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The best years of my life were spent in high school.

At first, in 9th grade, I never

thought it would be so, and I had my own fear, like others. I was afraid that I will not
make liked by classmates, but on the first day we started talking very much.
In these four years I learned many things, things that I learned from the lessons
and as well things to live our lives, things in which consist our character.
Firstly, the lessons we learned in high school, It will help me greatly in the economic
field, because I really want to pursue a career in this domain, I am a very
communicative person and I think I will handle it, especially as the high school had
a contribution with this area.
Secondly, the classmates and the teachers, were very helpers, because they
always taught me the lessons essentials for life and for the future, such as
teamwork and the respect for others,
In conclusion, these four years of my life were very helpful, and also very
entertaining. I do not like the idea of leaving high school, but so is life, and the
years pass very quickly, so you should take advantage of every second.