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Fuller GT/AG

February 2016


Students have started their study of historical fiction. They will be

reading books in class and in their literature circles centered around
this genre. and will use these texts to meet their objectives.
Objectives for this unit include making connections between a text
and a visual representation of a text, comparing and contrasting
themes and patterns of events, and integrating information from
two texts on the same topic. Students will also begin their new
writing unit in which they will formulate an opinion and provide
reasons to support that opinion.


Students will continue our unit on geometry by learning how to

identify quadrilaterals and various two-dimensional shapes this
month. We will begin discussing line of symmetry, area, and
perimeter in relation to two-dimensional shapes and close our unit
on geometry with shape and number patterns. We will begin our
unit on fractions by discussing equivalent and benchmark fractions
near the end of the month!
Science (Varnell/Goldsmith Homerooms)
Students will be starting their unit on landforms. They will learn
about fossils and how they show the history of Earth and its
changing life forms. Students will also explore the composition and
properties of matter before and after they undergo a change.
Social Studies (Jones/Joubert Homerooms)
Students will be beginning their unit on the economy. Students
will understand how human, environmental and technological
factors affect the growth and development of North Carolina. They
will also learn about how economic factors play a role in personal
choices and how a market economy impacts life in NC.


Our snow make-up days are as follows: February 15th and

March 24th (teacher workdays) will now be regular school
Fuller is hosting a Parent Academy for our Spanish
speaking families. Topics include Todays Math: I Didnt
Learn Math Like That and Digital Tools for the 21st
Century Education. This will take place on 2/17 from 6-8 in
the media center..

Grade Level Notes

We have another field trip coming up
soon! If you havent turned in field trip
money it can still be sent in.
Also, make sure to fill out and turn in all
field trip permission slips that have been
sent home!
Please remember to look at and sign
yellow folder every week to keep up to
date on important info.
Every child will have nightly math
homework and weekly ELA homework.


We can always use

Expo markers
Copy Paper (colored
and white)

Dates to Remember

2/5/16 - NC Capitol Field Trip

2/12/16 - Early Release
2/15/16 - Snow Make-Up Day
2/17/16 - Parent Academy for Spanish
speaking Families - 6 to 8

Fuller Elementary 806 Calloway Drive Raleigh, NC 27610 919-856-7625