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Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

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Published by: mkilani@butterflyltd.com on Apr 24, 2010
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Believing or cultivating beliefs of any kind is one of the main
dangers for your Individual Intellect. This, of course, includes
believing that something is not possible.

Let me explain the danger. What is the essence of a “belief”?
Isn’t it assuming that “there is no need to know” or “there is
someone somewhere who knows” - without checking out all
the assumptions and consequences?

By adopting beliefs you choose not to think by yourself and
choose to keep your Intellect dormant.

It truly doesn’t matter what other people “know” or they think
they “know”. It is completely irrelevant.

The only thing that is relevant in the Universe is what you
can understand YOURSELF.

Adopting and cultivating beliefs is more dangerous than
exploding an atomic bomb in your hands. Why?

Destruction of your body cannot corrupt your Intellect - the
only thing that is truly yours in the Universe. By adopting
beliefs however, you choose to keep your Individual Intellect
polluted and constipated with your own consent.

You need to KNOW rather than “believe” and the only way to
achieve and verify the knowledge is to use and develop
your Individual Intellect.

106 Thomas J. Chalko

Admit all possibilities that you can imagine.

Analyze these possibilities with your Intellect and try to
understand them. How else can you make conscious choices?

When you grow to understand more – new possibilities may
arise and you need to be ready to admit them in your

Be extremely careful adopting beliefs.

“Beliefs” turn people into intellectual paraplegics, incapable
and unwilling to think. “Believers” follow opinions and
judgements, rather than develop their own understanding of
the Universe and their own presence in it.

Examine your beliefs. Have you checked them out with your

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