Automatic Photo Maker

This program will produce a photo of you by using the data you insert, describing your facial features.


The results won¶t be perfect but pretty close. Here are some samples:


Answer the following questions about your facial features to create your picture.

Hair Color 

Brown Blonde Dark Grey

Estilo Hair 

Type cabello

Straight Wavy Curly Bald

Eye Color 

Brown Black Blue Green


Large Flat Normal


Large Small Medium


Full Fine Medium


Pointed Large Small Medium

Shape of face 

Oval Thin Round Square

Skin Condition 

Pale Tan Normal


White Black Oriental Hispanic

Facial Features 

Beard Mustache Double Chin Pierced Glasses None


Male Female


0-5 5-9 10-13 14-16 17-24 25-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 +65


Your data is being processed. In a few seconds you¶ll see the results. We hope that they¶ll be as close to the original as possible.



Data analyzed Press to see your picture.

In the Image and Likeness of Him that created us! 

Your physical appearance is not important, what really matters is that He made you in His likeness and that He loves you just as you Are!

Jesus Loves you and will give you His wonderful gift of Eternal Life right now if you will sincerely pray this simple prayer asking Him to come into your heart:

³ Dear Jesus, I know that I need help and that I can¶t save myself. I believe that you are the Son of God. Please come into my heart, forgive me for all the wrongs I have done & give me your gift of Eternal life. Help me to love and live for You, to hunger for Your truth, to learn from Your Word and to share your love with others. Amen.´
³Thank You for writing my name in the Book of Life and for the gift of Eternal life. Bless my life, my family, my home, my finances and my friends. In Jesus¶ Name . Amen.´

What do you think?

The End
God bless You! Share this message with as many as you can!
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