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It1012 Grid Computing

It1012 Grid Computing

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Published by: jgkgopi on Apr 25, 2010
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DEGREE EXAMINATION,MAY/JUNE 2009 EIGHTH SEMESTER COMPUTER SCINECE AND ENGINEERING IT1012-GRID COMPUTING (common to information technology) Part A-(10*2=20 marks) 1What is a computational grid? 2.Distinguish b/w distributed computing and grid computing. 3.What is CCF and what is its primary objective? 4.what is meant by a virtual organization? 5.why is web service considered as SOA? 6.What is WSDL and how is it useful for grid services? 7.List the major goals of OGSA. 8.Expand GWSDL and what is its purpose. 9.Briefly describe the GT3 core component of the GT3 architecture. 10.Write briefly about the GT3-provided index service. PART B-(5*16=80 marks) 11.(a)(i) Distinguish b/w computational grid and data grids. (8) (ii)What are the services/facilities,expected of a virtual organization? (8) OR (b)Explain any one virtual organization of your choice.

12.(a) How are grid computing organizations classified?Write about each category. OR

(b)Explain the layered grid architecture and its relationship to the internet protocol architecture. 13.(a)Explain how XML message are used for exchange of information b/w grid services,using GXA. OR (b)Explain how grid services are defined around web service architectures and how grid services,are standardized. 14.(a)Give any use case for OGSA.Explain its actor,scenarios and fuctional requiredments. OR (b)Give a high level introduction to OGSI,with a neat diagram depicting a typical web service and grid service layers. 15.(a)(i)Describe the grid service container of Globus tool kit. (ii)How is secure conversation performed using GSI? OR (b)(i)What is factory callback Mechanism?Give a sample implemation. (ii)What is service activation and how is it done using Globus?

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