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Glory Road Main Characters

Don Haskins
Herman Carr
Dr. Ray
Bobby Joe Hill
No Sweat
Harry Flournoy
Orsten Artis
Little O
David Lattin
Big Daddy D
Willie Cager
Nevil Shed
Willie Worsley
Louis Baudoin
Jerry Armstrong
Dick Myers
David Palacio
Togo Railey

Star basketball player that gets injured and becomes a coach

Haskins wife, very supportive
Amazing black high school basketball player; Haskins friend
President of Texas Western University
Squeaky; 25-year-old assistant basketball coach at TWU
Team trainer; Cajun
Black basketball player from Detroit, confident, has a conk,
dating Tina
Ladies Man; was going to play for A & I
Tall black boy who works at a steel mill and was a great
rebounder in high school; from Gary, Indiana
Good-looking black basketball player with an easy manner, who
originally was going to play for the Globetrotters; Coach beat
him at one-on-one beat him at his own game
Huge, powerful, self-assured black basketball player with
shaved head that decides to play for Texas eventually
A lanky black basketball player with a cocky attitude and a
good heart. Friends with Shed since childhood; heart
Black basketball player who is tall, skinny, and a Mamas
boy; Almost sent home by coach
Short (has Napoleon complex), aggressive, black basketball
player who wears high-heeled boots
White basketball player who is a prankster with buzz-cut and
horn-rimmed glasses
White basketball player for TWU, from Missouri; a farm boy
Tall, clean-cut white basketball player from Kansas
White basketball player who is a tough, proud Hispanic and
wears a cross around his neck
A skinny white basketball player that brings more enthusiasm
than game