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Ultimate Frisbee:

Ultimate Frisbee is a game that can be played on a regular gym floor. Students will use a combination
of passing and catching skills. Ultimate Frisbee is a good cardiovascular workout. Students will also be
able to work on teamwork skills.
Learning outcomes:
1. learn to throw and catch a Frisbee
2. improve their cardiovascular endurance
Time required for lesson: 1 hour
-one Frisbee per game (you may want to have spare Frisbee on hand)
-colored jerseys or pennies
Students will need to practice throwing and catching a Frisbee.
1. Ultimate Frisbee is played on a regular gym floor. Use the out-of-bounds lines on both ends of
the court for the goal lines. The goal is for one team to get the Frisbee past the goal line in order
to score. The ideal number of players on a team is 7-10. If teams are too large, it will be very
crowded and more difficult to play effectively. If teams are too large add in multiple Frisbee to
get students actively involved.
2. The Frisbee is passed from teammate to teammate to advance the Frisbee up the court. Once a
player catches the Frisbee, he or she cannot take any steps. The holder must throw the Frisbee
from where he/she catches it.
3. If team A throws the Frisbee and nobody touches the Frisbee before it hits the ground, the
Frisbee goes to team B. If team A throws the Frisbee and a member of team A touches it but
does not catch it, the Frisbee goes to team B. If team A throws the Frisbee and a member of
team B touches the Frisbee but does not catch it, then the Frisbee goes to team A. If team A
throws it and team B intercepts it, team B gets the Frisbee. If the Frisbee hits the ground, it goes
to the team that did not touch it last.
4. The Frisbee can be played off the wall, backboards, or ceiling. Defense can defend but may not
touch the passer. The game is designed to be very fast-paced. Students should be moving at all
times and play on both ends of the court.
Let students play in an actual game. Look at their passing and catching skills. Students should also be
able to keep the game moving without much delay.
A larger Nerf Frisbee can be used to increase the ease of catching and throwing the Frisbee. Increasing
the amount of time a student has to throw the Frisbee can also be put into place to increase performance
and ease for student.
Supplemental information
This is a very popular PE activity and is used at several grade levels. This is an activity that is popular
with both boys and girls. This can also be played on the half court or outside on an open field using

cones for boundaries.

Kansas Standards
Content Standard: Motor Skills
Standard 1: The student demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to
perform a variety of physical activities.
Benchmark 1: The student will demonstrate mature movement patterns of locomotion, manipulation of
objects, and rhythmic concepts during modified individual or team physical activities.
Grades 6-8 Indicators Instructional Examples
The student
(a) uses basic offensive and defensive strategies in modified net games and invasive games.
(b) demonstrates competency while participating in modified versions of team and individual sports.
The teacher
(a) introduces initial strategies of identifying an opponents court position (tennis, badminton, soccer,
basketball, etc.).
(b) provides expanded opportunities for group and individual rhythmic expression.
(c) provides a variety of lead-up games that require the use of basic rules, skills, and cooperation.