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Mousetrap car project

Masoud Aghbar
Kareem Awwad
Pioneers Baccalaureate School-Nablus, Palestine
March 15, 2016
In this paper we will cover how to make a mousetrap .So it
will talk about the laws of motion and describe each one of them,
and we will show graphs to show the speed of the car. Also it will

talk about the social justice and the pollution and cars in

Cars are one of the most things that create pollution in
Earth. So we need to fix that. Some dudes out there made a
smart moving cars, not by fuel at all. The biggest example is the
man from Gaza that made a car moves by sunlight. Which saves
a lot of fuel, with less pollution.

Bring a mousetrap
Bring tape
Bring a square carton thing to put under the mousetrap
Put tape on the sides of the mousetrap so it is stick to the carton
Bring eyehooks

Make a hole from the carton to the mousetrap and the same
things for all sides
Then put a tick inside every two eyehooks
Bring any type of wheels
Stick it to the to the stick
Bring a rope
Tie it with a when
The car barely moved. It did not have enough force to push it to
make it move. That was our overall problem.

Social justice: Cars are very important for peoples lives. If
we do not have cars our life would be very hard because they
help us to move from a place to a place. Cars can harm us in a
different way, they are contaminating our world. That is called

pollution. We can stop pollution by two is to invent cars

that are working on sunshine like they already did in Gaza.
A car works on electricity is invented in Gaza and you can
charge it. This only can fit 2 people, and that is a very good idea
so it can decrease the amount of fuel, and it can decrease the
pollution. So if they kept doing and doing more of these cars they
would be expensive. And that is a thing that we should be proud
The three law of motion are very important. The first law of
motion is every

object that is rest will stay at rest unless an

unbalanced force acted on it . The second part of it the object will

stay at motion until a balanced motion acts on it . The second
one force= speed times acceleration The third one is every action
will have an opposite equal reaction.

I would like to thank Ms.Meha for all work she tried to help me
with. Also I would thank her for the ideas she had gave me and I really
appreciate that. This paper was made by Kareem Awwad and Masoud