students how to prepare the
meal using multimedia tools presentation is expected to
be interactive include assessment

Task: Incorporating NETS for students considering

cooperative learning, Blooms digital taxonomy,
constructivism, and multi-media use (website link to
recipe, video, e - assessment) create an engaging
lesson plan for 12th grade Home Economic students to
learn how to prepare a meal including food safety

b) Condition: Students will present their projects during

12th grade Home Economics to peers

Standard: Must include multimedia use incorporate

NETS standards, include assessment peers will
provide feedback post lesson

Time: 1 min

2) Introduction: Introduce yourself/group state why you

chose this topic (why interested you and why and how it
will benefit the audience)

Time: 5 min

3) Objective: State what the students will be learning, how

long it will take, what multimedia will be used, or if tools will
be needed such as internet to link to website state
desired outcome of lesson to show students how easy it
is to create a meal, avoid fast food save money
( incorporate a quick chart to show how much it costs on
average to get fast food in 1 month over cooking a basic
meal at home) This will invoke emotion and interest

4) Instructional Outline
Time: 10 mins

a) Meal Prep State your planning and brainstorming

techniques to come up with meal and lesson

i) Linguistic or verbal learners tend to think best via

words and audio First activity will include
description of what ingredients will be used, what
tools will be used while showing the ingredients
via pictures or through video this will align with
the visual or spatial learner Use humor and
imagery in presentation (for example picture
this find ways to put your learner in the lesson)

ii) Logical learners will look for graphics, charts,

mathematics, statistics etc. Use Chart to show
planning technique for meal or a printable user
guide to measurements for example

iii) Kinesthetic learners need to have a hands on

approach to learner Insert interactive mini-quiz
after chart/guide can be 3 fast questions with
immediate feedback for learner

Time: 10 min

b) Second Learning Point: Food Safety

i) Use video with interactive quiz to show rights and
wrongs of food safety get learners involved!
Using video along with audio and activity will help
for long term memory.

ii) Invoke emotions such as excitement, wonder, or

challenge. Connect learners to website to show meal
recipe and pictures

Time: 20 min

c) Third Learning Point: Cooking the Meal presentation

i) Use recipe to show main parts of preparation in
video and final product using pictures/website

ii) Add mini-quiz questions throughout to test

knowledge example what is the right oven

iii) Refer to printable recipe and instruction on website

Time: 10 min

a) Final Assessment activity

Evaluation: Reflective Observation provide a
feedback sheet for students to submit to peers