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Johnny and the Paperwork

Johnny and the Paperwork

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Published by: jules67 on Apr 24, 2010
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Johnny and the Paperwork I’m Johnny-won’t-be-leaving, And I live in Flowerdale.

I’m Johnny, and I’m scared as hell, My face is growing pale. You know we fought the fires, With mates from far and near, And lived in ash and smoke and flame, But never fell to fear. It wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you, In fact, ‘twas bloody hard, The bush and houses burned and black, The people’s spirits scarred. But never frightened, not at all, The folk of Flowerdale; We all got up to start again. Our spirits didn’t quail. It’s been 13 months for Flowerdale, Since that red Saturday, But never once, in all that time, Have I seen one flee the fray. Courage is their middle name, They’re stickers, one and all, And they let me walk beside them, And I feel 3 metres tall. So, I borrow from their courage, And I bring my own to bear, And to say that I’m a sticker too, I hope you’ll see is fair, But now I’m bloody frightened, And here my soul is bared, For I see the paperwork mounting up, And I’ll tell you all, I’m scared. To get the slightest, small thing done, There’s paperwork galore; To make a place the kids can play, There are piles of paper more. To get donated dollars For the people of our town, Great heaps of bloody paperwork; It really gets us down.

Three hundred and eighty million. And for one ten thousandth part, Seventeen close-typed pages! Where do we bloody start? I’m Johnny, and I’ve many good mates, And we’re all doing our best, But we’re tired, and the paperwork’s beating us. Give us a bloody rest. Peter Auty 2010.

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