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5 Ways to Win a Fight

5 Ways to Win a Fight

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Martial Arts and Self Defense
Martial Arts and Self Defense

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Published by: daviid on May 21, 2008
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Fighting bare-handed against weapons: Next to fight-
ing against multiple opponents, this is the most asked-for
advice we get. I cannot show you how to fight against
multiple opponents here, because the skills take more prac-
tice and more finesse than I can show you in print. You
need to see a videotape to understand how to easily “out-
gun” more than one attacker. (I have several recommenda-
tions below.) I also cannot show you how to disarm some-
one pointing a gun at you, because it is too complex to
explain in print (though still easy enough to learn when
seen). You need to see a video demonstration. (I suggest
Randy Wanner and Bob Taylor’s Gun And Knife Disar-
tape – also suggested by Col. Tom Brown, pub-
lisher of Soldier Of Fortune Magazine. You can call TRS
and ask for it.)

I can give you clear advice about fighting bare-
handed against someone armed with a knife.
As Paul
Vunak says, run. You will be cut in a fight against a blade
– know that going in. Never mind that Hollywood says you
can fight against a knife and not get bloody. It’s just not
true in the real world.

However, sometimes you cannot run, and you must
take immediate offensive action
against the knife, whether
you get cut or not. Your life is at stake (and possibly the

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life of loved ones depending on you).
Paul – an expert in Filipino knife fighting – has
a simple rule: You must “de-fang the snake.”
That means, do not fight against the knife, but fight
against the hand holding the knife. You must arm
yourself to do this – use a stick, a barstool, a car
antennae, anything hard you can lay your hands on.
A trash can lid. (Vladimir teaches ripping your own
belt out and using it as a whip with the buckle on the
business end. You can also whip out your wallet
and use it as a stinging leather strap. Also, take
any magazine, roll it up tight, and it becomes as
solid as a steel bar. A magazine, also, can be
whipped flat – hitting any part of your attacker’s body

with the spine of the magazine will cause intense
pain and take off chunks of exposed flesh. Try us-
ing a magazine against a cardboard box, and see
the instant damage you can do.)
Using your improvised weapon, smack his
hand, not the knife in his hand. A hard whack will
numb the hand or knock the knife free. The very
instant this happens, go in off center and take him

Again, this is high-risk fighting, but if you
are faced with trying something, or dying, you now
at least have options.

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