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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ‘clo Department of Justice ‘Washington, D.C. 20530, Plaint Civil Action No. v SCOTT R. SACANE 20 Marshall Street Suite 320 South Norwalk, CT 06854, Defendant. Ss ATIO! Is stipulated by and between the undersigned pasties, by their respective attomeys, that: (J) the parties consent that the Court may file and enter a Final Judgment in the form attached to this Stipulation, on the Court's own motion of on the motion of any party at any time, and without further notice to any party of other proceedings, if Plaintiff has not withdrawn its consent, which it may do at any time before the entry of judgment by serving notice of its withdrawal on Defendant Scott R, Sacane and filing that notice with the Court; (2) Defendant Scott R. Sacane waives any objection to venue ar jurisdiction for purposes of this Final Judgment and authorizes Matthew Dontzin, Esquire, of The Dontzin Law Firm LLP, to accept service of all process in this matter on his behalf; and TUL-15-2005 12:30PM FAX: S1eNese6sI96 1D: PAGE:O@2 R=95% G) in the event Plaintiff withdraws its consent or ifthe proposed Final Sudgment is not entered pursuant to this Stipulation, this Stipulation shall be of no effect whatever and the making of this Stipulation shell be without prejudice to any pert in this or any other proceeding, Counsel for Defendant JUL-15-2005 12:30PM FAX: 918023263396 ID: Pace: 223 1223 R=96% FOR THE PLAINTIFF: Hone ‘Thomas 0. Barnett ‘Acting Assistant Attormey General Department of Justice Antitrust Division ‘Washington, D.C. 20530 (202) 514-2401 JUL-15-2005 12:30PM Fax: 912027263396 Director Banned i. Bernard A. Nigro, D.C. Bar No. 412357 Deputy Director D.C. Bar No. 933721 Assistant Director ee Qe Roberta S. Baruch D.C. Bar No. 269266 Deputy Assistant Director Bureau of Competition Federal Trade Commission 6th Street and Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20580 (202) 326-2861 ID: PAGE:@84 R=g6%