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Assignment 2: e-Portfolio

Students are encouraged to develop their ePortfolio. As more employers only accept resumes in an
electronic format and perform simple search engine results reviews on potential candidates, developing
an eportfolio offers an edge in the job market. An ePortfolio is:
An opportunity to effectively represent yourself and your education.
A place to collect and save coursework.
A chance to showcase accomplishments and school work to family and friends.
A tool for creating digital resumes to send to employers.
A web portal for accessing your work, track your academic growth and plan your career.
An electronic resource you can use to apply for transfer and financial aid.
A chance to reflect on your education.
A record of your skills, achievements and learning.

1. Create an account on

Weebly is a free, online tool we can use to build our ePortfolios.
You need to provide Weebly with your full name, email address and a password.
You will need to enter a title for your website.
Select portfolio as your Type of Site.
Next you need to choose your Website Domain.
o Use a Subdomain of this is free.
o Register a New Domain for a charge.
o Or use a Domain You Already Own.

2. Learn how to use Weebly.

Step by step instructions posted at this link:
Look at some sample ePortfolios at this site:

3. Create a Welcome page for your ePortfolio. (10 points)

Post an introduction of yourself on this page

Review this link for ideas on what to include on your Home Page:

4. Create a Resume using a word processing program. (20 points)

Must include your name, email, contact number, skills, major, objective, work experience and your
e-portfolio site link
(If available), campus organization involvement, interests, training
Organized for readability and recognition
Be creative and original while keeping in mind the professional focus of a resume.

CSIT 101 Assignment 2: e-Portfolio

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5. Create a page named Resume to your ePortfolio. Upload your resume here. (5 points)

Add a document from the Media section.

Also add a file from the Media section so you have access to your file.

Additional Resources for creating your resume:

Perdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Sample Resumes -
Resume Outline

6. Create a page named CSIT 101. (5 points)

Create 2 pages on this page named Assignment 1 & Midterm Project. (hint use a divider)
Upload Assignment 1 to this page both as a file and as a document.

7. Create an additional page. (10 points)

This page could be for another course.

This page could contain your Transcript, schedule or it could be a page regarding your campus
organization involvement, interests, training etc.

8. Publish your site.

9. Send your URL to your instructor through the Blackboard assignment tool.

Grading of Project
Welcome page
Upload resume
CSIT 101 page
Other page

10 points
20 points
5 points
5 points
10 points
50 points

Points are awarded on content and creativity.

Points will be deducted for spelling and grammatical errors.

CSIT 101 Assignment 2: e-Portfolio

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