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Small plates

Grilled octopus, taramasalata, radish 17

Lemongrass mussels, fennel, baguette 14
Macaroni and cheese 9
Roasted mushrooms, cashew butter, chili oil
Grilled romaine Caesar, white anchovies, fried croutons, parmesan reggiano 10
Young greens, pears, Der Edel Bleu, macadamias, burnt caramel vinaigrette 10

Large plates
Organic chicken leg & sausage, bok choy, jus 23
Southern fried pork steak, grilled plums, buttermilk, swiss chard 22
Seared rainbow trout, kale, almonds, farm egg 25
GrIlled cobia, romesco, charred leeks and scallions 30
House made fettuccine, spring peas, black pepper, parmesan 19
Hanger Steak-frites, young greens, scallion, horseradish and basil emulsion 29

French toast bread pudding, whipped cream, maple syrup, banana compote 7