OCR: H540: A2 Media Studies G325: Section A: Theoretical Evaluation of Production: Question 1b) 30 minutes to answer the question, 25 marks

. Essay Plan 2 Using the PDQ format If you are struggling with linking the theory to your work whilst also making sure you get as many examples from your own production work (throughout the whole production process) into your answer, then please use this. INTRODUCTION
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Define the concept (genre, narrative, representation, audience, media language) Detail how you are going to structure the essay (by discussing the production process and one aspect of your production). Be specific in what one production you are going to be evaluating name of product and sub-genre, purpose and target audience.


Make a POINT- this can be about anything you found/researched about the concept in terms of what you produced (e.g if the concept is narrative it could be conventional narrative, according to Todorov (1977) have an equilibrium, disruption, new equilibrium. This was evidenced when I researched XYZ at the stage of pre-production).Make around 5 points in the main body, or utilise 5 bits of theory. Then back this up with DATA- you must be very explicit about what you did to copy this at the stage of production/post production to back this up or challenge. (e.g our narrative structure followed Todorov s theory because the story was XYZ. To achieve this we ensured at the stage of post-production that we offered many shot reverse shot sequences at the beginning between X and Y to establish their relationship and create the equilibrium between them OR we encoded many cross cut techniques between X and Y to establish growing disruption between the protagonist and antagonist). This is the main bit and is very, very important! Then refer back to the QUESTION e.g. this therefore demonstrates how we followed conventions/challenged conventions (or whatever the question or indeed statement if they decide to put one back in ask you for).




Make a brief conclusion that answers the question from your own experience with your media text but I would actually make any comment here about your own LEARNING about the theoretical concept (genre, narrative, representation, audience, media language and what it allowed you to explore).

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