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CRIMINAL DIVISION THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, County of Union 1, __SERGEANT CAROLYN DYKES do solemnly swear. that__JAMES McALPHIN, in said County of UNION did, on the __LOTH day of __JULY 12h commit the offense of MURDER as the following facts tend to establish: On Wednesday, July 10, 1991, at approximately 2110 hours (9:10PM), SHIRLEY SMITH, manager of the WHITEHALL MOTEL, located at 840 West Hillsboro Street, telephoned the police department, reported shots had been fired in room 121 and requested police come to the motel. Officer KENNY HICKMAN, first ‘icer to arrive at the scene, found several subjects gathered —in_the parking lot around room 121. Upon asking where the subject was who was in possession of the gun, Officer HICKMAN was told that the subject, JAMES McALPHIN, had left the area, —driving_a light colored large vehicle. Officer HICKMAN then _ Went to room 121 where he found a white female, identified as laying in the floor, just inside the door, suffering —from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head (temple). ~Ashort time later, an ambulance arrived and ambulance personnel, K with no vital signs. During further investigation ~of the shooting, several witnesses were identified and interviewed. —ROY_CHARLES MENON of room 123, told police that he was sitting on the steps outside his room when he noticed JAMES (McALPHIN) drive up to WICK'S room (121). MENON said that he later went_ to the room (121) to ask JAMES McALPHIN for some cassette tapes —that he (McALPHIN) had borrowed; that upon his knocking, McALPHIN —opened the door at which time, CHERYL WICK told him (MENON)-"You need _to talk to him", suggesting to MENON that she and McALPHIN —were_having some type problem. MENON went on to say that when CHERYL WICK stepped out of the room and into the parking lot, (%) and pray a warrant from the Judge of the Municipal Court of BI Dorado, Arkansas, to apprehend and bring said Person(s), before said Court to be dealt with according to law. ‘Sworn to and subscribed before me, this PD 25 OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Arkansas McALPHIN rushed past him (MENON), hit CHERYL WICK and stated "Get back in the room, bitch". MENON said that when WICK resisted McALPHIN, he struck her, ‘knocking her to the ground, subsequently dragged WICK back into the room and apparently shot WICK, as he (MENON) heard a gunshot immediately after McALPHIN dragged WICK inside. MENON further said that McALPHIN then came out of the room and hurriedly left in his (McALPHIN'S) car. MENON'S statement was corroberated by another witness, MICHAEL T. MERCIER of room 135, in that MERCIER stated that he was watching from his room (directly across the parking lot from 121) when he saw McALPHIN, WICK, and MENON standing in the parking lot engaged in conversation. MERCIER stated that McALPHIN and WICK were arguing and it appeared that WICK was attempting to get away from McALPHIN. MERCIER further said that McALPHIN "cold-cocked" WICK, knocking her to the ground and dragged WICK back inside the motel room where he (MERCIER) then heard a "pop". MERCIER said that McALPHIN then came out of the room and left in a vehicle. ANDREA COOKSEY of 1323 West 1ST, #59, told police that she was on her way to visit CHERYL WICK when she saw JAMES McALPHIN driving out of the WHITEHALL MOTEL parking lot, at a high rate of speed. COOKSEY, who said she was familiar with McALPHIN'S history of abusing WICK, noticed that WICK was not in the car with McALPHIN and became even more concerned when she saw people gathering in the parking lot and asking that the police and ambulance be called. COOKSEY subsequently went to WICK'S room and found her laying in the floor. ‘*Records on file with the El Dorado Police Department reflect that CHERYL WICK was battered on a number of occasions by JAMES McALPHIN. In fact, due to the number of battery incidents and severity of WICK'S injuries in some of those incidents, the Investigative Divisiony, on 5/6/91, hegan an intelligence file on CHERYL WICK/ JAMES Henan FINDING OF PROBABLE CAUSE FOR DETENTION The undersigned Judicial Officer having conducted an informal, non-adversary hearing pursuant to Rule 8.3 (c) and Rule 2.1 of the Arkansas Rules of Criminal Procedure, finds that probable cause exists for the detention of JAMES McALPHIN pending further proceedings on the allegations by the State of Arkansas that such person or MURDER - 1ST’ DEGREE; FELON POSSESSION persons committed the eriminal offense of a Bail Bond is fixed in the amount ot £° (OO, LY Jullicial Officer vie ZU PL AMENDED INFORMATION IN THE UNION COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT THE STATE OF ARKANSAS INFORMATION FOR vs. s MURDER 1ST DEGREE JAMES MCALPHIN DOB - 6-28-64 DOA - 7-11-91 I, Tom Wynne, Prosecuting Attorney within and for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit of the State of Arkansas, of which Union County is a part, in the name and by the authority of the State of Arkansas, on oath, accuse the defendant, JAMES MCALPHIN of the crime of MURDER 1ST DEGREE committed as follows, to wit: The said defendant on the 10TH DAY OF JULY, 1991 in Union County, Arkansas, did unlawfully, feloniously, Commit the offense of Murder 1st Degree by purposely causing the death of Jane Doe, a/k/a Cheryl Wick. 5-10-102 Class Y Felony Pursuant to AR code Ann. 5-4-501 the State of Arkansas invokes extended imprisonment for this Defendant. The Defendant has been convicted of three prior felonies. against the peace and dignity of the State of Arkansas. ‘TOM WYNNE, | Prosecuting Attorney ) ive El Dorado, AR 71730 Subscribed and sworn to before me this _|\y day of Woo, 1991. ion < Circuit Clerk Admit to bond in the sum of $. No. CR-91-3%, cuit Clerk D.C AS yas ‘NVEHOOD TAESHO. oa eset TMI CERCUTY COURT OF UNTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS FIRST DIVISTON uw OF aRKaNsas 4-331 8, CR-_ 41-282 Famesh. MMe ohin. CHARGI Battteeys Zack ad Miiecdee lst Degert NOW COMES the state of Arkansas and the defendant, Touts MAb plu, by | Tastes Sourolleun , and this their mutual agreement For entry of a plea of guilty in the above styled cause, state: oF his attorney, For ‘That the defendant is charged by the sta of Arkansas with Khe oFfonseror Batters ud aad Mudie Ist Degree. Defendant: has been convicted of _Z2 prior felonies. 3p what in Uhis it appear Uhat Ee would serve the interest of [he public in the effective administration of justice that the rosecuting Attorney, defendant, and counsel Sndaue in for Lhe defendant Blea discussions for the purpose of reaching a plea greement a, That. as result of sald plea discussions between the said ersons, an agreement: has been made and is as follows: ‘he defendant wilt enter @ plea of guilty to the charge of rp ond + the Prosecuting Attorney will recommend a sentence of: ‘Ss uy = taal § betas SIS dourt dah. The State ; y a rosdcubing Attorney Dated: _3-/0-42 daly On JUL GMENT AND COMMITMENT OhWER y7 INTHE CIRCUIT COURT OF ____uNTON____ COUNTY, ARKANSAS. THIRTEENTH pisrricr ___FIRST__pivision mi —HMarch 10, 1992 __ the defendant personally appeared before the Court with legal counsel and, having boon informed by the Court of the nature of the charge(s), of his constitutional and legal rights, of the effect of a guilty plea upon those rights and of his ight to make a statement before sentencing, the Court made te folowing findings: (check one appleeble) } BH Defendant voluntarily, intelligently, and knowingly entered a pleaot &quilty or CNolo Contendere to the charge(s)herein enumerated and acknowledged factual bases for charge(s), Defendant is found quit of said charge(s) by the Court, sitting as tier of fact; 11 Defendant was faunel guilty at jury tia (CHANGE OF VENUE FROM | DEFENDANTS FULL NAME DATE OF BIRTH] RACE] SEX] SID NUMBER) |_| JAMES ROY Mc! Bt M| DEFENDANTS ATTORNEY TRPV ‘AT NUMBER appa James Smedley __ en PatJe Compton, pea __|_oo7243_ ‘Hereling noel auze sown bythe land ss stad wae Soa te pronounced against him, ajudament | of convition is hereby entered against the defendant on each charge enumerated and Court costs assessed The Couay Steric hereby ordeted and directed to transport the delendant to J The Arkansas Department ol Correction or E] County Jal where het sentenced to hard Ibor for tho term spec on each charger STATOTENO) - ~ [ OFFENSE: | COUNTS [SENTENCE] SUSPENDED | | B=10=103._| MURDER 2ND DEGREE _ c 7-10-91. |__4. (5 _yrs | — [ it | Inseenseeioecemne® ‘The Court suspends the imposition of any additional tine in the | for five js TIME TO SERVE AT A.D.C. -RIETEEN(15) YEARS OTHER SENTENCING PROVISIDNS PAROLE PROVISIONS — ACT 378 ONLY 3B HABITUAL (6.4501) Alternative Services (Act 378) (1653-502). The defendant (FIREARM (5:4505/16:9120) ‘knowingly and uilingly consents to sentence provisions: G DEADLY WEAPON (16-90-121) 1 165:-507(b\4) — Eligible for parole immediately 7 HABITUAL CHILD SEX OFFENDER (12-12:902) 1 16.98:507(6(5) — Eligible for parole as normal | Gomer: — [EXPLANATORY NOTES: Amended to Murder 2nd in open Court. | OTR FINE —— 1 DEATHPENALTY RESTITUTION $ |____ COURT COSTS$ Waived EXECUTION DATE: __ [1 DEFENDANT INFORMED OF RIGHT TO APPEAL BOND PROVISIONS: VAIL TIME CREDIT: 241 days OR ¢} NONE ATE ks IRCURT JUDGE (Print or Type) TA 3 JOHN. M._GRAVES _ DATE Tertiy thi is a true and corset record of ils Court wth Som] 1g. / 7-49 Fevort of circumstances attached DATE Tacknouledge cane o jen | IE | SHERIFF'S RETURN [DATEREL ON [DATE RET] Teer the defendant named | DATE - SHERIFF DEPUTY Sinanay JAPPEAL.BOND | To CUSTODY] within was delivered to 4 ) | C1 The ADC. or VY / e212 coups {9 Lille (Lrrgerser DISTRIBUTION: “White: Court File, Blue: ADC, - Yellow: Sheri's Return, Pink: Defendant, 2 Gnwer kien Rod: Prosecutor ps AND #15 2/28/89) 4955 / -13-We Lreo, \| 4 Ieboderll fag dy en, Sf Mee lipy a nen! Ctl) our Bu Emoils yu Gt pret. GA fewit fe Ment a Ayer He ead be Me oe 0 CO Plire- \\ GN hecwge Mee pefaclen tte Coll. Ye. TZ he toe 1 Gr” ouch vito Sarsere Wee || fene loeregp beh Spee Lith pen {Gr the. |S toms om yews) She Goes foe feltesss 7 \\ parole %.. Mloa, Z Soret Gor. \ Sine. Goo Bleed 2. ZW Glee fee Soon | Aning. Freak Gy ll fuse Prete, bin tt.. fe ie wectier fyove Ve, hor Ths vbeniith \ 4G picots ao (ve Dd. 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