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Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

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Published by: mkilani@butterflyltd.com on Apr 24, 2010
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Let’s examine what are essential conditions for intellect to

Is it possible to “record” or “transmit” intellect from one living
creature to another? If it was – we would be teaching monkeys
and chickens at Universities.

Can one person learn and another become more intelligent as a
result? Not really.

Is it possible to develop intellect without practicing any
thinking? Highly unlikely.

The only necessary condition for development of intellect
seems to be the INTENT of intellect ITSELF. Nothing else is
needed – only the intent to think.

From the above consideration it is clear that Intellect can
ONLY develop ITSELF. No one else can make us more
intelligent and wise – only ourselves. Is that not so?

So, the key property of intellect is that it can develop
ITSELF in the direction of its own INTENT.

Now try to imagine what would happen to intellect, if it did
NOT have the intent to develop itself. What would happen to
your own intellect if you decided NOT to use it at all?

16 Thomas J. Chalko

Suppose that you decided NOT to think. It is clear, that in time
your intellect would decay and regress significantly.

So, intellect has a motive to develop itself. The best and the
most logical choice for intellect – is to grow and expand itself.
Otherwise it decays and in the extreme case it may even cease
to exist.

Isn’t it a pleasant feeling to become more intelligent and

Would you consider choosing the opposite?
Would you have a desire to become less intelligent?

Please keep answers to the above questions in your mind – you
may need them very soon.

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