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AT THE CROSS Also Text by ISAAC WATTS Tes ‘Music by RALPH €, HUDSON F cl oF Bb eB Ge eR and did my Say - jor bleed and = did_~—smy_—Sov - ‘reign for crimes that 1 hhayedone He groaned up - on the de-vote that sa = cred head ing pit - yy grace un-known, Copyright © 196 by HAL LEONARD CORPORATION. Inematonal Copyright Seced All Rights Reserved Bb Gn F F & 2 2H BW B xc e At the cross, atthe cross, where I cr the light, the bur - den of — myheart —_ rolled. F Bb F ® & & It was there i 1 re-ceived my sight and Bb a 'y BOF Bb ES By a G & now 1 am hap-py all the day. Was day. :