Heart house by pb Hill

It has been so long since I have been to Heart House. When I came in, I stepped in a memory (and a smile splashed up on my shin.) So much has piled up in such a small place. Only four rooms to one who refuses to discard, Or scrap any object (that I might use someday.) Oh, Heart House I have been gone too long. I have been staying in another dwelling. (And I have been foolish there.) I spurned the signs: it was so idle and tidy. There seemed to me so much room for my things, Yet the chance never came to move there. (And I only took a little hope from the cupboard.) So, Heart House, I have returned to our bursting space. I know you laugh at me, knowing that I always come home. (Especially after so many days.) (If I were going for good, I'd take me with me.) So, I come back. It is just not the same this time. Have I ever come back not to leave again? Have I ever told you I'd never try another again?? Well, Heart House, I convey that now, emphatically. Remember all the past when I would have to come back and repair you? Remember the moments when you were for sale? Remember when I looked for someone to move in to you? See all the damage that has been done to you?

Well, Heart House, I will paint you again. Well, Heart House, I will clean you again. So, Heart House, it can be just us. So, Heart House, justice can be. I have saved so many memories over the years. You have held so much thought. . .pain. . .time. Dusty, I find you, yet I find you. Cherish is all that I wanted the others to do. And you have been the only one who cherishes. Cherishes you and me, myself and I. So, Heart House, no road is so long that you will not keep me. No tomorrow so violent, No break so irreparable, No fear so dominant, No rejection so imminent. Heart House, hold me, And in the face of the future: Break easy if need be. Break gently if possible. Break not if avoidable. But always be my home.

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