LAB WRITE-UP 1. Weigh the beaker 2. Fill a 150 ml beaker with 5 grams of NAHCO3 3.

Add a full “squirt” of HCl to the beaker (using an eyedropper). 4. Slowly add 1 drop at a time until fizzing stops (may be safe to use up to 2-3 drops at once) a. After every drop, wait until fizzing stops, shake the beaker every couple drops. 5. Boil the solution on low to medium heat. 6. While boiling add a drop of HCl, wait for fizzing to stop, shake, and repeat until fizzing stops. 7. Heat until the solution splatters, and then remove from the hotplate. a. Repeat step 7 until all traces of water (even on the sides) are gone. 8. With all the water gone/dried, take the beaker off the hotplate; wait until the beaker is cool to the touch. 9. Weigh the beaker and record the weight. 10. Subtract the weight of step 1 from the weight of step 9. Record the difference.

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