WHAT IS BEAUTY When you look at this picture what do you see You say it's beauty in the depths

of the sea Why beautiful what thou!ht co"es to "ind Where do you e#tract the beauty of any kind It's in our consciousness to discern the beauty we see The essence of beauty is within oursel$es and will fore$er be %or a picture or a thou!ht in itself doesn't "ake our "ind spin It's the feelin! in our soul we con&ure within The beauty we see in the picture is the beauty of our spirit Beauty reflects our character as $irtue the picture draws us near it Beauty e$okes our $irtue as lo$e in action that keeps us youthful 'e#t ti"e we ad"ire a picture for it's beauty it's us that's beautiful

Author( Ti"othy B) Thayer *+,-.,-*/*

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