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Published by Norman Spinrad
an online review of HE WALKED AMONG US
an online review of HE WALKED AMONG US

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Published by: Norman Spinrad on Apr 24, 2010
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from Mainstream Fiction Blog And also on Barnes and Noble review page, possibly elsewhere.

Harriet Klausner seems to have become a ubiquitous book review blogger He Walks Among Us Norman Spinrad Tor, Apr 2010, $27.99 ISBN: 9780765325846 After watching stand-up comic Ralf perform, sleazy agent Jimmy “Texas” Balaban believes the man has the potential to be a messianic superstar in spite of Ralf insisting he is from the future in which the world is horrible grim place to live. Jimmy hires science fiction writer turning hack Dexter Lambkin and New Age wannabe guru Amanda Robin to make it happen. Amanda buys into Ralf’s spontaneous rap without challenging him; on the other hand cynical Dexter is shocked that he too is being mesmerized by Ralf. However, Ralf’s message of a world dying unless we change today is overwhelming the comedian who wants to vanish like he did once before. This is an easy read, but those readers who enjoy something satirically different will appreciate He Walked Among Us; as Norman Spinrad lampoons capitalist preachers in mega-churches, media, DC and Wall Street, etc. while the world is in crisis. Character driven fans will be reminded of the movie Network as the author also ridicules his fan base for being overly zealous over the wrong segue. With a strong cast including Jimmy Durante’s Schnozzola, this convoluted tale will have the audience ponder what is important in life. Harriet Klausner Posted by Harriet Klausner at 12:18 PM 0 comments

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