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Saint Gobain


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Our Journey So-far

5S Excellence Award 28th / 29th September 2007

Is the

World Leader

Engineered Materials
116th in the Fortune 500 List (2007) :: 1st in its Industry Class

5 Business Sectors

200,000 employees 52 Countries

1200 Companies

Saint-Gobain Businesses in India
High Performance Materials
Ceramics &Plastics

Flat Glass

Construction Products


Grindwell Norton

Grindwell Norton Saint-Gobain Crystals & Detectors SEPR Refractories India

Saint-Gobain Vetrotex India

Saint-Gobain Glass India Saint-Gobain Sekurit India

Saint-Gobain Weber India India Gypsum Saint-Gobain Seva India

Saint-Gobain Glass India :
World Glass Complex 177 acres 1300 personnel Single largest investment destination for Saint Gobain

Brand Building – A Grand Success

Best Practices towards Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing Excellence - SAFETY

First and Foremost

Pep Talk/ Tool Box Talk

Implementation of Zero Tolerance for Safety Violation

Hazard Communication Display of LTA Case studies

Hazard Identification Drop Box schemeParticipatory approach for risk reduction

Manufacturing Excellence - SAFETY

Mock Drill
Objective: To check the emergency Preparedness and the level of response across various level of the Organization
Emergency Drill for LPG leakage in Bullet

Results: Results :
• Average restoration time to regain normalcy : 20 Minutes • Role of Key Personnel evaluated • Evacuation was in order

Emergency Medical Management during Mock Drill

Combat of Emergency by Fire Fighting Squad

Manufacturing Excellence – QUALITY SYSTEMS

OHSAS 18001 For SBP & DPP ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Extension to Float-II and Coater

OHSAS 18001 For Float Plant ISO 9001, ISO 14001 For SBP & DPP CE Marking

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 For Float Plant

2004 2004

20 05

2 00 6

20 07

Manufacturing Excellence – PROCESS EXCELLENCE

Lean Six Sigma

Launched in May 2007 Series of Training Programs
Executive Training Champions Training Green Belt Training Awareness Training

20 Green Belt Projects in Progress

Manufacturing Excellence – CONTINIUOS IMPROVEMENT

Quality Circles
Launch : 23rd Jan 2006 . 280 members and 26 facilitators trained Monthly QC Review meeting on 1st Saturday of every month. No of projects completed : 22 No. of teams currently working : 34

Manufacturing Excellence – CONTINIUOS IMPROVEMENT

Quality Circles Competition & Recognition
Jubilant moments of 4 QC teams winning awards from regional QC competition in Sep 2006

Jubilant moments of 2 QC teams winning awards from national QC competition in Dec 2006

Manufacturing Excellence – CONTINIUOS IMPROVEMENT

Kaizen Competition & Recognition
Jubilant team in Regional Kaizen competition 2007

Kaizen topic Locking Arrangement for the top roll Camera Top roll data retrieval from SMQF EBT test for Coater Start up

Name Karthikeyan R Ramachandra Rao Roopkumar D C

Dept Hot end, Float 2 Hot end, Float 1 Quality, Float 2

Award won Outstanding Excellent Excellent Meritorious

Cullet bin modification for easy unloading Sabiulla M, Santhanam Coater M, Rangaraj N

Manufacturing Excellence – CONTINIUOS IMPROVEMENT

Suggestion Scheme – Process
Make Suggestion in the SGGI Intranet homepage.

Enter in the suggestion form and drop in the boxes

SUGGESTION REVIEW COMMITTEE (SRC) RGB ( Convener) MBG (coordinator) SSRM, TKC, RR, NSV, KS, KC, NJL PLANT (SUB) COMMITTEE headed by Functional Leaders FL-1: SSRM FL-2: TKC TS-1 : MR TS -2 : NB Int. W/H & Des - RR Coater - KS Mirror - Selva SBP- PRC DPP- Palanisamy IUCS:-Guna Members: Sub Functional Leaders

Entered suggestion received by the concerned Sub – Functional Leader.

‘ Suggest Own and Implement’ Concept Will be inline with MY CONTRIBUTION Scheme of WGM

Sub Functional Leader reviews the feasibility and makes recommendations as: ACCEPT , HELD or REJECT with suitable comments

Functional Leader takes the decision on ACCEPT , HELD or REJECT

The Individual member or CFT implements the suggestion and informs the Sub Functional Leader

Sub Functional Leader verifies and closes the Implemented Suggestion by entering the Benefits ( in My Info)

• Involvement of people • Structured method of transforming IDEAS

Individual member can check the status of his suggestion in My Info

Suggestion Review Committee ( SRC) reviews the Implemented suggestions in monthly review meeting

Summary report of all the Suggestion can be seen In IMPETUS

SRC Identifies: Best Implemented Suggestion Max. Implementable Suggestion by an employee Max. implemented suggestion by a CFT and rewards them

Manufacturing Excellence – CONTINIUOS IMPROVEMENT

Suggestion Scheme : Awards

• Scheme for both SGGI and Outsourced personnel • Review done by the Suggestion Review Committee • All Implemented suggestions are being rewarded • Cross Functional Team that implements the suggestion is also rewarded

Manufacturing Excellence – PEOPLE & TEAMS

Manufacturing Know How Transfer and Training • Classroom training using systems • Field training guided by Mentor • Step by step approach • Troubleshooting using incident videos

FAST TRACK program on Float panel operation to identified members •Emergency mock drills •Table top exercises •Advanced skill training by Global trainer •Panel evaluation

Manufacturing Excellence – PEOPLE & TEAMS

Training & Practice
Objective : Incorporation of Contractor safety as an integral Part of EHS policy of SGGI
Safety Training on LPG operated Mobile Equipments Training on Fire Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Results :
• Gradual reduction of accidents among contract employees. • Increased awareness • Improved shop floor safety discipline.

Training on SOP, Material Handling, PPE

Training with Scaled Models on Loading Operation

at Saint-Gobain Glass India

Objectives Launch Organization Structure Manual Promotional Activities Sustenance activities
5S Audits Rewards / Recognition Training Monthly Review

New Practices
Red Tag System- Online Mass 5S Activity 5S Walk through Audit Elite Club

Our 5S Organization

Core Team

5S Champion

Member Training Member Audits Member Publicizing Member Standardization

Group Leaders



Zone Leaders


Zone Members


Objectives of 5S
Facilitates Waste Identification and Elimination Enables Visual Control Enables Standard Operations Promotes Safety Makes Perfect Quality possible Builds Employee Satisfaction

Pre-Launch Promotional Activities
5S Logo and Caption Contest 100+ Entries for Logo / Caption Best Entries Awarded / Adopted

Pre-Launch Promotional Activities
5S Cap ‘To Do’ List with 5S Logo

5S Program Launch
12th June 2006

Program Highlights
• Logo and Caption Competition • Zone Identification and Team Formation • Flag Hoisting & Launch • 5S Skit • Mass 5S

5S Chairman unfolding the 5S Flag

5S Program Launch – Mass 5S
12th June 2006

Before 5S

After 5S

The 5S Manual
It is our Common Developed in-house 5S Guidelines, Roles & Responsibilities Communication / Dissemination Meets

5S Language..

5S Manual Release & Communication
Saint-Gobain Glass India
Plot -A1 SIPCOT Indust rial Park, Sriperumpudur – 602 1 , 05

Discussion Discussion

5S Manual

Query Session Query Session

The Information hereon is a property of S aint-Gobain Glass India.. Copying, transmittal to ot hers and any other use except for which it is provided / loaned, is prohibited

5S Training
Training done under 2 categories For Saint Gobain Members
One Day training programme by ABK AOTS. Compulsory for all new joinees 92 % of members have been covered so far.

For Outsourced Personnel
Conducted by 5S Core team or shift engineers or managers For 2 hours – relating to their work area 5S Booklet developed in Tamil and Hindi 492 members have been trained so far.

5S Training

• Training for both SGGI Employees and outsourced personnel • Training Material in English and other Local Languages

Sort, Keep only What is Essential for the Work-place

Promotional Activities : Seiri Day : 25th Aug 2006
Before 5S After 5S

Before 5S

After 5S

Promotional Activities : Boghi Day : 11th Jan 2007

Before 5S

After 5S

Members involved in SEIRI activities

5S at SGGI :


BEFORE: Manual Cutting tools are kept on the floor

AFTER: A separate structure made for it

5S at SGGI :


BEFORE: Packing materials were kept haphazardly

AFTER: 2 bin concept put in to practice and all materials were identified

5S at SGGI :


Temporary marking of movable materials

All specifications are displayed

5S at SGGI :


Place identified for all equipments / materials

Place identified for all equipments / materials

5S at SGGI :


Place identified for all equipments / materials

Place identified for all equipments / materials


Cleaning With Meaning

Seiso : Shine
Before 5S After 5S

Cleaning with Meaning

Deep Cleaning Before & After

Cleaning Schedule For Zones / Work-Stations
Sl.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Area/Item Floor Cleaning - Reflectasol Cobwebs Removal - Reflectasol Racks Cleaning - Reflectasol Floor Cleaning - Reflectasol Store Cobwebs Removal - Reflectasol Store Racks Cleaning - Reflectasol Store Floor Cleaning - Spout Store Cobwebs Removal - Spout Store Tool Used Wet Mopping Long Handled Brush Wet Cloth Wet Mopping Long Handled Brush Wet Cloth Wet Mopping Long Handled Brush Frequency Weekly Weekly Fortnight Fortnight Fortnight Fortnight Fortnight Fortnight Time Checking Criteria Internal Audit Internal Audit Internal Audit Internal Audit Internal Audit Internal Audit Internal Audit Internal Audit Responsible Moses Moses Moses Prakash Prakash Prakash MuthuSaravanan MuthuSaravanan Done By Group 4 Group 4 Group 4 Group 4 Group 4 Group 4 Group 4 Group 4

Seiso: Shine

Cleaning of the machines and near by areas by the users

Organized Cleaning (Mass 5S) Activities

Managing Director to Entry level employee participate

Seiketsu : Visual Work Place

• •

Flow direction stickers for washing m/c water hoses Labels for each hose with colour tags

SOP’s are Displayed at work place

Seiketsu : Visual Work Place

Emergency Route Escape plan display at various locations.

PEP TALK circle

Seiketsu : Visual Work Place

Column footing painted with zebra lines

Pipes running over floor covered with tapered cover plates

Seiketsu : Visual Work Place

Gangway marking

* Door range Marking

Seiketsu : Visual Work Place

Seiketsu : Visual Work Place

Perpetuate 5S Culture


• Fortnightly Walkthrough Observations aiming at driving improvements • Monthly Audit of all Zones on a 25 Point Scale • Rolling Trophy for Top Scoring Zone • Elite Club Status for consistently performing Zones

Performance of Zones
August 2007

Audit score display

5S Monthly Review Meeting
to review the performance to communicate all members the future plan of 5S Zones presenting to management about improvements in 5S at their workplace

Monthly Review Meeting – 2nd Saturday of every month

Promotional Activities : 5S Quiz
To evaluate the understanding of 5S 85 % of members took the test Top scored members were rewarded

Managing Director rewarding the top scored member

5S Industrial Visit
Visit to Model 5S companies
4 visits made
Intimate Fashions, Chennai Nippo Batteries, Tada Amararaja Batteries, Thirupathi Wendt India, Hosur Based on observations, actionables implemented.

Visitors to our Plant
10 member team from NIPPO Batteries, Nellore unit visited us on June 2007. 8 member team from GMR Energy visited in July 2007

Discussion with the members from NIPPO Batteries

Green & Clean

Green & Clean

Green & Clean

Green & Clean

IT Enabled Effective 5S Tracking

IT Support to 5S
Use of IT Systems for effective tracking and reviewing of 5S
Zone Definition Monthly 5S audits
Audit feedback Score sheet

Red Tag System 5S Manuals and Formats

5S Home-Page in Saint-Gobain Glass Intranet

Zone Definition

Zone Team Definition

Audit Data entry

Audit Data entry

Audit Scores Display

Audit Feedback

Training Record

Training Record

Red-Tag Creation and Tracking

Red-Tag Creation and Tracking

Red-Tag Register


AU-TVS : 5S Excellence 4 Star Award

ABK-AOTS – 2007 Audit Merit Award

Next Steps

Safety – the

th 6


Safety aspects incorporated as 6th S in the monthly 5S Audit Audit Points – Increased from 25 to 36

Facilitating Sister Plants across the Border…
UK, Korea ….
As a first step, M Balaganesh , 5S Coordinator is assisting UK plant in implementing 5S practices. a month( Aug- Sept,2007 ) stay in UK plant and rolled out 5S Implementation.

Stewardship Approach..
Customers / Vendors …
Most of our processed glass reaches customers through Processors. Team formed to implement best manufacturing concepts in their workplaces starting from 5S and Quality systems Scheduled from Oct 07.

Beyond the Workplace…
Spreading the 5S Culture beyond the Workplace Schools…
3 schools selected for implementing 5S. Discussion with School Headmasters and Teachers held in the first week of Sept 07. 5S implementation shall be done in phased manner from Oct 07

Marching Towards Excellence in 5S

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