Heaven Questions By pb Hill What will it be like to walk thru that gate?

(Filled up with Love; losing all hate.) Will there be greeters of Angelic guides? Offering tours as the flesh subsides? Is Glory so bright it makes one weak? (Fulfilling the unction to ask or speak?) Is silence as giving there as it's empty here Singing sweet Peace and unknowing all fear? What can be seen with unclouded eyes? Could the brilliance of God be a surprise? How does it feel to float out of skin, Praising Salvation without ravages of sin? Will memories of earth become unknown, When out of the body the soul has flown? Renewed, refreshed, and completely restored To a state recalled from a once long before. What will happen to look on the Face Of the innocent Sacrifice of Amazing Grace? Can tears of sorrow flow from the eyes Of forgiven masses so long denied?

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