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Ian Young

Information Literacy Assignment

Ian Young
CSIT 101-22469
Professor Bogage
19 February 2016
Information Literacy Assignment Due: 2/24/2016

1.Library Database Articles

a) Keywords Used: Copyright Protection and Online Music
b)Database Used: CCBC Library Database
Works Cited (MLA)
c) Aguiar, Luis, and Bertin Martens. "Digital Music Consumption On The Internet:
Evidence From Clickstream Data."Information Economics And
Policy (2016): ScienceDirect. Web. 19 Feb. 2016.
d) Appleyard, Mathew. "Corporate Responses To Online Music Piracy: Strategic Lessons
For The Challenge Of Additive Manufacturing." Business Horizons 58.(2015): 6976. ScienceDirect. Web. 19 Feb. 2016.

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Ian Young
Information Literacy Assignment
e) Screenshot of Search results:

2. Internet Search Article #1


The article cited below is a small paragraph and short video describing the history and
necessity of the concept copyright law. The author Alan Cross states that copyright law
exists so that the creator of the content in question may have a period of time during their
lifetime in which solely they may redistribute their content, in order for them to make a
profit off of their work.
Works Cited (MLA)


Cross, Alan. "A History of Copyright Law. Watch This If You've Ever Illegally
Downloaded Anything - A Journal of Musical Things." A Journal of Musical
Things. N.p., 06 Feb. 2016. Web. 19 Feb. 2016.

3. Internet Article #2
a) Keywords: Music, Fair Use
b) O'Neil, Megan. "The Complete Guide To Fair Use & YouTube."SocialTimes. Social
Times, 16 May 2011. Web. 24 Feb. 2016.
c) Engines Used: Google and Yahoo

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Ian Young
Information Literacy Assignment
Number of Results
Time to find results
Not given
Google was the better search engine; it gave more results in, what we can assume was, a
faster time. (yahoo did not yield how fast it found the results)
4. TRAAPing sources
a) Time- the article was written on the sixth of February 2016, and has since not been
b) Relevance- The source directly relates to the topic and directly answers the question
How does copyright law affect music?
c) Authority The Authors name is Alan Cross, he may be qualified to write about the
topic listed, as there are several websites that confirm he has a strong background in the writing
and production of music, however there are no reliable sources to confirm his authority found
within initial searches.
d) Accurate The information appears to be trustworthy as the author cites several
sources on international copyright law, however once again the article is from his own personal
blog and to current knowledge has not been tested for accuracy.
e) Purpose- the purpose of the article is to inform the public of how copyright and
intellectual property laws affect the music industry and those looking to produce or use music
within their own creative content. The article does not have any bias towards one particular side
of its argument.

5. Comparing Searches

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Ian Young
Information Literacy Assignment
a) Both the CCBC library database and Google searches yielded many results on the topic
that I searched for.
b) Both search engines (CCBC and Google) yielded their results in a quick and timely
manner, thus shortening the time taken to search for articles significantly.
c) Only CCBC was able to provide reliably cited sources and journals pertaining to the
search query. It is far too difficult to sift through all of the results Google provided as it searched
the entirety of the internet, whereas CCBC only searched through certified and accredited

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