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\\ UNITED SSATES DISTRIC! COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA UNTIED STAYES OF AMERICA, Plaintiff ve DATRY FARMERS OF AMERICA, etal, Defendants. lahnsff United States tiled a Morin for a Tomporary Resusiniy Order and A Preliminary tnjumction requesting that the defrndante be ordered by the Cou! not to consummute their proposes cquisiton pending tril of this case. Plaintiff and both defeadants hereby stipolace that all documents filed ia this case that are marked CONFIVENTIAL, including the Memorandum im Support of United States’ Motion for 0 Tempurery Restraining Order aid « PreFminary [junction aud all exhibits theretu, will be fod under sea) vedi] farther order. Vlaintiff and both defondams further stipulate that disclosure of thess documents shud be lizaited to members and employees of counsel of record for parties 10 the above-captioned case, aad to sry experts ctained spcoifically in connection with this case anu the attorneys with access to these MoCUREMS we prohibited from showing them to officers, directors. members. or employees of any defendant in this case, oF t0 amy uber pérkon not specifically euthnvized to receive them by this Coun. Pinintiff and butls defendants farther agree that ¢hosc documents will sexnain under an interim protective order unly until third parties have had an opportunity 10 be heard on the disclosure. of thew confidential iuformadon and the Court entrrs a I'rotective Order 10 govera the course of proccedings sm this case. Plaintiff and both defendants will confor promptiy to otiarapt to .2ipmlate to such 3 Provective. Order, Respectfully gubmined, —wubl) HR) Michael 3. Kuight US. Department of Justice Amisust Division 40) H Street, NW. Room 400) ‘Washington, D.C. 20530 “Telephone: (202) 514-9109 Facsimile; (202) 307-5802 6 5 Thief any ot _Atpre | 2000 hehe WD Todd Miller, Lsg. Bakor & Miller. PLIC ‘Sule 1000 915 1S" Sweet. N.W. ‘Washington, D.C. 20005-2302 Cmansel for Dairy Farmers of Americ, Tc. Carmody & Torrance LLP 388 Floor 195 Church Street New Haven, CT 06509-1950 Counsel for Societe de Diffisioo Intemationale Agro-Alimentaite snd SODIAAL North America Corporation 80 ORWERED: ee. Tinited States Dintriet fudge