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Andrew Godwins Theory

Godwins theory of music videos follows as he states there are 5
key aspects, which convey the theory. Godwin mentions that all
music videos have there way of portraying a set of representations
and a particular narrative is given but each music video has its own
way of making this significant. I will explain in depth of the 5 key
aspects Godwin states.
1. Meanings behind the lyrics
Godwin states that music videos have meaning behind the
songs the artist produce and that each music video has
different lyrics and the lyrics can me interpreted in many
different ways, it can mean one thing from the artist, the
audience can develop their own meaning and representation
in their head and this follows along with every individual in the
Example Wake Me Up by Avicii
Feeling my way through the darkness, guided by a beating
The song starts off with the lines mentioned above in the first
verse, this can be interpreted in to many meanings depending
on the individual, the music video shows the two characters in
bed, and then follows along slowly to give out a representation
of the fact that they are still young and they do not whats
going to happen but know what do ahead.
2. Relationship between the song and visuals
Godwin explains that the visual and lyrics are portrayed in
particular way to give out a meaning.
All this time I was finding myself and I, didnt know I was lost
This is part of the chorus of the song, which really shows the
visual, and lyrics taking place together to convey a message.
The visual show the two girls walking out and everyone
looking at them not knowing who they are and this refers back
to the lyrics of didnt know I was lost at this time the scene
follows everyone being old and wiser whereas the two girls
being young teenagers
3. Narrative and performance of the song
Songs are made in different ways allowing both narrative and
performance to be used of just on the two being used. Godwin
mentions that each music video has its own unique way of
defining their genre.
Life is a game for everyone, and love is a prize
This line reflects on where the older girl has been looking for
their world, which then bumps into characters her age, and
starts seeing light from where they came from and then a
group of young teens come out and they are successful.
4. Technical aspects within the music video

Godwin argues that the main character fro every video is what
makes the video attractive as they are the center of the
In this music video Wake Me Up they focus on the two young
girls with the lyrics reflecting on them and throughout they are
the ones who are making the video appealing. This is done to
promote the artists song. Although Godwin states that this is
typically done by including shots of the character within the
video with the use of close ups and medium shots, costumes,
but the way they are dressed also represent their image.
5. Main subject
Godwin has mentioned that females are subjected to being
objectified as this done both through the technical aspects
and from the audience. Nicki Minaj is an example of this is her
music videos are made mainly to her being subjected through
the theory of Laura Mulveys Male Glaze. Nicki Minajs music
videos follow this theory with the use of long shots and close
ups of her body making her a sexual object.