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Name: Per:__ Date! (C2 CW #2: More Work Practice » Aspherical tank frais m ha its opening inthe top though pipe 5m long. The tank all water the pipes ‘emply Our goa ito calculate the work quired to pump lla water out though the op athe pie. In order to do {hls we must fst elelae the work required to pump out one tin aie” of water. Allee is horizontal res section of the water wth height 4. Since each slices an odd shape ne approsat is ‘olume with «einer of igh iy. att agree to put de ogi al dhe center ofthe ephar so tht yroprorent ne ‘etc distance rom the center (@) Whats approximate volume ofthe slice thats 1 m ele the center Vem = WB SY 2 (9 Howrey madebepanett CL. Spry (6 How much ose pump oth ct Remember waters Ve FY Oo ey debe ea I. 1 Horn ean co =" T4Q00o TS y Tt ‘mats y mom the comer. What s-he rad of hs set owe 6 -y) 4.5 6 =3.5 y Hina ey _ Fey BS-oy 1 Wyte apna Honea pecant co The Side dhe Slice are Guy, T's net exes ® ma paceman (tin Te well betveen 2 -2and #33 Hoo 4- Ps-ydy * 3,8¢ x/0% iy yaa a reel cteeacs alee eee ttte acerca? The Genter of fhe Ghare OS on Origin allwet & Simfler expregsin~ tr We, Srl, 3) nthe fetlowing scenarios write the nega expresson fr he ol work equie You DO NOT need evaluate these Foor) IOS) ay aaa We BCC eaNcal oti fo wor) (Fy SBS yay & () The waterlevelis2:m above the bottom and the pipes located on the ih inline with the center. deny trol Tp Vopy cheap etn inne (+ 60 \ (Gy WCpd Cap dey ay yeas (© Metnki flo wh dns 0 sieuaeea 9. wt 7 (ary aha pipelocatedan the top Theta ihalny wore requied. You DONO need wo evaluste hese ep