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Be Office of Mental Health pays State of New York 44 Holand Avenue Andrew Cuome ‘Albany, New York 12229 Governor ‘ww. omh ny. gov \, : CERTIFIED MAIL RECEIV RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED ‘D FES £0 2ct6 ALT February 5, 2016 Frank Kruppa Commissioner Tompkins County Mental Health Services 201 East Green Street Ithaca, NY 14850-5421 Re: Tompkins County Mental Health Clinic (6892100) Dear Mr. Kruppa: The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) has established a process by which programs and agencies determined to be at serious risk receive appropriate monitoring by OMH. The purpose of this letter is to notify you that the Tompkins County Mental Health Clinic is receiving such focused provider monitoring ‘Tompkins County Mental Health Clinic (‘the clinic”) recently participated in the licensing process in which OMH conducted a recertification visit on September 29-30, 2015. During this review, OMH determined that the clinic does not currently meet the minimum standards for recertification, due to the following issues: 4. The clinic did not report muttiple serious incidents to OMH, including two deaths. 2. The clinic continued to have clinicians regularly assigned to at least eleven schools in four school districts, with caseloads averaging 25-30 students at each school. Despite OMH requests following recertification visits in 2006, 2007, 2010, and 2014, the clinic has not submitted EZ PAR applications to establish a satelite at each specific school site, as required. 3, The recertification visit revealed continued quality concerns in multiple areas, resulting in nine repeat findings. While the clinic is undergoing focused provider monitoring, staff from the OMH Western New York Field Office (WNYFO) and Central Office will provide technical assistance so that Tompkins County Mental Health Services may address the concerns identified in a manner that will be in the best interests of the individuals you serve, Focused provider monitoring will continue until the clinic can demonstrate the ability to sustain compliance. Due to the nature of OMH’s concorns, the operating certificate will not be reissued at the present time. Further, while the clinic is undergoing focused provider monitoring, OMH will not consider any requests for expansion of services for Tompkins County Mental Health Services. 7A EGO8_OBPORTUETATENATE ATOM EPL ww ‘ona ‘A Monitoring Outcome Report (MOR) highlighting the findings of the recertification visit is attached. The Monitoring Outcome Report (MOR) appended to this letter highlights aspects of the program's operation that include “Exemplary,” "Needs Improvement,” Comments, and Recommendations. The report should be reviewed and a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) must be submitted for each “Needs Improvement” and Comment. The pian should include target dates for implementation. The PIP must be submitted within fifteen (15) days of receipt of this letter. The original should be sent to the Western New York Field Office at 737 Delaware Avenue, Suite 200, Buffalo, NY 14209 with a copy to the Bureau of Inspection and Certification, 44 Holland Avenue, Albany, NY 12229, Upon approval of the Performance Improvement Plan, a follow-up review will be conducted within six (6) weeks to verify implementation of the plan. Failure to respond within the time frame or with a non-satisfactory plan may result in further sanctions. The OMH WNYFO will be contacting you imminently to schedule a meeting to discuss OMH's concerns. Carol Sabatino is available to answer your questions and is reachable at (716) 533-4075. Sincerely, At Keith J. MeCarthy Director Bureau of Inspection and Certification KJM:LEM Enclosures cc: Lawrence Austin Susan Knapil/File ec: Christina Doherty-Smith Carol Sabatino Cathy Grover Jean Hockstaft Martha Schaefer Christopher Tavella April Wojtkiewicz Donna Bradbury Joyce Billetts Jack Smitka Laura Mandel “sosoprono aup Jo AiWoAas puv seoteisumorto otf Uo spreap juEHOdurt xaxpmy payoey iq ‘Sosopz2A0 O43 Jo AIOISTY pawworpur yomp quaussasse LuEY- sas eaysuaysudiuOD & POUTEIUOD ¢1/1Z/p Wo peHTENpE jUar|O v Jo prodar aU], “¢ -porayduzoo sem quatssasse ULEY-J[9s [euONIPpE ou pur ,partap,, payeorpur dquo uoer0s UEY Flas oy Ing (eae FULAOUL SroquIOUT SINR] aanioddns Kuo eMp JO ‘sso Surpuaduat pue z24ss & Jo yeop u290) sesso] a|dinfnuE porou ¢T/T/2 Wo pantupe Way e Jo WoLUSSOSse aT, °Z uouissasse ULB J[es aAtsuayadutod azour e apnjoul JOU PrP JOLARYOG snopmuy-J[98 pure asopraso Jo Aroysry v poyworpur ywoussassv aajsuayoITUOD aSOYM €T/L1/6 UO PARTUPE WAT VT ‘smoT[oy se ‘opendordde axoym juoussosse Joy}Ty 0} peal 1OU PIP SYO19" SH JUBOYTUs ‘Pomayar sprooar ado moy jo sanp uy "uIER. 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