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The Cay Vocabulary Chapters 12-15 { Wheeed (este ws wate tag ound your ches Aspirin painkiling sFurmace- A metalencios. ‘hich can be heated o a very high temperature I ee ged 0 8 very high temperature |Clasped-\fo grab somethin sshtly with your haut Regained: To take aassener 4 Aamaiitbing Pal 7 semlitng baci Oy Labouring: To work ha py Crevice- The small crac 9: gap in the ground __ Smag- To catch or veo on sors hing sharg . Snag- Sogo hing sharp 9 Grindstone. A piece of stone or metal used for 5°" sothing avjecis Barb- harp projection veut vie end of anagk row FascnationsBeing vey terested in something Welted- A ridge or bump or surface ofthe sh Moths i} heyy AE LEm hold. 4 . Scallops-An edible anal found in shallow water 5 Se ee oarse- ough in texture) feeling (y.2 > Tempest: violent, windy sion oem Reteded- To go back, move juriier away SS Fury- Wild or violenily anery : ee Sagging: To sink under pressure Abrupt Sudden and unespevted