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Observation Task 6: A day in the life of a higher

level learner
Record sheet
Repeat the same task as last week with a different learner.

Name: Asma
high level



Brief description:
Date of observation: 1/ Mar / 2016


Activity /
Teacher plays
song and students
sing+dance with
Teacher was tilling
them story and
ask them a
Teacher plays a


blocks game
between two
Teacher gives


them a writing
task to do it in
let who


finished early go
to other corners


They have
presentation for the
next day in the


Notes / comments
Asma was doing exactly what she hears and sees, she
was enjoying with the activity

Asma was the first one who answered the correct

Asma build the blocks with the correct letter that
the teacher asked for, revers her other friend.
Asma sets quietly in her place as the teacher says and
start to do the task and she was the first one who
finished, very organized task.

Asma was in cognitive game area, she played

in organizing the letters from A-Z.
Asma is one of the student s who have to present, she
was fully prepared and she say the whole sentence in
perfect way while the others didnt memorize their
sentence .

Add more rows as necessary

After the observation

1. How many different activities did the learner do?
- Five activities
2. How did s/he interact with the other learners throughout the day?
- she was quiet, but when she saw her friend doing the task wrong
way she helped him by saying look at my paper thats how it done ,
then the other student did the same thing.
3. What was the longest period of time the learner spent focusing on one
- In cognitive area she spent long time trying to organize the letter.
4. What did the learner do during the break times?
- The teacher took Asma and other children who are high level from
another classes to classroom has different cognitive games and
Asma was playing. This classroom is to develop the intellectual skills
in high level students.
5. What did the learners attention span / interest during activities seem
- Asma was enjoying in whatever she is doing she was interest in
almost everything and she was careful to make everything she do
looks perfect and nice.
6. What did the learner seem to like doing the most / least during the day?
- Writing the letter and playing with cognitive games/ she didnt like
to help her friend but she did eventually.