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1 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 2 FOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONA 3 4| usrrep states oF anerrca, } : 5 : plointies, } ) iat ) Civil Action No. PABYS 7 | PruxrncToN pic ) and ? @ | PruKincron Houprncs inc., } Ssfor 9 Defendants. ) Hel Eels eee eters rere oSeeraarera 10 "4 STIPULATION a It is stipulated by and between the undersigned 19) parties, by their respective attorneys, thet: “ 1. The Court has jurisdiction over the subject matter 18 | oe this action and over each of the parties hereto, and 16 | enue of this action is proper in the District of Arizona; u 2. The parties consent that a Final Judgment in the 18 | corm nereto attached may be filed and entered by the Court, 19] pon the motion of any perty or upon the Court*s own motion, 20 | ae any time after compliance with the requirements of the 21 | antitrust Procedures and Penalties Act (15 U.S.C. 16), and 22 | Jitnout further notice to any party or other proceedings, 23 | provided that Plaintiff has not withdrawn its consent, which 24 | it may do at any,time before the entry of the proposed Final 75 | sudoment by serving notice thereof on Defendants and by 78 | citing that notice with the Court; and a “ 3 Defendants agree to be bound by the provisions of the proposed Final Judgment pending its approval by the Court. If the Plaintiff withdraws its consent or if the proposed Final Judgment is not entered pursuant to this Stipulation, this Stipulation shall be of no effect whatsoever, and the making of this Stipulation shall be without prejudice to any party in this or in any other proceeding. © ort aneneen a DATED This __th day of May, 1994. For Plaintiff, The United States of Am, jobert E. Litan Deputy Assistant Attorney General Ly au YS Thomas H. Lid 5 BS, Mol; jusschere Assistant Cl Professions “6 Intellectual Property section 7 M. Lee Doane Special Counsel to the #ésistant Attorneys Attorney General, Antitrust Division U. S. Dep*t of Justice Antitrust Division Room 9903, J.C.B. 555 4th Street, N.W. Washington D.C. 20001 202/307-0467 CON OM DOW FOR THE DEFENDANTS: hte, 54a lull Roger E. Leverton, Jphn H. Shenefield, Chief Executive, chunsel for Defendants Pilkington ple ‘ilkington plc and Pilkington Holdings Inc. Peter H. Grunwell, Director, Pilkington Holdings Inc. (87948)