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Competency Reflections

Internship II
Francisco Razo-Anaya

Competency 001: The principal knows how to

shape campus culture by facilitating the
development, articulation, implementation,
and stewardship of a vision of learning that is
shared and supported by the school
I had the opportunity to participate in the shaping of the
campus vision through the Shared Decision-Making Committee
(SDC). This committee also includes the Family Engagement
Committee. The SDC decides the allocation of funds from
grants to projects submitted by teachers. The collective
discussion about this allocations addressed the school vision
for the future and how the projects support its implementation.
The involvement of parents and other stakeholders in the SDC
brings an outside perspective to transcendental decision in the
school. I would like to continue coordinating this committee
and strengthen the communication channels to the rest of the
school community by training the committee representatives.

Competency 002: The principal knows how to

communicate and collaborate with all
members of the school community, respond to
diverse interests and needs, and mobilize
resources to promote student success.

I mobilized school wide resources to implement the after school

academic tutorials tutorials. This project required signing up 20
teachers, select and obtain permission for 120 students to stay for
and additional hour in campus, request availability of snacks from
the cafeteria, request three bus routes to take students home,
select and purchase the curriculum for the tutorials, and negotiate
the use of classrooms. This project allowed me to communicate will
many departments across the district and coordinate the
implementation of the additional academic time for the benefit of
students. I learned the importance of attention to small details to
maintain the teachers and students motivation. I would like to
expand the after school tutorials program for students in primary
grades and include more project and art activities.

Competency 003: The principal knows how to

act with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical
and legal manner.

Every decision I make on a daily basis is guided by integrity and

fairness. From and administrative perspective I was given the
opportunity to handle some discipline referrals and assign con
sequences under the supervision of and assistant principal. I kept in
mind the balance between the need to discourage negative behaviors
and the importance of avoiding the complete student disengagement
from school. I learned the legal context has a wide margin for
administrative decision in the assignment of consequences for negative
behaviors, and the ethical compass must guide administrators to find
the greatest good for students. I also learned some teachers would like
to see students punished for their behavior and they are not satisfied
with the implementation of discipline. I would like to develop further my
resource library to deal with students' negative behaviors with
increasing effectiveness.

Competency 004: The principal knows how to facilitate the

design and implementation of curricula and strategic plans
that enhance teaching and learning; ensure alignment of
curriculum, instruction, resources, and assessment; and
promote the use of varied assessments to measure student

Most of my activities as a language arts specialist is related to this

competency. I provide 3rd and 4th grade teachers with support 4 times a
year for their long range planning. During each of these 8 hours meetings I
guide teachers in the analysis of students' performance data, making
instructional decisions for the grade level, developing learning targets,
scheduling of the curriculum, and design of formative assessment activities.
I also perform observations to ensure the appropriate implementation of the
plans and to provide teachers with feedback about their delivery methods. I
also meet with teachers every three weeks during their planning time to
fine tune plans and clarify misconceptions evidenced by the observations. I
have learn the importance of inspect what you expect once the plan has
been developed. I also learned teachers need to be trained to assess
students formatively. My goal in this competency is to foster independence
in teachers and develop their leadership skills to guide their own planning

Competency 005: The principal knows how to

advocate, nurture, and sustain an
instructional program and a campus culture
that are conducive to student learning and
staff professional growth.

This year I proposed and implemented action research studies in

grades kindergarten to fourth. This action research projects were
focused in writing and reading. Teachers used their Professional Learning
Community meeting time to analyze students data, look for root causes,
develop an action plan, and monitoring results based on student work.
They implemented with project with constant guidance of the leadership
team and with constant communication with their supervisors. I also
coordinated professional development for teachers in the areas they
identified as weaknesses based in their action research process. I
learned about the importance of administrative support for the
implementation of projects that modify a campus culture. I would like to
implement this method of professional development for improving
students' learning at a larger scale and combined with a cross curricular

Competency 006: The principal knows how to

implement a staff evaluation and development system
to improve the performance of all staff members,
select and implement appropriate models for
supervision and staff development, and apply the legal
requirements for personnel management.

My position as specialist allowed me to get involved with staff

development in my subject areas. I provided lead teachers in different
grade levels with opportunities to attend professional development
session in the regional service center and at the district level. I also
require lead teachers to formally share their new learning with their
team members with support. I also perform classroom observations
frequently and provide teachers with immediate feedback about their
strengths and growth areas. I also modeled coaching methods for all the
elementary specialists in the district during an all day professional
development session. I learned the importance of being selective and
intentional when providing teachers with feedback about their growth
areas and the benefits from focusing in their strengths. I would like to
continue developing my coaching skills and combine them with the
supervisory task.

Competency 007: The principal knows how to

apply organizational, decision-making, and
problem-solving skills to ensure an effective
learning environment.

Coordinating the district assessments gave me the opportunity

to develop further my problem solving skills. It is a logistically
complicated project to ensure all students have an appropriate
testing environment and each one of them receive the appropriate
accommodations. The daily implementation of after school tutorials
also requires constant problem solving for transportation and room
assignment because of the variety of events hosted in the campus.
I learned it is impossible to prevent every single complication that
you will encounter during the implementation of a project and it is
important to be ready to adapt and reallocate people and resources
to achieve a goal. My goal in this competence is to take the time to
reflect about decisions I make to problem solve to improve the
design of projects to reduce complications, and to develop teachers
problem solving skills to increase the overall system flexibility.

Competency 008: The principal knows how to

apply principles of effective leadership and
management in relation to campus budgeting,
personnel, resource utilization, financial
management, and technology use.

Coordinating the District Assessment involved ensuring all the

computer labs were prepared for students' accommodations. I also
managed a group of six paraprofessionals to provide restroom
monitoring and relief in the classrooms. In regards to budget, I
prepared the general budget for after school tutorials. This included
teachers' compensation for extra time, instructional materials, and
transportation cost. I also managed my department's budget and
purchased materials for classroom instruction in preparation for the
state assessment. As an additional project, I performed the analysis
of the Title I budget for the campus and found underutilized
financial resources to reassign in areas of need. I learned
administrators have to pay close attention to detail in order to find
areas of opportunity in the utilization of resources.

Competency 009: The principal knows how to

apply principles of leadership and
management to the campus physical plant
and support systems to ensure a safe and
effective learning environment.

The coordination of the district common assessments and the

after school academic tutorials gave me the opportunity to manage
the campus physical plant and support systems. I had to ensure
nutrition services were aware of the need for snacks and the
quantity of students staying everyday. I also had to prepare and
share information with the transportation department to ensure
students arrive home safe. I have also manned the front desk
during the afternoons and coordinated with custodians for furniture
movement and locking and unlocking of doors in different
entrances. I have learned the importance of open communication
to ensure all support systems are coordinated to provide and
effective learning environment. I would like to learn how to fill out
requests for the maintenance department.