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Mouse trap Car

Sali Shaheen, Maya Sheeb and Sara Titi

Pioneers Baccalaureate School- Nablus, Palestine
March 12, 2016
Cars are a sophisticated thing that was the beginning of technology
in the human world. The first car that got invented was by Karl Benz,
he invented a three wheeled car gas-powered horseless carriage. It
was the very first car invented, and it was in 1886. Another name for
cars is automobiles. Cars are a an important part of our lives and it
gave the humans all their freedom and independence. Also cars are
harmful for humans, sometimes they can destroy us.

Cars are our type of movement, people only depend on electricity
now. Much type of cars is invented and still many more. Cars were
invented to make our life easier, but since it was created it affected
our environment. In this paper, we created a model car and we had
that experience that an engineer does. The paper tells how cars
affected the pollution and how to fix it. Creating a car was hard in this
age, but trying was good for future.

Mousetrap .1
Motor (2).2

Wood sticks (2).3

Balloons .4
Small lights .5
Straws .7
Wheels (6).8
Battery (5).10

.Bring toy wheels and a stick.Glue the wheels with the stick.Bring wires and batteries.Put the wires to the batteries and connect it to the wheels .Let the batteries in a on mode.The car will move-



Laws of motion
Sara Titi
Laws of motion: Newton's first law: 1a) an object at rest will remain
at rest unless an unbalanced force acts on it. 1b) an object that moves
will stay moving with the same speed and in the same direction unless
an unbalanced force acts on it. Newton's second law: 2) the heaver the
object the more force it needs. Force= mass (kg/g) acceleration

Gravity acceleration= 10m/s2 Weight= mass 10m/s2 Newton's third

law: 3) for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.
Cars in Palestine
Maya Sheeb
"Engineering students from the Palestine Polytechnic University
made the 3.7-by-1.7-meter vehicle as a graduation project." A car was
made in Hebron that works by solar power, it is by an engineer who
just graduated the university. So even teenagers can make a change,
he is just a man who finished the learning journey all the way long till
the end and have made a huge change since he finished. "The car uses
hundreds of photovoltaic solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity,
which is then stored in batteries." It's a new, modern thing that got
invented by a Palestinian and that's a honor for all the Palestinians. 2

Sara Titi
Good things for humans might be bad for the environment. One of
the most important things most of the people use is cars. The use of
cars is so huge and the more cars are being used the worse it is for our
environment. Cars cause many other problems than that they pollute
and melt the ice caps and raise the oceans. Though polluting the air is
a big problem from cars, there are no enough trees now because
people are cutting it. Polluting the air and cutting trees may destroy
our lives because we need air the most. The ozone layer helps to
protect life on earth from the suns ultraviolet rays, but human
activities have contributed to the accelerated depletion of this
protective shield. Cars have a big effect on the ozone layer and that
might destroy other generations life in the future. Vehicles contain
many different fluids, including motor oil, antifreeze, gasoline, airconditioning refrigerants, and brake, transmission, hydraulic and
windshield-wiper fluids. These fluids are toxic to humans and animals,
and can pollute waterways if they leak from a vehicle or are disposed
of incorrectly. Cars also consume a lot of energy fuel also costs a lot.
Cars may be helpful but they damage our environment and never
make it better. People can do many other things than cars that can be
helpful and better for the environment. People have to be careful about
what our uses of cars can do for us in the future and how people are
destroying other peoples life. People can solve those problems but

people never listen and never care about what will happen to other
generations because of us. 3

This paper was written by Sara Titi, Maya Sheeb and Sali Shaheen. We
would like to thank P.B.S for providing us enough space to work, the
group mates for collaborating together, Ms. Kate for allowing us to use
art supplies, and for Ms.Meha because she gave us this chance to try
to work on something at a young age.