Tagalog Lesson 3

WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Read the following question. Ano ang pangalan mo? means Ano – interrogative pronoun What Pangalan – means Name Mo – possessive pronoun Your Now, how to answer the question. Ano ang (Name). (Name) ang What is your name?

pangalan pangalan

mo? ko.

Ko – possessive pronoun My Example. Ano Adam. Adam ang ang pangalan pangalan mo? ko.

NOW! 1-on-1 Exercise. Instructions: Use the following names to answer the main question. Provide replies in complete sentences. Question: Ano ang pangalan mo? 1. Agatha 4. Andrew 2. Bessie 5. Boyet 3. Cindy 6. Carl 1-on-1 Exercise 2. Instructions: Guess the translation of each question, then answer all of them in Tagalog. Feel free to use English words. 1. Ano ang nickname mo? -> _____ ang nickname ko. 2. Ano ang favorite color mo? -> _____ ang favorite color __. 3. Ano ang email address mo? -> ______________________. 4. Ano ang cellphone number mo? -> ______________________. 5. Ano ang favorite movie mo? -> ______________________.


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