Sparrow 4/18/10

The sun, bright and warm with morning, Turns its light in among the trees. Wake up Sparrow! Open your dewy eyes and greet the day. Climb out of your nest of blankets; Vulnerable in your bare, natural state. Dreams linger, But you shake your head and blink your sleepy, shining eyes; So dark brown they are almost black. Your dusty brown hair, (feathers if you will), Is messy with morning; Disheveled and beautiful. You cast aside the curtains, Beckon the light in with your honest faith and your strong hands. And the way it falls in through the window onto your back; I could swear you have wings made of dust and gold and sunlight. You smile, That small tug to the corners of your soft lips, But I am not fooled; I know a sharp tongue lingers behind. So wake up Sparrow, Carpe Diem. For some while now we’ve waited for you. Sing out your story and give us your pain, Spread your wings and sing like never before. Because we’ve been waiting. Patiently. I have been waiting for you.

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