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Winter 2026 Faculty Review of Teacher Candidates name: Cosie Billmire. 440-384-3310 emai bj |12041@ byui.edlu esis 3 g : ¢ zB € € s PPE; ELV VET ET a ee le le latdac le le lebdi a cores 1B |2 |E [Pba|#i | |b | Pbals Ri eEDa oT T)| [ED 24¢@ Cote | sca | ae Lege = ea eo “FACULTY: Please include notes on back as relevant or ervail Christine Brown with feedback Ape 1 Attach your four-year plan to this document, signed by the ADC. = Has completed the following proficiency exams or satisfied the requirement in another way 7 -EMath ProfOne