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EATEL’s Ninth Annual Book Grants Transform
Local Students into Published Authors

Janice Morgan’s students at Sorrento Primary show their excitement about becoming published authors. Standing, left to right: Ms. Janice Morgan, Brielle LeBlanc, Aaron Ross, Peyton Dunn,
Terrance Washington, Igor Lopez, Kylaila Brown, and Braydn Marcotte. Kneeling, (left to right): Amari Winston, Alayah Antoine, Bryce Gremillion, Jazmin Nelson, Paige Russelburg,
Eduardo Enriquez, and Ubaldo Cano. Sitting, (left to right): Kelsie Bourgeois, Baleigh Caballero, Peyton Breaux, Payton Guedry, and Matt Mathews.

EATEL recently delivered
books to eleven Ascension
Parish primary classes who were
recipients of the ninth annual
EATEL Imagination Press Book
Grants. Encouraging creativity
and student expression, local
teachers and their classes spent
several months developing

class’s finished book has been
added to the school’s library.
“This is an incredible opportunity for our students to not
only think creatively, but also to
see that creative work professionally published,” said Patrice
Pujol, Ascension Parish School
Board Superintendent. “We are
grateful to Eatel for partnering
with our teachers in a program
that very well may inspire the
next great literary authors.”
Fourth grade teacher at
Lakeside Primary, Susan
Chmurka, says “It is just a thrill
to see the children ‘light up’
when all of their hard work and
research come to life whenever
they open that first page.”
In addition to becoming
published authors and seeing
their books for the first time,
the students were also surprised
when EATEL’s Jenny Heroman
Koenig brought along her video
camera and interviewed the
teachers and several students
about their books. Visit to watch
episode #342, which features
these new authors.

narratives and illustrations for
their winning story ideas.
EATEL and Internet-based
photo book publisher Picaboo
transformed the students’ work
into hardbound books. Each
student received a copy of the
book to share with family and
friends, and a copy of each

Student Cylan Brooks of Sandi Bourque’s 3rd grade class at Lowery Elementary was thrilled to be
interviewed by Jenny Heroman for the EATEL Community Connection TV Show.


This year’s grant winners are
(in alphabetical order):
· Sherrie Anderson, 4th grade
teacher at Spanish Lake
Elementary, whose class
authored a book titled,
“College Bound Kids.” The
students thought about their
futures and where they hoped
to go to college, and Mrs.
Anderson wanted her students
to think beyond that as well and
asked them to describe their
goals and what career field they
hope to go into one day.
· Sarah Blank, 2nd grade
teacher at Dutchtown Primary,
who had two winning classes
whose books are titled “Escape
from Candyland.” Mrs. Blank’s
students used their creative
writing skills to explain how
they would escape if they were
trapped in the famous board
game, “Candyland.”
· Sandi Bourque, 3rd grade
teacher at Donaldsonville
Primary, whose two classes
wrote books titled: If I Could
Travel Anywhere, I Would
Travel To… This led to
fantastic, worldly thinking and
research about places around


Janice Morgan’s students at Sorrento Primary show their excitement about becoming published authors. Standing, left to right: Ms. Janice Morgan,
Brielle LeBlanc, Aaron Ross, Peyton Dunn, Terrance Washington, Igor Lopez, Kylaila Brown, and Braydn Marcotte. Kneeling,
(left to right): Amari Winston, Alayah Antoine, Bryce Gremillion, Jazmin Nelson, Paige Russelburg,
Eduardo Enriquez, and Ubaldo Cano. Sitting, (left to right): Kelsie Bourgeois, Baleigh Caballero, Peyton Breaux, Payton Guedry, and Matt

the globe and different cultures
throughout our world.
· Susan Chmurka, 3rd grade
teacher at Lakeside Primary,
who had two winning story
ideas for two separate classes.
Her class books are titled:
Letters to the Principal and
Love That Poetry. In the first
book, as Mrs. Chmurka’s
students were learning about
how the Declaration of

response. In her second class’s
book, Mrs. Chmurka’s students
took their study of poetry to a
new level when they chose a famous poet to study and imitate
with their very own poems.
· Amber Landry, 2nd grade
teacher at G.W. Carver Primary,
whose class book is titled
“We Are Problem Solvers.”
This book became part of
strenghening the “powerful

Independence came to be, they
used the idea behind the
colonists’ letters to King George
as inspiration for writing their
own letters to their school principal, Thomas Laurent, about
something they wanted to
change at their school. The students were very excited to learn
that their principal had taken
the time to write each of them
back with a thoughtful


power standard” in which
teachers try to tackle learning
areas in which the students have
the most trouble. Ms. Landry
says that word problems are
usually difficult for the students
so engaging them in authoring
their very own word problem
helped them see that math in
“real life” can be fun.
· Amanda Martinez, Lake
Elementary, whose two classes
each got to author a book titled
“Math in Our Everyday World.”
These students had to think
about how math comes into
play in their regular activities.
One student wrote about
playing football for the school
team, explaining that math
helps him to figure out how
many yards his team needs at
certain points of their games.
· Janice Morgan, 2nd grade
teacher at Sorrento Primary,
whose class book was designed
to get the students’ thinking
caps on. The students were
assigned a classic children’s
story like that of “Tom
Thumb,” for instance, but
students had to choose a
different ending for the story.


If you are going to be freezin’, wouldn’t you rather be Freezin’ for a Reason? Special Olympics Louisiana
hosted the 9th Annual Polar Plunge
on Saturday, February 27th.
The event took place on Saturday,
February 27, 2016, 10:00 am at
Cabela’s, 2200 W. Cabela’s
Parkway | Gonzales, LA 70737.

Participants paid a minimum of
$50.00 to take the plunge. Family
fun included music, food, drinks, and
much more. Overall, there were
over 200 plungers and hundreds of
supporters who came out to this
event. We want to say a big thank
you to Major Ward Webb,
with the Ascension Parish
Sheriff’s office who was the
event’s top fundraiser. We
would also like to give a special thanks to Sheriff Wiley
and the
Ascension Parish Sheriff’s
Office, Chief Carl Dabadie
and the Baton Rouge Police

Department, East Baton Rouge
Sheriff’s Office, LSU Police
Department, Louisiana State Police,
and all of our supporters, participants, and athletes for raising over
$86,000. For up to date information please log onto
There you will find links to the flyer,
pictures, and more information.

sports programs for people
beginning at age 2 and there is no
upper age limit. There is no cost to
participate in Special Olympics.
For more information about Special
Olympics Louisiana, please visit our

(SOLA) is a
that changes
lives by
and inclusion
people with
and without
disabilities. SOLA offers year-round
programs for over 14,600 children
and adults with intellectual
disabilities in all 64 parishes with
the help of over 15,000 volunteers.
We have health, education,
leadership, family, training and


website at, like us on
facebook at or follow us on
twitter at

EATEL Receives
“Button of Bravery”
with Contribution to
Child Advocacy
Brave children, who have been
abused or neglected, share their
stories. Courageous adults
volunteer to help these children
through their trauma and assist
them in having a safe and healthy
childhood. A “Button of Bravery”
represents the journey of One
Child for One Year under the care
of Child Advocacy Services. After
a year-long fundraising effort,
EATEL made a contribution in
the amount of $1637 which will
provide more than the $1541
necessary to support an entire year
of services for one child through
Child Advocacy Services’ Child
Sponsorship Plan.
According to Child Advocacy
Services, the charitable organization relies on tax-deductible
support from individuals and
businesses to sustain operations
and enhance services to children
and families in our local communities. Services include volunteer advocacy, forensic interviewing,
individual and family counseling,
prevention and community

Proud supporters from EATEL present their check to Child Advocacy Services. Pictured left to right are EATEL employees Arthur Scanlan, Shunta
Whalum, Jenny Heroman Koenig, Duane Wylie, Clint King, Kristy Alleman, Dean’a Coffey, Ronnie Gilkey, Shelley Gomez, Lauren Raffray, Tara
Credeur, Melissa Lanoux Braud, Brett Varnell, Trudy Thibodeaux, Lina Courville, Brandi Akin, and Iris Schexnaydre. Next to Iris, on the right,
are Krisy McAdams Rice of Child Advocacy Services, Ashleigh Fuller of Child Advocacy Services, and Cheryl Rice, EATEL Community Coordinator.

education, and awareness of child
abuse and neglect needs.
“EATEL’s contribution will help
us provide the services for children
to live free from abuse and
neglect,” said Krisy McAdams
Rice, CASA Recruiter. “An annual
Child Sponsorship totaling $1,541
enables Child Advocacy Services to
provide a full year of services to
abused and neglected children.”
Several EATEL co-workers got
together and decided that they
wanted to help local children in
need. They spearheaded their own
fundraiser by asking EATEL

employees to wear blue jeans on
Thursdays for a $2 donation placed
in a jar in the company break
“EATEL has been so generous
and supportive of charities and our
community my entire career and
beyond. I believe generosity is
contagious, the more we see it, the
more we are around it, the more
we want to be a part of it,” said
Clint King, EATEL Outside Plant
Engineering Manager. “Children
facing hardship touches a special
place in our hearts. One hundred
percent of CASA’s energy and

efforts are in support of children
who are victims of abuse and
neglect - such a deserving and
worthwhile cause. Folks here are
happy they could help!”
You can also help children in
our community who are victims of
abuse or neglect by supporting
Child Advocacy Services’ Child
Sponsorship Program. To make a
tax deductible donation or for
more information, please call them
at 225-647-2005 or visit

Open 24/7 • Certified Personal Training
Nutrition Counseling • Group Personal Training Classes
Spin Classes • Large Variety of Cardio Equipment

13253 LA 73, Suite 113
Geismar, LA 70734


14 day

Call Today for a


Stylish Oversize Rings in
both karat gold and sterling
silver continue the recent headturning trend of featuring
elongated settings with

signs in gold, platinum, or sterling silver in many elegant textures and
finishes set with diamonds,
pearls, or colored gems. Swinging hoop earrings include two
and three inch sizes aswell as
large inside-outside diamond
hoops which sparkle with every
movement you make.


March Aquamarine and Bloodstone

Dramatic Rings
And Earrings
Topping Runways

Those born in
March are
fortunate to
have two
birthstones to
choose from
and Bloodstone. Although
these two gems are strikingly
different, both promise courage
to those of March birth.

sparkling diamonds combined
with big, bold colored gems in
a rainbow of pink, orange, blue,
green, yellow, purple, and red
colors. Halo and doubl halo settings are designed to give these
high-fashion rings a
bigger and more sparkling look.

with Layne Gautreau
This season’s red-carpet favorites include the brightest and
biggest eye-catching
statement styles in colorful
stacking rings, knuckle-dusting cocktail rings, and glittering right-hand rings, aswell as
the classic look of dazzling
neck-skimming drop earrings
and oversize hoop earrings,
which are among today’s top
earring trends.

Trendy Drop Earrings give
you a wide choice of exciting
styles including chandeliers,
pendants, and openwork de-

Aquamarine is a transparent
sea blue beryl once prized by
ancient Greek sailors on long
voyages. Opaque bloodstone
isn’t red at all; it
is actually a dark
green chalcedony
with vivid red
flecks and it has
been a favorite of
men since medieval times.


Did you know!
Opals require special care?
This beautiful, translucent gem
displays a continuous array of
vivid rainbow colors seemingly
suspended in a luminous white
or black base. The name opal is
a shortened version of the
Roman word “opalus” which
means color play. While on the
Mohs scale, opals have a
hardness of 5.5, they are
composed of 3% - 23% water, so
they should never be allowed to

freeze or dry out. Avoid extreme or rapid changes in temperature while wearing and
storing your opal jewelry. Also
avoid cleaning products,
ultrasonic and steam jewelry
cleaners. Whether you are
considering a beautiful opal
piece for yourself or a loved
one, or your current opal
jewelry has lost its luster and
needs a prof.

Frank’s Restaurant

Music & Mud Bugs
Frank’s Restaurant on Airline Hwy in
Prairieville is making some changes to
better serve and entertain the
community. They call it, ‘Music and
Mud Bugs. Stop by, enjoy some
crawfish, dance the night away.

Don’t worry the best bisquits in the
parish will still be served on a daily
basis along with breakfast, lunch and
dinner but you have many new
options to enjoy.

Take a Beer Tour
First they remodeled their
restaurant to have a full service bar
for customers to enjoy adult
Frank’s “All New” Dancing and
Dining (Thursdays and Fridays) in

the restaurant is a big hit with a big
variety of music to entertain and
provide customers with a comfortable
night out.

In addition Frank’s is a serving
delicious hot boiled crawfish Tuesday
thru Saturday night starting at 4pm.
If boiling crawfish yourself is your
cup of tea They provide live crawfish
by the sack. Give them a call to order
your crawfish for pick-up. They can
cater on and off site crawfish boils.

Live Crawfish
The big exciting new venue is the
NEW outdoor pavilion. The pavillion
is set up and designed to create the
ambiance of dining in New Orleans.
Complete with a dining area
supported by a New Orleans style
mural fully stocked bar and outdoor

Night Time Menu

tables to book your
crawfish boil, picnic
or Bar-B-Que. Parties
can supportguests up to
200. The pavilion is an
option to make your
event outdoor or
youcan book parties,
receptions and
meetings. All in door.
To book Cypress Hall
and Outdoor Pavilion
contact Catering
Jena Guidry @

Outdoor Pavilion

Dancing and Dining

(Thursday and Friday) in the restaurant

March 17 ..
March 24 ..
March 31 ..
April 7 .......
April 14 .....
April 21 .....
April 28 .....

Rachael Hallack (w/Eric Cantrelle)
Allison Collins (w/Mike Varnado)
Kenny Cornett (w/Justin)
Debbie Landry
Matt Kayda
Bubba & Doug
Ryan Jenkins


March 18 .... Jenna Cornett & the Patio Band
March 25 .... Ty Taylor
April 1 ......... Clay Boudreaux
April 8 ......... The Todd Boys
April 15 ....... Double Shot Duo
April 22 ....... Josh Martin
April 29 ....... Argyle Band


foundation, but I found that it
clogged my pores that led to
So this year, I’m trying Allure
Magazines award winning best
beauty winner for 2008 and
2103, Estee Lauder’s Double
Wear Foundation. This
layerable foundation goes on
medium to full coverage, but
goes on remarkably light and
has a velvety finish. It lasts a
good 12 hours without
smudging off on clothing or
anything else for that matter.
Just make sure you’re
completely exfoliated, and then
apply a primer, (I’ve mentioned
it before, but my current primer

we go through
difficult seasons in
life and it seems like
all is lost,
sunlight emerges,
and we come out
stronger and full of
life. And if we
choose so, the
good Lord uses
those times to bless

March comes in like a lion and
out like a lamb. Ever heard that
expression? Basically the
expression conveys that March
usually begins with cold, rainy
weather and ends with the
newness of spring.
I was having a conversation
with a friend recently, and
we discussed how this is
symbolic of the seasons
within our own lives.
So imagine - a tree physically
and visibly changes as seasons

pass: in the summer a tree is in
full bloom, completely green
and full of foliage, but then the
fall brings cooler weather and
the tree begins to change
colors, then ultimately and
inevitably in the blustery
coldness of winter, the tree loses
its foliage and lays bare. But
then…then…spring brings
forth grateful sunshine and
warm breezes, and the first few
leaves and blooms begin to
emerge. But
just because the
tree seemed like
it was not
during the cold,
months, it
was still alive.
Similarly, when

So, rejoice in the spring…the
Good Lord is about to use you
to be a symbolic light to those
around you!

How Did
I Miss
Around this time of year, I
always look for a longer lasting
foundation, because as the heat
rises so do the oil slicks on my
face! Therefore, a good, long
lasting foundation is so
important to find. Last year,
I tried MAC’s Pro Longwear


is Makeup for Life – HD
foundation.) and finally your
foundation. You can apply this
foundation with a foundation
brush, your fingers or a sponge.
I always like to tap, or dab, the
foundation after application to
pick up any excess makeup.
Then if needed, apply a second
layer of foundation and finish
with your powder of choice.
I’ve stayed smooth and slick
free all day in the heat and rain
with this foundation. It’s a
great investment in my book!
So, happy Spring Ascension
Parish! Enjoy life, and
appreciate the sunshine.
We’ve all emerged from a
wet, cold winter! Muah!

Look Your Best This Summer
Lip Inhancement
Lip enhancement is a cosmetic
procedure that can give you
fuller, plumper lips. Injectable
dermal fillers are the most
commonly used method of lip
There are
many types of
dermal fillers
that can be injected into
your lips and
around your
mouth. The
most common
fillers today are products that
contain hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid is a natural
substance found in the body. It
helps increase volume in the lips!

IPL/Brown Spot Reduction
IPL, photo rejuvenation: IPL is
short for intense pulsed light, a
popular spa treatment that treats
broken capillaries and hyper-pigmentation (age spots) caused by
age and sun damage. IPL also
stimulates the production of
collagen and elastin, which
plumps up the skin and gives
you a fresher look

Microneedling/Skin Pen
Induction Therapy (CIT): Is a
non-surgical skin-tightening


procedure that creates a
controlled injury underneath the
skin’s surface, inducing the body
to respond by producing more
collagen in the treated area.
The skin plumps and thickens in
response to the stimulus,
reducing the appearance of scars,


pore size and fine lines. SkinPen
allows for controlled induction
of the skin’s self-repair process
by creating thousands of precise
micro-injuries in the dermis,
automatically triggering new
collagen synthesis without scar
tissue formation.

Botox is the most popular
cosmetic non surgery treatment,
with more than 6 million Botox
treatments administered each
year. Botox is most commonly
used to treat forehead lines,
frown lines and crow’s feet by
relaxing the underlying muscles.
Williamson Cosmetic Center
was named Top 50 practices
in the United States by
Allergan producer of Botox
and Juvederm.



Book Reading
and Signing
was Held at
On Friday February 12, 2016
at Dutchtown Primary School,
Mrs. Dawn Goatley and her
class invited guests to attend a
book reading and signing party.
Her class published a book
through Student Treasures
Publishing Company. In
October, the students explored
animals and their habitats. In
November, the student’s focus
was finding their way using
simple maps and symbols to
help them locate specific places.
After reading several books
written by other teachers and
their students, Mrs. Goatley

Geaux Tigers

We’ll See You at ‘The Box’

Baton Rouge 225.761.1117 • Prairieville 225.677.7177
• Alexandria 318.442.6420 • Bunkie 318.346.6900

decided it was time for her class
to give it a try! Her students

develop the concept of
“Walking Through the Zoo.”

Cockfield helped to develop the
words. The students used their

Mrs. Goatley was presented
with a complimentary book for

love to read and paint so they
used the information they

Mrs. Goatley created the theme
and her assistants Stacie

hand prints and foot prints to
design the beautiful pages.

the class and the school
purchased one for their library.

learned in the classroom to

Sanford, Rose Riney, and Lucia

Parents and invited guests were
amazed at the quality work the

The students created animal
mask to wear to the

students produced.


book reading.

PCS Nitrogen
Invests in
Students at RPCC
PCS Nitrogen Fertilizer, LP, a division of
PotashCorp, has donated $40,000 to the
River Parishes Community College
Foundation to fund scholarships
for area students.
“This is another step in an ongoing
partnership,” said Garry Hiebert, Human
Resources Manager for PCS. “Students in
the process technology program and other
skills programs at RPCC are our future
employees and leaders, and we’re dedicated
to investing in them.”
During a campus visit, Hiebert saw
first-hand the progress RPCC is making on
construction of its new Technology
Training Center, to which PCS has already
contributed. He presented a check to
Chancellor Dr. Dale Doty and Vice
Chancellor of Instruction, Dr. Crystal Lee.
“This is a great example of the partnerships
we need to build this area’s workforce for
today and tomorrow and to build a strong

Garry Hiebert of PCS Nitrogen Fertilizer, LC, right, presents a donation to Dr. Dale Doty, Chancellor of River Parishes
Community College, and Dr. Crystal Lee, Vice Chancellor of Instruction.

economy and a vibrant community,” Doty
said. “We are proud that PCS is once again
investing in that shared vision, and are extremely grateful for their investment in our

River Parishes Community College in
Gonzales. La, is an open-admission,
two-year, postsecondary public institution
dedicated to developing and assisting
students in achieving personal,
professional and academic success.

“We are looking forward to a healthy future
with RPCC,” Heibert said.



It’s time to clean the rough and
tangled winter time beds and
prepare them for the spring season.

My company is large enough to
do the job right.
It’s also small enough to
treat you right!

Ryan "Shake" Schexnayder


We are Growing to Fulfill Your
Full Service Salon Needs

Prairieville, La 70769 • 225.715.4594



44253 Hwy. 42 ( 1 m i l e f r o m P o r t V i n c e n t )


Who is the Best
Gumbo Cook?


Gumbo Cooks
Fred’s on the river is hosting
a gumbo cook off Saturday
March 19th. The entry fee is
$25 and you must cook at least
3 gallons.
No Seafood! Chicken and
sausage style only.
1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies
and money. Also a people’s
choice award. 100% payback
to the cooks. Cooks can sign
up and get a flyer at Fred’s on
the River or call Scott at


The gumbo will be sold to the
public, 3 bowls for $10.
Come eat or cook your last
gumbos of the winter. Summer
is just around the corner.

Gumbo Cooking
Contest, March 19th.

do their thing. Allowing your
team to come up with ideas
and suggestions to improve
the overall process will be
very beneficial.

Creativity and
Equally Producing Both
by Orhan Mc Millan

Balancing the creative
process with productivity
can often be a challenge no
matter the size of your team
or the type of work you
provide. Your company
more than likely has multiple
clients at a time. Having a list
of clients to serve efficiently
and creatively all in a timely
manner can overwhelm your
staff and lead to rushed
projects, lack of authenticity,
and a host of other issues.
Unfortunately there’s no way
we cannot put deadlines on
projects, at least not if we
want to keep clients and stay
in business. We as business
owners must ensure that we
have a system set up that
leads to both creativity and

writer or a graphic designer,
but is it fair to put time
restraints on the creative
process and are we not
allowing the idea to fully
develop? Even with
deadlines, it’s important to
have a process for creative
production that allows for
full development without
feeling any restraints.
Doing this is not as
complicated as it may seem.
Taking a holistic approach is
a way to eliminate wasted
time and boost productivity,
and most importantly
produce a great product.
Start with the end first. Ask
yourself, when this project is
complete, what do you want

to have accomplished, what
results do you want to have,
how do you want to feel
about this project and even
more importantly how
do you want your
customer to feel?
Make sure your staff is clear
on this vision, that they each
connect with it. Make sure
that they are clear on the
goals and that each member
understands his or her role
in bringing the vision to
reality. All ideas should be
shared at the start of the
project in an open and safe
environment so that
employees connect and
expand with other's ideas.
Then simply let your team

Rushing creative efforts can
lead to lack of actual
creativity and waiting on that
creative break could most
definitely slow down
production. In some fields
like writers and artists, it
sometimes takes them
month’s even years to
complete a project. Itmay be
considerably different to
compare that to a content

Bob Lukasik, Creative
Director for Wunderman
New York, who has worked
on brands like Coca-Cola,
Xbox and Nokia, believes
that, “Ownership, not
accountability, engenders
feelings of pride enthusiasm,
dedication, focus
and passion.”
It is a fact that making sure
employees are apart of
creative decisions, allowed
to be a part of evolving work
processes with breathing
room from their boss or
supervisors will allow them
to be relaxed and more
confident. This is guaranteed
to lead to a steady flow
of creative ideas and great
productivity and very
happy clients.

By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD
Ascension Premier Dental

Dr. Bessonet is one of only a
few dentists in the country
trained and certified to
provide IV sedation in the
dental office.
Does the thought of having
your teeth fixed make your entire
body tense with fear? Would you
rather endure the agony of a
toothache than step foot in a
dentist's office? You're not
alone. A lot of people are so phobic about going to the
dentist that they prefer not to
have any treatment.
For people who avoid dentists
like the plague, sedation dentistry
may take away some of their anxiety. Sedation can be used for
everything from invasive procedures to a simple teeth cleaning.
How it's used depends on the
severity of the fear.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?
Sedation dentistry uses
medication to help patients relax
during dental procedures. It's
sometimes referred to as "sleep
dentistry.” The levels of
sedation used include:

• Minimal sedation -- you are
awake but relaxed.
• Moderate sedation (formerly
called "conscious sedation") -You may slur your words when
speaking and not remember
much of the procedure.
• Deep sedation -- you are on
the edge of consciousness but can
still be awakened.
• General anesthesia -- you are
completely unconscious.

What Types of Sedation Are
Used in Dentistry?
The following types of sedation
are used in dentistry:
Inhaled minimal sedation.
You breathe nitrous oxide -otherwise known as "laughing
gas" -- combined with oxygen
through a mask that's placed over
your nose. The gas helps you
relax. Your dentist can
control the amount of sedation
you receive, and the gas tends to
wear off quickly. This is the only
form of sedation where you may
be able to drive yourself home
after the procedure.
Oral sedation. Depending on the
total dose given, oral sedation
can range from minimal to
moderate. For minimal sedation,
you take a pill. Typically, the pill
is Halcion, which is a member of
the same drug family as Valium,
and it's usually taken about an

hour before the procedure. The
pill will make you drowsy, although you'll still be awake. A
larger dose may be given to
produce moderate sedation.
Some people become groggy
enough from moderate oral sedation to actually fall asleep during
the procedure but this is rare.
IV moderate sedation.
You receive the sedative drug
through a vein, so it goes to work
more quickly. This method allows
the dentist to “titrate” the drugs,
which means he can
continually adjust the level of
sedation until it is ideal for the
individual patient. You cannot
do this with oral sedation. Iv
sedation also makes it possible to
give multiple combination of
drugs to suit the patient, as all
people have different tolerances
to different types of drugs.
Regardless of which type of
sedation you receive, you'll also
typically need a local anesthetic -numbing medication at the site
where the dentist is working in
the mouth -- to relieve pain if the
procedure causes any

Who Can Have Sedation at
the Dentist's?
Sedation is most appropriate for
people with a real fear or anxiety
that is preventing them from
going to the dentist.

Sedation dentistry may also be
appropriate for people who:
• have a low pain threshold
• can't sit still in the dentist's
• have very sensitive teeth
• have a bad gag reflex
• need a large amount of dental
work completed
Sometimes, children are given
sedation if they are terrified of
going to the dentist or refuse to
cooperate during the visit.
Nitrous oxide tends to be safe in
children, and just about any
dentist can administer it.

Can Any Dentist
Perform Sedation?
All states require dentists to
provide proof of advanced
training and a certain number of
sedation cases completed under
supervision in order to obtain a
license for IV sedation. It's
important to make sure that your
dentist is trained and qualified to
administer the type and level of
sedation you will be receiving.
The dentist should monitor your
vital signs during the procedure
following the American Dental
Association's guidelines. The
dentist should also have oxygen - artificial ventilation -- and drugs
that reverse the effects of
sedation on hand in case you
need them.

• IV Sedation
• Invisalign Certified
• Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
• Porcelain Veneers
• Implants
• Wisdom Teeth


Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD

13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 • Geismar, LA 70734 • Call:

225.673.6910 • www.

A testimonial from Michelle, a previous patient at Dutchtown Physical Therapy
I am a 39 year old female who suffered with severe hip pain in 2015. After two arthroscopic procedures, the pain persisted and I was told a hip replacement surgery was
my only option. In March 2015 I had the surgery and after a difficult recovery, I returned to work in June 2015. I thought I was about to get on with my life until June
15, 2015, I was getting out of my car and found myself in severe pain in my left side and back. My pain was so severe I could not sit or lay down.
After a trip to the ER, I went through a litany of tests, injections, medications and various different medical specialists. I was told they could not find anything wrong and I
should possibly see a psychologist for "Phantom Pain". Pain medications worked only to take the edge off and the injections were giving me modest relief for about three
days. You cannot imagine how hopeless this makes you feel when even simple things like driving yourself, sitting down or laying down caused severe pain. At 39 years
old, this was my reality, and I felt hopeless.

I was determined to find someone who would open their mind to the fact that I was in real pain. I went to my primary care physician and told him I wanted my life back
and to get off the pain medication. He referred me to Dutchtown Physical Therapy and from the first visit, Stephen and his staff gave me hope they would not stop until
they found what was causing my pain. After three weeks of therapy, I am driving my car, laying down without pain, sitting, and best of all, I have not had to take pain

The therapists, Stephen Jackson and Scott Larson did not give up on me. They saw my hopelessness as an opportunity and they seem to exhaust every avenue to ensure
you get the best care available to get you back on your feet. I am so grateful and consider myself blessed for these guys willingness to help me and giving me my life back.

To read the entire testimonial, go to therapy

"Your Community Physical Therapy Provider" for over 8 years.

We are thankful for the trust from
the physicians and the community
that allows us to help Dutchtown
and Geismar residents with their
physical therapy needs.
We look forward to continuing
to grow with you in the
coming years.
Stephen Jackson, PT, DPT



(225) 744-3631 • fax (225) 744-3647

By Linda Melancon

Funding Special
Needs Care
Since President Ronald Reagan
declared March as “National
Developmental Disabilities
Month” in 1987, local and
national support for those with
special needs has grown by leaps
and bounds. Yet families continue
to struggle - both with the weight
of caring for their disabled loved
ones and also with the challenge
of funding that care throughout
their loved ones’ life time. It can
be especially challenging to know
how to fund that care without
jeopardizing eligibility for
Supplemental Security Income
(SSI) or Medicaid. The good
news is that there are a number
of solutions available.

The best place to start is with a
special needs trust (SNT), which
allows you to save and protect
assets for future care needs
without disqualification in
receiving government benefits.
Exact guidelines for when and
how SNT funds can be used vary
from state to state. But overall, a
SNT with a trustee you can count
on provides the peace of mind in
knowing that your special needs
child will be cared for after you
are gone. Signing the papers to
create a SNT, however, is just
the first step toward your
ultimate goal.
Outlining the necessary costs
for your loved one’s care is also
important. The assets in their
SNT may appear to be sufficient
until you consider the extent of
the care that will be required
throughout their expected
lifetime. Take the time to list out
each element of care that your
special needs loved one will
require – including housing,
medical care, care assistance,
transportation, special equipment,
education, replacements or
upkeep for assets ranging from
mattresses to vehicles, and
personal needs such as hobbies or
entertainment – then assign a

There are a number of ways to
fund a SNT once you have
identified your goal for funding.
Some families have sufficient
assets to fund the SNT for a
lifetime of special needs care.
Families that can’t afford to fund
the trust outright may choose to
use retirement accounts such as
IRAs, 401(k)s or 403(b)s. Yet
others may look to life insurance
policies, Individual Development
Accounts (IDAs), inheritances or
gifts as funding sources. All of
these options have something in
common: the potential to be
ineffective in protecting and
funding a trust if not handled
correctly. Finding legal and
financial advisors with proven
experience in working with
special needs families is crucial
to the success of any SNT.
Life insurance policies are often
an excellent way to fund an SNT,
but different types of policies
have their own pros and cons.
Term life insurance usually offers
lower premiums for a fixed period
of time (such as 10, 15, or 20
years), but then requires renewal

As you can see, families of modest
means may have more options to
fund their loved one’s long-term
care than they realize and families
with sizeable estates may need to
put even more planning into the
protection of those assets. We’ve
come a long way since 1987, but
there is still a long way to go
toward the public’s awareness of
care and funding options for the
developmentally disabled. This
article can only scratch the
surface, illustrating the
importance of meeting with a
qualified special needs planning
attorney and financial advisor
to ensure the success of
your funding plan.

6473 hwy 44 suite 120
Gonzales, La. 225-257-4153

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• Oysters By the Sack
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fees that may be unaffordable
as you get older. Because
developmental disabilities mostly
require permanent sources of
income, a survivorship policy may
be a better choice. Survivorship
policies cover two lives (usually
for the parents) and the
premiums are generally cheaper
than two separate policies, but it
only pays off after both persons
are deceased. Regardless of the
type of life insurance policy
chosen, it will only be effective in
funding a SNT if both the SNT
and the policy are properly
worded and structured. Families
with large estates may additionally
require an irrevocable life
insurance trust to protect the
insurance payoff from
estate taxes.

dollar amount to each item
on your list to identify your
long-term funding goal. Unique
online tools, such as Metlife’s
Special Needs Calculator, are
available to help you get started.
However, it’s always a good
idea to consult with local
experts on the matter.

Shuffleboard Table • Golden Tee

Doug & Sally





Off the Grid B

2nd Annual Music Jam Gets Rockin’ • April 16th

The second annual Ascension Music Jam will heat up on Saturday, April
16, 2016 at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center! Featuring Ascension Parish Musicians,
the Ascension Music Jam is 7 hours of some of the best music Ascension
Parish has to offer!
The Ascension Music Jam will be held inside the newly renovated and
air-conditioned 4-H Building at Lamar-Dixon. There will be plenty of room
for dancing, and for socializing with your friends! It’s also a great way to
make new friends! Tables and chairs will be provided, and food and drinks,
including adult beverages will be available for sale.
This is a day to get out, relax, and have fun!
Five Bands for Five Dollars! The music begins
at 2 pm, and a new band starts playing
every hour and a half! If you need to leave
for a little while, no problem! We’ll
stamp your hand and let you back in for
free! Come when you want, leave
when you want!
Starting at 2:00 pm, we’ll enjoy
Off the Grid – playing classic
rock, we’ll start the day off
with some energy to get
you moving!

Then at 3:30 pm, Trent Bourgeois – Ascension Parish native
writes and performs his own country music, and plays
country classics.
At 5:00 pm, Arthur Broussard and the Back Yard Band
with Ascension Parish favorites for dancing.
Then at 6:30 pm, Mike Broussard and Night Train
ring the sounds of horns and swamp pop gold.
Finally, at 8:00 pm, Kenny Cornett and Killin’ Time
brings us home with jitter bug delights and the best
of our local music.
Originally designed to be an outdoor concert and
family picnic, the first Ascension Music Jam was
chased indoors by inclement weather. But now
that the renovations to the 4-H Building are complete,
the event has been moved inside permanently and is
no longer dependent on the weather!
So come on out! Pay Five Dollars to hear Five Bands!
And dance the day away at the Ascension Music Jam!

Trent Bourgeois

Kenny Cornett and Killin’ Time


Come and Go as You Need. After paying $5 Entry fee
a stamp is available to leave and return


Broussard & the Back Yard Band

Mike Broussard
& Night Train

Cypress Hall

Weddings • Business Seminars
Crawfish Boils • Reunions
Located behind Frank's Restaurant.
Accommodates 250 guests.
Menu and prices available on line at

Full wedding
packages include
Cake, DJ,
Chair covers, Buffet and
much more.
Full bar available.

Catering Coordinator:

Jena Guidry 225-677-5545
17425 Airline Hwy, • Prairieville

Hey Dr. Rob,
I have a question,
after my nap.

Me too,
after my nap.

Another Beginnings
Before you can successfully complete something you first have to get
started. This part of the task can
often be the hardest step. The promise had been made that I would take
my granddaughter on her first turkey
hunt when the youth weekend came
about for the 2015 season. The
week leading up to opening day had
been busy for me as usual. After
finding out I didn't have to work the
weekend, I began going through the
ritual of acquiring the child, finding
out where and when to bring her
when the outing was over and avoiding conflicts with soccer games and
things of that nature.
Opening morning came and we
got off to somewhat of a late start.
As we examined the camps' sign in
list, it became evident that others
were hunting where I wanted to go.
I made a decision to go where I had
not scouted, but figured, what the
heck at least its a start. It was already
daylight when we reached our destination and during our walk along
the old road several turkey tracks
were revealed. One of those sets of
tracks was just what we were looking
for. We chose a spot to set up and I
was just about to sit down when I
heard that ole familiar sound. The
gobble was about two hundred yards
behind us. I called to him and he did
not answer. A half hour later and he
let go again. I called back. No answer. Another half hour passed and
he gobbled to a crow. I called, no
answer. Another half hour passed, he
sang out again, this time he had
moved to the west a little and he
would still not answer my call. I told
the young girl that it did not bother
me at all that he would not answer
me, but I knew if we could hang in
there long enough we would get a
shot at our prize. Around nine thirty
she began to ask me how long we
were going to stay there before taking lunch and moving to another location. Twelve noon was the first
decision, but before long the question reappeared. The time was then
backed up to eleven o'clock. When
dealing with a youngster, you do not
want to put them through the misery that you would put yourself
through because you want them to
enjoy themselves and continue to
come back. I was sure hoping in the
final minutes that he would show up
because I knew, well I just knew, that
sometime that day he would appear
right there in front of us. At eleven

o'clock I stepped out from our setup into the old road to take a look.
Nothing. We began to pack up and
approximately two minutes later we
walked out into the road and there
he was at about sixty yards coming
straight to us. He saw me when I
saw him. He turned and waddled off
into the woods. I threw my hat
down on the ground and felt about
as let down as I've ever been. The
girl said "Call to him Pawpaw". I
replied "That ain't the way it works
baby" and disgustingly added
"You've got to have patience ". Well
she had been up since four a.m. and
had sat there for four hours without
seeing anything. I guess for a ten
year old girl that ain't bad at all.
After lying on the ground for several
minutes, I collected my thoughts
and began the walk out of there. As
we walked I couldn't help but ponder how close we were and what it
might take to get that close again.
Later that evening someone offered us a spot on one of his food
plots where he had seen several
birds. Four young hound pups that
someone had dropped off would not
leave us alone, so that hunt was a
bust. We headed for another spot
but someone had set up a ground
blind there. I didn't know if they
were coming back so that was another let down. Our last attempt involved a long walk and the area had
plenty of turkey signs. We stayed
there a few minutes but by this time
she was about wore out and not feeling well, and the weather was threatening rain so we headed in.
All in all, it was another wonderful day that I have fortunately been
able to enjoy on this earth. Success
can be measured in different ways.
Although we did not kill a turkey
that day, we did complete the start
of another beginning to hopefully a
higher degree of success in the future...
Till Next Time, Get Started,
James "Goosie" Guice



$100 off Termite Treatment
$25 off Initial Pest Control
Pest Prevention Programs • Real Estate Certificates
• Pre-Construction Soil / Borate Treatment
• Termite Treatment Programs • Mosquito Suppression Services

Local • Licensed • Insured • Bonded

Ascension Outdoors Air Times
SAT. - 9:00 - A.M.
SUN. - 7:30 - P.M.
MON. - 9:00 - P.M.
SAT. - 6:30 A.M. & 1:30 P.M.
SUN. - 1:30 P.M.
WED. - 10:00 P.M.
FRI. - 8 - P.M.


225-644-7466 Ascension • 225-924-7096 Baton Rouge

March Madness Picks That
Are for the Birds

by Bill Delaune

Ever since Leonardo (the

no sign of him. Oh, there were

I assume you and your buddy

bird-watcher, not the bear

plenty of other people there-the

Strong are still killing trees-

hugger) became obsessed with

parking lot was full. And there

depriving all the spotted owls in

flight, men have been fascinated

were fishermen

the Northwest

by the actions of birds.

that sign.
But I know why you’ve come
to find me. Every March it’s
the same old song-you’re
depressed over another

As for me, my Pisces

birthday, all your heroes are

imagination was always perked

dying and you can’t pick

by our feathered friends’

your nose in the March

migratory patterns. I mean,

Madness pools.

sure the robins fly south for the

This year is particularly bad

winter-who wouldn’t want to

because after David Bowie

get out of Frostbite Falls,

blasted off for Alpha Centauri

Minnesota. But the fact that

in January, Glen Frey-one of

the swallows go back to

your songwriting, guitar-playing

Capistrano every year exactly on

lined up on both sides

of a nesting place-

March 19 (Do they allow for

of the bayou as well as

to put out that rag

Leap Year?) and the buzzards

some tourist types who

of yours. Two

call at the age of 67, the exact

return to Hinckley, Ohio,

were just roaming

words for you-

number of years you will have

annually on March 15 does

aimlessly around. But


been on this earth on March

intrigue me some.

no Ninja.

Oh, don’t worry. I’m not

I walked up the rickety

Don’t bother to
try and find me. I had to

idols followed suit a week later.
I also know that Frey got the

19. The fact that you were
both Eagles-he, in a famous

going Alfred Hitchcock on you

porch and received

move from this abode

rock band, and you, in the last

and try to tiptoe through a

another jolt. Next to

because after that TV

class at the old Dutchtown

schoolyard with a minefield of

the sign and slot that

rabid seagulls. These were just

read “Parking

went on the air, this place was

some birdbrained thoughts

$5-Pay or Be

crawling with wanna-be detec-

going on in my brain

Towed”, I

tives, cameramen and sightseers

a Louisiana education budget

cell-depleted mind as I made

noticed an

looking for clues like some bad

cut so I read on…

my own annual spring

envelope with

board game come to life. Then

pilgrimage down Alligator

my name on it.

they started fooling with those

out in that 100 acre pasture

Bayou Road and watched an

I looked suspi-

damn locks again and every sac-

your family has so admirably

eagle soar over what little

ciously over both shoulders but

a-lait fisherman from here to

held on to during the Ascension

wilderness remains in

no one was paying the least bit

Braud Bayou showed up. No

development glut and get your


of attention to me. I took the

wonder I had to fly like an eagle

mind off rock stars leaving and

letter to the back of the Hilton

out of this place.

you own mortality and get

Little did I realize at the time

show ‘The Killing Fields’

High- doesn’t make things
any easier.”
His perception was as sharp as

“What you need to do is go

the sighting was an omen sent

where Jim and Frank used to

by the object of my journey-the

keep the alligators and tore into

be so far in the McElroy-here’s

Madness picks. Of course, I am

great, all-seeing, all-knowing

the contents like Republican

a hint, ‘No Fishing, No Hunt-

here to help and I’ll try to

Sports Ninja.

candidates tearing into each

ing, No Nothing, Go Home’-

limit any references to any

other in those comical debates.

that not even your P.I. buddy

unfortunate events.

disappointment-when I arrived

The beginning was definitely

Sam Stone could find me.

at his usual hangout-the old

Ninja’s style…

Let’s just say Jimmy Boyce had

order to obtain a ‘Peaceful

the right idea when he put up

Easy Feeling’, think about

But much to my surprise-and

Alligator Hilton Bar-there was

“Dear Fishwrap,

By the time you read this, I’ll

down to some serious March

Some are inevitable. But in

Glen Frey’s birth-not his death-

always ignored teams who reside

in Detroit, Michigan. This

in ‘Hotel California’ or on a

coincides with my long-held

corner in Winslow, Arizona, but

some food for thought. Choose

and close the locks and I can

theory that Tom Izzo’s teams

don’t count the Berkeley Bears

one from each group but don’t

move back to the Hilton.

always move up a step further in

or the Tucson Wildcats out of

leave out Michigan State. I

Until then…

the brackets than you think

the mix either.

know you really dig that St.

all of those A-T guys.
Well, that should give you

come around for the Derby.
Maybe they’ll solve the crime

Lots of luck and the ‘Best of

because they are so well-

Even a ‘New Kid in Town’

coached. So if you think

like the St. Mary Gaels with its

might be a good year to keep

Michigan State will be in the

four Aussies who all pass like

that green outfit on throughout

sorority girls had once danced

Elite Eight, advance the

Ben Simmons could cause some

the tournament.

with cowboys while bikers had

Spartans to the Final Four.

problems in the early rounds.

As for your age, forget that

Speaking of Simmons and

Peyton Manning ‘Take It Easy’

Sunday night, I fought a sudden

As for picking colors, go with

Patrick’s Day parade and it

My Love’,Sports Ninja.”
As I left the old bar where

shot pool with hippies on

a group that steals the top

your beloved LSU Tigers-they

bullsquash and try a little ‘Life

urge to put on an old Eagles’

recruits from those phony prep

are ‘Already Gone’ so don’t let

in the Fast Lane’.

CD. But I thought it might be

schools-let’s call them the

their group of talented

‘Smuggler Blues’ because they

individuals who don’t even

sunset like Sheriff Peyton in an

The Byrds and the Black

all have some shade of the same

vaguely resemble a real team

old Western, you need to be the

Crowes. Then I took the

color. That gives us Kentucky,

deceive your ‘Lying Eyes’.

‘Desperado’ who grabs a

Ninja’s top pick and put the

Instead of riding off into the

too nostalgic, so I opted for

Kansas, Duke and North

And ‘One of These Nights’,

‘Witchy Woman’ and parties

Spartans in my top two

Carolina-the latter’s fans

a team whose name begins with

until ‘Tequila Sunrise’. Oh

with-who else-the

arrogantly claim their colors are

a letter from the end of the

well, glad I could take your

Oregon Ducks.

not ‘Sky Blue’, that the sky

alphabet like Villanova, Virginia

mind off that Eagles’ star for a

is ‘Carolina Blue’.

and-it you ‘Take It to the

while. You can thank me later

Limit’-Xavier is going to upset

for that and the picks when you

Of course the Eastern bias has


Spotless Auto Mobile Detailing is a self contained
portable car wash and detail service.

Makes a Great Birthday Gift

Professional • Reliable • Experienced

Make an appointment by
calling Gucci at 504.417.5633


Gotta fly now…

Joel Cooper
Rock Show

at Park Place
As a product of the greatest music generation, the
early 70’s, I have a great love for Southern Rock and
a hard hitting bass line. This month while visiting
Park Place the Joel Cooper Rock Show was setting
up. I was looking forward to a change of pace from
dance music and swamp pop and boy did I get it.
These guys came to jam and jam they did.
Congratualtions guys for taking me back to
my youth and love for a louder sound.
Joel Cooper Rock Show was formed in late
2002 in Port Allen,La. Now residing in
Gonzales, La, JC⚡RS is a hard working
rock-roll band that plays a variety of classic
and new rock and some country all served
up rock show style!! Included are some
hard hitting original songs that
should be released later this year.
Band members;

Joel Cooper
(Amos Moses, Spank the Monkey)
-lead vocals and guitar

Luke Thomas
(Liquid Picnic)-guitar and vocals

Scott Jordan
(Mistaken Identity)-bass and vocals

Josh Lee
(Field Day, Addavoy) drums
Occasional fifth member;

Heath Ransonnet
(Spank the Monkey)-vocals and guitar

Upcoming shows:
April 8 at Cadillac Cafe in Baton Rouge
April 15 Park Place in Gonzales


that hat. She said, “Put it on.”
I said, “No”. She said, “You
better or else. I threw the hat
out of the window of the
moving car.
The next part is a little cloudy.
I remember the squealling of
tires. The slamming of a car
door. The opening of the door
next to where I was sitting.
Then like a ride at the State
Fair, I was jerked out of that car
and was soon on my way to pick
up and put on that hat.
At first I pitched a fit.
Flopping and whalering in the
ditch. I said a few
more No’s.
It then came
time for that ‘or
else’, part of her
I then
proceeded to get
my butt whipped
on Easter morning and I had to
wear that stupid
hat anyway.
Easter is upon
us again and I
hope all of you
remember your
families on this
day and

Thoughts from Bully
I’m Your
I was rummaging through
some papers the other day and
came across this classic family
It was Easter Morning 1958.
My sister Janet and I were
dressed to the ‘T’.
It was a perfect Sunday morning. The Bunny had shown up
with the baskets and they were
filled with colored eggs, candy,
hog head cheese and that hollow Chocolate Bunny in a box.
I swear my sister Donna could
eat the back out of her Bunny
so slow. It would be June before
she made the first nibble that
scarred the chocolate on the
front of the Bunny. Don’t even
think about touching those
yellow candy eyes.. Once she’d
start eating the front, she’d start

at the bottom and work her way
up so eventually she’d just be
holding the head in her hand.
The ears were last. She’d carry
them around and it looked like
a brown hotdog.
Anyway, back to the photo.
Mom had the day going great
and she took this photo. Look
at my happy little face.
A real cutie.
Well I climbed in the backseat
of the car and crawled up in the
back window to look out as we
drove to church. This
behavior could have a parent incarsirated today. I then took off

1 3 0 5 3 H W Y. 4 3 1 • S T. A M A N T

24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service

• All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery
• All brands to fit autos, trucks and
18 wheelers, including tractor/
construction equipment tires

• Emergency road service
assistance-Commercial Only
• Locally owned and operated since 2004
• New used and retreads
• Great prices!


Locally Owned & Operated by
Oscar and Linda Mire and sons
Call for Appointment • 225.644.8473

celebrate the greatness of life.
On that Easter Sunday in
1958 I received the greatest
love of all. Discipline!
Parents have hard decisions to
make constantly but not on this
day. Her reaction to my spoiled
attitude was automatic.
She said, “You are wearing
that HAT....... You Got It!”
“Why???”, I screamed.
“Because I am your, MOM!”

Happy Easter


Foret Tradition
with Kellie


Monday Night

Useless Random Facts


2,000 pounds of space dust and other
space debris fall on the
Earth every day.

Approximately 40,000 Americans are
injured by toilets each year.

A normal raindrop falls at about
7 miles per hour.

During his entire life, Vincent Van Gogh
sold exactly one painting,
“Red Vineyard at Arles”.

The average person laughs 10 times a day!

What is called a “French kiss” in the
English speaking world is known as an
“English kiss” in France.

The Earth experiences 50,000 Earthquakes per year
and is hit by Lightning 100 times a second.

The average talker sprays about
300 microscopic saliva droplets per minute,
about 2.5 droplets per word.

All porcupines float in water.

Ever wonder where the phrase two
bits came from? Some coins used in the
American colonies before the
Revolutionary War were Spanish

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This past month I had the opportunity
to play in my first Men’s Golf
Association tournament.

When I first heard of the tournament I
didn’t have a partner and fortunately
David Amedees’ wife reminded him he
had two grand kids having birthdays
the day of the tournament. Therefore
she suggested he not play that day

which freed up my partner to be,
Frankie Schmitt.

I have played with him several times
but had heard he was a player on the
course during tournaments. He had a
favorable handicap and the ability to
get hot at times.
We started the tournament and


Frankie went to work. Using his pops
(handicap strokes) he single handedly
took care of Doyle and Jim.

We then played Ken and
Gordon. These guys were a hoot. Ken
3 or 4 times said he must have hit
the cart path to be so long on his
drive and Gordan must have been
tired at the end of the day as he got

plenty of strokes to play with.

Things got exciting when we played
Aaron and Vijay. We had won our first
2 flights and right off the bat Vijay
hits a 3 wood 15 ft from the hole on
18 and drains the putt for a birdie.
We pushed hole after hole and was
behind by 1 until we finally won a hole
tieing us up. We won another hole


started the gamesmanship talk. I
believe every player that stepped up
his handicap was put into question.
Lots of jabber. Lots of laughing. Lots
of fun. After 3 holes we had lost
3 teams. Jeff and Keith (Thing) were
gone as was Steve and Ricky, Jay and
Richard. Holy crap Frankie and I are
in the final 2 groups for the

were 15 handicaps and could hit the
ball a mile. Frankie and I brother-inlawed them all day and we ended up
on top with one flight to go.
Then it was the Colonel(Sam) and

It was the par 5, 13th hole and after
our tee shots both teams were in
position to win. An outstanding
fairway wood shot by Guy or was it
Scott put his shot on the fringe to
putt for eagle. With my trusty 5 wood
in hand I pushed my shot in the
bunker in front of the green. A 30
yard sand shot and a missed putt by
me made Guy and Scott Champions.

and a missed birdie putt by Vijay on
16 propelled us to sure victory.
The next morning we would tee off
first against the second place team in
our flight Ronnie and Glenn. We were
ahead by a half point. These guys

Congratulations to Guy and Scott and
thank you Frankie for having me on
Chester of Action Mechanical. Let me
tell you they were not intimidated by
our 4 wins thus far and jumped all
over us. I wondered how we were
going to make it through this round.
With some good fortune, ball bounces
and just pure luck we lost by only 1
which kept us in 1st place for our
flight with over all score.
Now it’s bonus golf time. Each team
that won their flight put up $50 in a
winner take all sudden death playoff.

your team. Also thank you Debra and
David’s grand kids for being born.
I’d like to point out the after party at
the club house was a barrage of
stories with quite a few bad words
and jokes being passed around.
Congratulations to the guys when
Ken’s wife Amy came up their
language changed immediately out of
respect for her and then she started
giving Ken a play-by-play of the golf
tournament that had been on
television with description of exact
shots and conditions. Before I knew it
she was right in with the boys talking
golf and telling stories. Amazing a
women that likes to watch golf on
television and joke around about it.

The movie Caddy Shack came to mind
as 10 guys teed off together which


ALUMNI 2014/2015


Nate Jr.

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13310 Hwy 44 • Gonzales, LA 70737



1st – Jeff Powell / Keith Albert
2nd – Cameron Thoroughman
– Wes Merrifield
3rd - Pat Matherne / Steve Ryan

1st – Scott Waguespack
Guy Schexnaydre
2nd – David Burch / Keith Falgoust
3rd Russell Williams / Hubby Lavigne
1st – Steve Martin / Ricky Carter
2nd –John Capone / Kirk Pastorick
3rd - Keith Harrison / Brian Harrison

Results of the 5 Flights

1st – Mike Strong / Frankie Schmitt
2nd – Ronnie Walker / Glenn Schexnayder
3rd - Ken Cook / Gordon Stephen


As Joe approaches the Par 3, 14th hole he
sees a ceremony of Ethan presenting keys
to Joe’s Jeep as a closest to the hole prize
to Frankie.

1st – Jay Leblanc / Richard Young
2nd – DJ Johnson / Sam Lavigne
3rd Mike Waguespack / Wayne Silva

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2016 PPLGA St Patrick’s Day Scramble

Pelican Point Ladies Golf
Association had a meet and greet in the
form of a dress like it is St. Patricks Day

and let’s play golf.
The purpose of the event
was for new members to
meet existing members and
for women of all skills level
to team up and play
together in a scramble
I didn’t ask why the
St. Patrick Day theme.
Knowing women they
probably wanted to just
dress up. I can tell you they
were 50 shades of green
and all were color coordinated and looking fly.
It was a great turn out
and new friends were made.


2016 PPLGA St Patrick’s
Day Scramble Results
1st Place:
Aaron Bourque - Diane Pearson
2nd Place:
Robbie Cliburn – Jana O’Banion
3rd Place:
Maria Fairchild – Saundra Robert
4th Place:
Karen Snell – Gloria Kyler
5th Place:
Maria Fairchild – Sandy Riley
Longest Drive
Sandy Riley
Most accurate Drive
Diane Pearson
Closet to the Pin
4 - Alice Pierson
8 - Karen Snell
14 - Aaron Bourque
17 - Madelyn King





1 cup grits
4 cups water (unless you are using quick grits- then
follow instructions on package)
2 tablespoons butter
1 cup diced smoked sausage
1 cup diced white onion
½ cup green onions (sliced)
Salt, Red Pepper, Black Pepper to Taste

In a cast iron pot, thoroughly brown your smoked
sausage then remove from pan. Next, cook your
onions in the same pan until they are beautifully
caramelized. Return your sausage to the pan and you
water and butter. Bring the water to a boil then slowly
stir in the grits. Bring mixture back to a boil, then
cover and cook over medium heat for approximately
40 minutes or until a smooth texture is reached. Add
salt and pepper to taste.

Jambalaya Grits
Prep Time:
15 minutes
Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau

-----You can serve these grits with almost anything.
Pork, seafood, breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner
Remember if using quick or 5 minute grits, follow the
measurements on the package

Cook Time:
20 minutes