International Human Resource Management

Performance Management

Conceptual background PM cycle Performance appraisal types and errors Performance management for expats. Performance appraisal in the international context Issues and challenges Country specific performance management practices

Conce p t ua l Back g r o u n d

Objectives of Performance Management
Align corporate goal with individual performance objectives Ensure individual s readiness to achieve objectives Evaluate and reward performance

Lack of formal structure Lack of infrastructure Inconsistent reward system

Components of Performance Management Planning Monitoring Developing Rating Rewarding

Perfo r m an c e Mana g e m e n t Cycle
Performance Planning
Selection of K s eci ing targets an action lans ssigning eig tage to res onsi ilities

Mi year revie
Self eval ation raiser s fee ack

Final revie an fee Normalization


Calc lation of overall score

Perfo r m an c e Appr a i s a l

Types of Appraisal
Essay Graphic rating scale Field review Forced choice Critical incident MBO Ranking methods Assessment centers 360-degree feedback

Common Errors
Halo/ evils orns Central ten ency ias eniency/ strictness Favora le im ression ecency

Performance Management of Expats
Important variables governing performance
Compensation Task responsibility CEO tructural reproducer Troubleshooter Operative eadquarters support ost environment Cultural adjustment

Issue s and Chal l e n g e s

Overall corporate Vs. ubsidiary approach Non-comparable data eparation by time and distance eadquarters' support

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