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Page 4: Letter from the Editor

Page 6: Your Body, Your Temple
Page 7: Relax: Its Just a Relaxer
Page 8: Business and Women
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Page 14: Violet Love
Page 18: Misty Copeland
Page 19: King Em/Rich Girl
Page 21: Dazzling Divas...
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Its 2016, and society tells us that the way we were

uniquely created isnt good enough. Why else
would Brittany Spears endure lip injections, Tamar
Braxton go through a nose job like its nothing and
last but not least, why would the queen of all body
altercations, Joan Rivers, succumb eye, nose, lip,
breast, arm and stomach cosmetic surgery, Botox
injections, a full face lift, tummy tuck, liposuction,
breast reduction, chin tucks and collagen? What
was once K. Michelles whimsical desire of a
boomingly bodacious booty and one of her
successful trademarks has suddenly turned into
refutation and regret. She recently had a butt
reduction claiming that when making moves and
talking numbers, its hard to get men to take her
seriously. Surprisingly, for a lot of women in the
entertainment industry these days, this is their sole
claim to fame. Having a big booty on social media
will get you 1000+ likes way before a picture of you
discovering the cure to cancer. With all of the high
technology and redefined forms of body altercations, its not hard to be someone else, and get
famous while doing so. Magazines, music videos,
reality shows and blog sites all share a common
theme when they depict women; these women all
look enhanced and perfected. Rightfully so, all of
these media outlets program us to think that this is
what PERFECT really looks like. Men idolize these

women and women are so insecure that they do

what they can to look just like them, even if it
means spending thousands of dollars in the
process. Who doesnt want to be beautiful and

Isnt that the American dream? Whats even worse

about this trend, is that some parents have become supportive of the body modification practices
their children partake in. At age 17, Kylie Jenner
was so insecure with her thin lips she
painful lip pulling and picking methods that had
younger kids trying the same thing at home. In an
age where its important to embrace who we are
and where we come from, theres
wrong with being yourself, no one can do it better
than you!
Page 6

The next time you book an appointment at the

salon for a relaxer, you might want to think twice.
As a disclaimer, no, were not trying to reroute
from your typical beauty routine. By all means, be
beautiful. But we wouldnt be the prestigious,
informative entertainment publication that we are
if we didnt give you a little positive insight on what
youre really doing to your body.

process is them easing their way on in. Once inside

of your body, these chemicals create a chemical
imbalance that can cause major health risk such as,
reproductive problems, fibroids, heart disease,
cancers, distorted immune systems and other
health risk according to health professionals.

Aside from the harmful effects of the chemicals

that relaxers contain there are other straightening
As you know, the natural hair scene has taken over methods. There are hot oils, hot combs, and flat
our worlds. The big chops, little chops and oh-em- ironing methods that serve the same purpose that
gee I dont know why she chopped chops have
do an equally promising job.
given a new name to the bold, independent,
determined black woman. This perhaps trend,
may however have done a little more than just that.
It may have saved an entire generation from ailments and medical bills. Oh youre surprised? So
were we, so we decided to do a little research to
back up our proclamation.
Think about this, when a relaxer is applied to your
hair in order to straighten it, the use of gloves are
necessary. The container also warns you to avoid
getting the substance on your actual skin. If this is
the case, what makes you think it is okay for it to
touch your scalp? Well, it has been proven that the
harmful chemicals that relaxers contain enter your
body through your scalp and that burn or tingle
that you begin to feel during the application

So the next time youre watching Love and Hip

Hop or one of Rick Ross music videos and youre
lusting over the layers and inches of Peruvian
bundles a non-Peruvian model is wearing (but
more importantly her edges that are so perfectly
slayed and laid), just imagine the harm shes done
to her body and reconsider your next salon
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Page 8

1. Tell me about yourself.

be when we grew up, my classmates had the typical

"I want to be a doctor" papers but my passion since
then was to be a hairstylist and I'm doing just that.

Well I'm 26, born & raised in Charleston & I love

hair & fashion. I'm a real laid back person, most
times you'll catch me out somewhere having fun
7. How did you get your start in the industry?
with my friends when I'm not at the shop but hey, I
I attended cosmetology school in high school
work hard and I play hard too!
through a vocational school and once I completed
that program I started working at Great Clips like
2. What is the most enjoyable part of your
most hair school students do. Once I went to colcurrent job?
lege I started doing hair in my dorm room, then
The most enjoyable part of my current job I would hair shows and Facebook advertisement and the
say would be meeting new clients and being able to rest is history
transform them through hair & makeup.
3. Tell me what you think the biggest challenge in a hairdressing career is?

8. What inspires you?

Fashion inspires me. I love to see all the new

trends and replicate them onto my clients. You'll
The biggest challenge to me in the hairdressing in- never stay relevant living in the past.
dustry is staying current with all the new trends.
There's always some new style or trick & clients are
9. Who inspires you?
always wanting to try the new thing out there.
4. What is your greatest strength as a hairdresser?

Kim Kimble is my biggest inspiration. You can't

look at a celebrity on a music video or walking a
red carpet and not see her work. Her name holds
weight in the hair industry and she's exactly who I
inspire to be.

My greatest strength as a stylist is being able to

transform my clients and give them exactly what
they are wanting. My clients are loyal because I always remain humble and professional and they al- 10. What are you doing when you are not
beautifying your clients?
ways get a good laugh when they come in to get
When I'm not beautifying my clients I'm hanging
out with my friends & family, taking trips or just
5. What is your biggest weakness as a hair- chilling at home.
My biggest weakness as a stylist is feeling like I
don't know enough. I'm constantly taking classes
or surfing the internet to increase my knowledge of
hair. I aspire to be the best and to be the best you
must remain knowledgeable of your craft

11. Thanks for chatting with us, one last thing,

let our readers know how they can find you.

Facebook: Rosa Rozay Stormer

IG: @rozay2u
Also my hair company: Lavish Locs Virgin Hair

6. Why do you think you decided to become

Facebook: Lavish Locs Virgin Hair Extensions
a hair stylist?
IG: @lavishlocs_virginhair
I decided to become a hairstylist because healthy
Or call or text me for appointments at
hair and making women feel beautiful is my pas(843)901-1342
sion. I remember in the 5th grade my teacher assigned us a paper to write about what we wanted to

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In the age of online dating, reality tv hook-ups and

an apparent spread of nuptial allergies, more
strangers are meeting and first dates have become
quite common. However, contrary to popular belief
due to new-aged TV programming of first date etiquette, the rules have been bent, reshaped, and
eluded. But, thanks to us, all is not lost and love is
not forgotten. There is hope in this small little list,
and if you disagree, remember this was written by
a woman.
Dont be late If youre
going out to eat and shes
really hungry, this will
greatly damage your first
impression. Women are
always hungry, and hungry now! Of course shes
going to take forever making sure her make-up is
done and hair is laid, but
shes only doing that to impress you. She gets a

Open all doors Chivalry is not dead and this rule

is an oldie but goodie. This shows you have manners, you werent raised by wolves and for the most
part you know how to cater to a woman.

Pay for the meal Sure a woman is capable of paying for the first date, but it just looks better if the
Have a game plan Dont ask her where she wants
man does. Unless, the woman asks you out, then at
to go. Nine times out of ten, she doesnt know and
least allow her to attempt to pay. Even then the guy
well, shes just hungry. (see rule number one). Take
should still pay. Dont debate us on this.
her somewhere nice and elegant. Women love a
Dont try to get the box, cookies, pum-pum
fancy atmosphere on the first date, it says some(whatever theyre calling it now) - Whatever your
thing about your character (and your pockets.)
religion, whatever your life experiences, hey, we
are not here to judge. But by all means, dont try to
force yourself onto a woman on a first date. If the
chemistry is MUTUALLY there, then let things flow
naturally. If not, maybe shell agree to a second
date. Maybe.


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Its one thing to be a one hit wonder, lose your talent and become a has-been, but its another
thing to come back in the game fabulous and fly like you never left. Just ask Rabiyah, or as she
now calls herself Violet Love formerly known as one third of the group Strawberi Jones. After
about a two year hiatus from the local music scene, shes taking another stab at it and trust us she
hasnt missed a beat, or more appropriately a note. In an exclusive interview, Rabiyah opens up
to us about what it took for her to try her hand at music one more time, being a new mom all over
again and the highs and lows being a part of a group.

Lets allow you to re-introduce yourself, RE- stoner vibe but non-stoners can appreciate the feelMIND our readers who you are.
ing it brings you as well. Follow up songs for my EP
-Urban Hippie consists of Love Song, Red Tag, LaHello Kings and Queens! My name is Violet Love
dies Night, Thankful and Pretty.
and I am a singer, songwriter and poet who isnt
afraid of ones truth and finds therapy and comfort
in my craft. Ive been creating music for 6 years
and poems since elementary. I consider myself a
realist so lets just say it is what it is.

Who are some of the people you are working with

on your new projects?

Our attitude, the way we network, waiting for

Charleston (a D market in the music industry) to
validate your music and crab mentality will always
and forever keep Charleston down. Too much to
only choose one.

How did if feel being a part of an all female

group and what were some of the things you
liked and disliked about it?

Working with Costello Studios for video project .

Theyre very hands on with bringing new ides to
What made you want to get back into the
the table and you can tell that they love what they
music scene?
do. Marte Manigualt and Traylece Smith are coI left the music scene in 2013 when I became preg- writers on several projects.
nant with my son. My household grew and I literal- For the follow up songs most have been recorded
ly had to choose between investing in studio sesalready with 40oz who does awesome production
sions or taking care of home. Needless to say home and I consider his studio home seeing how it wascomes first. Even though I wasnt on the music sce- nt until I stepped in his booth that I actually
ne I was still writing music and poems because its learned somethings that I can now take with me
something that I enjoy doing. I reevaluated some- anywhere I go, like harmonies. Miguel Castro
things and decided to give it a go again and be sure 843RadioMixshow has been working with me and
not to make the same mistakes that I made before. supporting my music since day 1. Mike Price of
Rulet Records is super affordable and great quality
If its one thing holding local artist back
and connections. Other than that I keep a pretty
from becoming mainstream what do you
small circle when it comes to making this music.
think it is?

I absolutely LOVED being a part of an all female

group at first and was all for it and didnt mind
sharing the spotlight with my girls! Strawberi
What message are you trying to convey
Jones sessions were serious but fun and rehearsals
through your music?
kept us busy and hitting the stage with your people
My message is freedom of speech while leaving
felt great but as time passed and things start to get
food for thought. I consider myself a realist so
a little more serious and requires more from us all
hopeful feelings and wishes just dont cover reality. its hard to stay consistent with 3 different women
Reality is real, Illusions often leaves one ill.
(which is really like 74 different personalities) and
keep us all on the same page. Just like everything
What are some of the upcoming projects
else theres pros and cons. Unfortunately for us the
you are working on?
cons won and we went our separate ways. Still all
Look out for Something About Mary brand new
love at the end of the day.
single that were shooting a video for. Nice mellow

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Where do you see yourself in five years?

What do you plan to do different this go
In 5 years I see myself traveling the world, touching
around that you feel couldve been done bet- as many lives in a positive manner.
ter before?
Do you have any words of advice for someThis go around I know my strengths as well as my one whos given up on their dream and
weaknesses. I know that there are certain people
isntt quite sure if they want to take a stab
that I need to be apart of my TEAM, each having
back at it?
their special areas to focus on. Consistency is a
Dont ever give up! No matter how many times you
must even when you really dont feel like it. Marfall or stumble, get right back up and learn from
keting and packaging is key as well.
your mistakes! Forgive yourself for any and all
How do you balance being a mom, working
and focusing on your music?

things that you might be beating yourself up about.

Life happens regardless. Be you. Learn you. Love
you. Own you. God is Love.

During my hiatus I had plenty of time to improve

my mothering skills but I wont lie I still dont bal- If anyone wants to look you up and hear
ance it all correctly. Im still a work in progress so I some of your music, where can they find
just constantly remind myself that its two types of you?
people in this world, ones that wait for things to
happen and ones that make things happen!
You can find me on IG at
Who are the top three artist or producers
1_happy_hippie Youtube Rabiyah Powell
you hope to work with in the future?
and/or Facebook Violet LoveSoundcloud
I cant wait to work with Monica, Lauryn Hill, India and Itunes coming very soon.
Arie and Eryka Badu. I love their music!

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Color barriers are broken every day. And when we

get to hear about them we are equally elated knowing we got the chance to witness history in our lifetimes and because we too strive to break barriers.
Whether we are white or black, male or female,
young or old, goals are intended to be met and expectations exceeded. For 32-year-old Misty
Copeland, greatness is an accustomed sentiment
that shes recently become even more acquainted
with. On June 30, 2015, Misty Copeland became
the first African American female to be promoted
to principal dancer in the 75-year history of the
American Ballet Theater, one of the three leading
dance companies in the United States. Surprisingly, Mistys journey started fairly later in life than
most. She began dancing as a teenager, but always
had a fond taste for flips and dance moves. Though
starting her journey at the advanced age of 13, by
age 15, she was already an award winning dancer,
receiving professional offers from all over the
world. Although she experienced much turbulence
throughout her adolescent years involving her
mother and her dance instructors who had become
her legal guardians, she remained headstrong and
never lost focus of her passion for dancing. Misty is
notably an inspiration to young women everywhere
and recognizably was named one of Time magazines 100 most influential people in the world, and

rightfully so. She has taught the world that you

dont always have to fit in to the stereotypes and
greatness doesnt always come in the form of the
celebrities we see on TV, but within ourselves and
from what we genuinely love to do.

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You dont have to be rich or uppity to have Rich Girl Mentality, says 23 year old business owner, fashion designer, stylist Shyderia Henderson. When I finally caught up with this young lady, I was amazed at
the beautiful spirit I met. Her essence encompasses eloquence, beauty and the grind. Shyderia is the
founder of clothing lines Kingen and RGM: Rich Girl Mentality. When describing her lines I find
myself at the intersection of vintage and versatile. Both King En and RGM appeal to wearer of urban,
funky, fresh gear. With vibrant colors and block print, edgy designs, King En and RGM are the juxtaposition of the old school and the new. Her pieces pay homage to the 90s while bringing in a versatile--fun
and fashionable look to the new school. Who says urban wear cant be chic and debonair? They obviously
have never perused the designs of King En and RGM.
With a hands-on approach, Shyderia branded her lines and herself from the ground up. She put careful
thought into the names of her lines, and then she put to use her graphic design talents by designing
every single motif you see from KingEn and RGM. She then hand selected her models and styled them
herself making sure to highlight the versatility of both brands.
Her work is impeccable and she dedicates her time and energy to making sure that her brandin its
entiretycomes out exactly how she wants it to. She is relentless in her perfection and settles for
nothing. She understands the importance of investing in the brand in order to make a profit, and her
profit is not just monetary, Shyderia loves her work. Her passion and energy can literally be felt as she
talks about her lines.
This beautiful woman goes out there and gets it without letting anything stop her. Props to Shyderia,
KingEn and RGM. Shes making her mark on the world one design at a time. If youre interested in
purchasing KingEn or RGM check out her looks at on Instagram @rgmkingen09.


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Page 20

off my personal experiences and struggles in

What/who influenced its development?

Lucinda Cross was the speaker that night at

Divas Night Out and she shared her story I
went around asking everyone how does it
sound and they were amazing.
When you created your organization, what
goal did you have in mind?
When I created this organization, I saw myself speaking on platforms to teen mothers around the world but first in my community. I also saw myself being a positive
image for women who have made or are
making bad decisions and how to turn that
negative into a positive.
Tell me a little about your organization and Who are some of the key players in your
how you came up with the name for it?
The name of the organization is Dazzling Divas
Empowering Women Towards Success and it was
established August 2013. It is built off the vision
God gave me to MOVE. MOVE means to Motivate
women to Overcome obstacles Vision success and
Embrace change. After going through a horrible
breakup in my fairytale relationship I had with a
married man, I decided that enough was enough
and I had to make some changes if I desired true
happiness. This was when I began to have a more
intimate relationship with God. After going to an
event in Beaufort, SC called Divas Night Out and
listening to the keynote speaker, I heard the holy
spirit begin to speak to me saying, this is what you
are suppose to be doing. You are supposed to tell
your story so that other women can learn from
your mistakes. The following week I was at my
desk and was trying to figure out the name I asked
God to help me because I cant do it on my
own. He said you already have the name which
was a name that I came up with when I was growing my business in Mary Kay. Little did I know
that it really was for such a time as this in my life.
Then I thought now what are your going to do to
help these women? I said to motivate and empower women. This is how I came up with the
name. Everything that I teach and share are based

Right now I am a one man show but my friend and

family are very supportive and generous with help
whenever I need it.
What's a typical day like for you being the
founder of this organization?
A typical day for me is never typical! I still work a
full time job and I also have a business that I maintain as well. At least twice a week I am mentoring
the Lady Bulldogs basketball team. I also have to
do homework for my mentor/coaches because I
have to continue learning more so that I can continue to grow. I also continue to write a little
more for my personal book called The Journey of
Lashonda McGee Alexis. I am also in charge of the
Single and Single again ministry at my church and
homework for school because I am working on finishing up my BA in marketing.
How do you intend to impact the world/
community by this?
I intend to impact the world by sharing my
truth. Some people cannot be honest about where
they came from or what they've been through. I
will share my story with everyone I come in contact
with because I never know who is out there waiting
on a breakthrough.
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What has been some of your biggest hardships in putting this all together?

part of this awesome organization you contact me

with the info listed below.

The biggest challenge I faced was facing myself. Knowing and believing in myself enough to
know that I have a purpose and my destiny is important not only to me but to anyone I come in contact with.

LaShonda McGee Alexis


Do you have any success stories youd like to

The very 1st event I did was a Vision Board party. At this event I had all ages of women who attended and one man. At the end these women were
proud, confident and believed that everything on
their vision boards would come alive in their
lives. These womens lives were changed and they
realized what was most important to them. I also
did a New Year New Attitude New Youth explosion
at my church and I spoke to the girls. They also did
vision boards and we worked long and hard on being confident in yourself and your abilities. Now
they all will come to me and tell me how good
they're doing in school and how they made better
decisions when they could have done the wrong
thing. The biggest for me yet was at the Singles
Winning on Purpose event. This was an event that I
planned and wrote out my speech for two weeks. I
went to the salon with my tablet and left it at the
salon with no time to go back and retrieve it. So I
got up and I allowed the spirit to guide my tongue
to speak to the crowd. After the event a 19-year-old
girl came to me and said Thank you! Thank you so
much for sharing your story because your story is
my life right now and everything you've done I am
doing or in the process of getting done. I feel like I
can move forward now. For me this is what its all
about. Helping women find their purpose and destiny pushes me further into the destiny that God
has for me. I will be speaking at the power networking conference as an online digital facilitator in
May of 2016. I believe as I continue to help other
women, God will open more doors of opportunity
for me as well.
If anyone wants to be a part of
this organization or help out, who do they
If anyone is interested in helping out or being a

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Have you ever craved BBQ, but you do not have a smoker or a grill? Or is it one of those rainy summer
days so you had to put off grilling outside? Well I have the solution: Easy Pulled Pork BBQ in the oven
This recipe calls for a total of 5 hours cook time and 30 minutes prep time. I started this during lunch
time and had it ready for dinner. I did a rub of basic seasonings that I had in my pantry. Most homes
would have these, therefore you probably wont have to go to the grocery store and spend crazy amounts
of money on seasonings.
2-4lbs por k shoulder or por k butt.
Simple and easy homemade Rub
6 ingredient homemade BBQ sauce
3 cups of pineapple juice (or any acidic juice you like, such as orange juice)
Cup: B r ow n Sugar
1 tbsp: Gr ound B lack Pepper
1 tbsp: Salt
2 tbsp: Season Salt
1 tbsp: Minced Gar lic
1 tsp: cayenne pow der or cr ushed r ed pepper (how ever you pr efer your heat)
1 tbsp: Olive oil
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Combine all of the ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth.
Score the top (fat side) of your pork. Pour the rub directly on top of your slab of meat. Rub around the
whole thing making sure that you push the rub into the scores you created as well as any nook and cranny you find. This will help the flavor disperse throughout the meat. After that, you place your meat into
your roasting dish and cover it with the 3 cups of pineapple juice. I took the insert of my crock pot to
cook in. You can use anything that is able to be covered such as: a Dutch oven, a deep roasting pan, or a
stainless steel pot. Cover with lid or aluminum foil and place in the oven for 5 hours. While your pork is
roasting we can make the BBQ Sauce!
BBQ Sauce
cup: Apple Cider Vinegar
cup: B r ow n Sugar
cup: K etchup
2 tsp: Cr ushed Red Pepper ( or m or e if you like the heat)
1 tsp: Salt
1 tsp: Gr ound Black Pepper
Use a small sauce pot and whisk together the brown sugar and ketchup. Turn to medium heat and add
the Apple Cider vinegar. Whisk together and add all of your seasonings. Let it come to a simmer then
remove from heat. For the best taste, refrigerate for an hour or so.
Once dinner time rolls around, remove the pork from the oven and it should be falling off the bone tender. Top it off with your barbeque sauce and BAM, it will be the best oven roasted barbeque you have
ever had! I like to add macaroni and baked beans with my pulled pork, but any barbeque style sides
would complement this dish well.
There is more to come from Caitlins Culinary Corner. Be on the lookout in the next issue of Abigail
Magazine. If you have any recipe ideas or any questions please feel free to email me at

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