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Construction progress meetings

are an opportunity to:

-Receive progress reports from the contractor (the
contractor may hold a progress meeting, sometimes
called a production meeting, with sub-contractors prior
to the construction progress meeting).
-Receive progress reports from the consultant team.
-Receive cost reports from the cost consultant.
-Receive records of sub-contractors and labour on site.
-Receive progress photos (which may be required from
the contractor if included in the preliminaries, or may
sometimes be commissioned separately by the client).

Organization chart
- Is a diagram that shows the
structure of an organization and
the relationships and relative

List of parties involved

- List of company that involved in the
-contains employer or client,
architect, C and S engineer, M and E
engineer, quantity surveyor and


PROBLEM 1: Incorrect custom

SOLUTION. contractor have a choice
whither accept what was delivered
by mistake, avoiding delays in
construction project or reorder to
receive exactly what client desire,
but contractor will be forced to push
back completion date.

PROBLEM 2: Subcontractors
mistakenly working off of an old
set of blue prints
SOLUTION: The best solution is to
prevent it by ensuring that every set
of drawings is dated, and that all
subcontractors are working with the
most recent plans.

PROBLEM 3: Concrete work

SOLUTION: Poor workmanship and
improper construction methods often
lead to concrete failure. Some time
concrete supplier deliver wrong or
not achieve requirements of concrete
mix. The solution is to give training
to worker. Do the slump for each of
concrete mix delivered.

PROBLEM 4: Construction site

SOLUTION: Construction sites have
poor security. Increase lighting during
off hours and keep good records of
material and equipment. Secure the
perimeter of the construction site to
make sure that no unauthorized
personal enter the construction site
after working hour.