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Goals and Plans

What goals and plans were made as part of or since your last
Learning Conversation?

The main goal/plan I made since my last Learning Conversation was to

achieve semester grades that Im satisfied with, which is A-B. To do this, I
always strived my best to get A-B for my summative tasks.

What strategies have you been using to work towards these?

I followed my strategy, which was to set my responsibilities first, never

procrastinate, always do my best for the tasks, ask for help to the people
who are more knowledgeable, use time effectively at home and given
class time.

What has been effective and what has not?

Personally, I think that every strategy I have was really helpful and useful
to achieve my goal.

Can you give examples and evidence from your ePortfolio for the
success or otherwise of particular goals and strategies in a range
of subjects?

Learning Strategies, Attitude and Self-Direction

What learning strategies are you using?
As aforementioned, I used the strategies Ive made for me to follow in my
PLP infographic. (Refer back to the strategies if needed) I didnt really

have a specific learning strategies such as highlighting notes or whatnot.

If any, it is to be in a quiet area where I cant be disturbed, and
handwriting notes.
What impact are these having?
Once again, all of these strategies Ive followed have really helped me
positively by helping me go towards my goal.
How did the Beliefs about Self or Neuroscience influence your
strategies & attitudes towards learning and how are you building
on this?
It didnt have much of an influence to be honest. It just the fact it cleared
out all the things I thought was true. But personally, I still think I
highlighting stuff really does help, just to sort out notes neatly.
How are you developing as a self-directed learner and what
evidence do you have for this?
I think Im developing alright, and I think the evidence I could provide you
is the grades I get from my tasks.

Learning and Work

What is your perception of how your learning is going at the
What does success look like to you and what are you doing in
your learning to work towards this?
Although my main goal for now is to achieve high grades for my semester
grade, I still think that actually learning something is more beneficial.
Since I personally believe the knowledge cant really be based just on
academic grades. So of course to do this, I dont just focus on the given
task and finish it, but actually fully understand what Im doing, why Im
doing it and understand its importance in my learning as well.
Can you present features of your work, as recorded in your
ePortfolio, that help to identify and illustrate your particular
strengths and weaknesses and how you are working with these?
(Strength written tasks, weaknesses maths)
Year 10: Future Planning
What plans have you been exploring as part of LS this term?

What future options are you considering?

At least for now, Im looking at doing medicine, mainly nutrition.
How do your current studies (including Adventure Space and
other special projects) assist in your preparation for these plans
and what evidence of this do you have in your ePortfolio?
In semester one, we had a BIQ elective where we could choose a health
topic such as nutrition, physiology, emotion, social, etc.
What plans, goals and reflections have you been working on as
part of the PLP?
Mainly achieving the good grades since its my first year here at ASMS, so
Im still trying to fully familiarise myself.