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Readme file for converter.

Converter.exe is a utility that can be used to convert Release 11 (R11)
Personal License Passwords (PLP's) to PLP's that can be used to install
products shipped on the Release 10 (Matlab 5.2), Matlab 5.1, or
Matlab 5.0 CD.
If you are still using an earlier release of Matlab 5 and you have
purchased new products, The MathWorks will send you an R11 PLP. This
PLP needs to be converted to an R10 PLP if you want to install the earlier
version of your products.
To run the converter:
1) Double click on converter.exe which is in the converter directory on
your R11 CD.
2) You will be prompted to enter your R11 PLP. You may include any spaces
or -'s, the converter will ignore them.
The equivalent R10 PLP will be displayed in the window.
This PLP may be used to unlock any previous Matlab 5 release.
Note: Previous releases are not on the R11 CD. You can only use this PLP
with the installers that are on the CD's for the previous releases.
If you have any questions you can visit our web site at:
or send email to customer service at: